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The People of every nation forms an advanced collective intelligence: The People has the best intelligence gathering network for accurate and timely information, far better fine-tuned than the most sophisticated technology-based systems of superpower governments, even before the advent of social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook…There are no mysteries in events and communication taking place in a nation that is not known and sensed by the People.  Better, the People knows how to pick the right timing, the proper strategy, and the adequate level of energy to making headway to Victory for change and reforms.

There are common causes among the mass upheavals in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrein, Yemen, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan…What is most interesting are the specific factors and causes for each revolution.

Consider the revolution in Libya against the dictator Qadhafi, who has been the sole power for 42 years.  The people in Libya were surrounded by two powerful neighboring dictator regimes in Tunisia of Ben Ali and, especially by Mubarak of Egypt, coordinating their activities and united against popular mass revolts.

Before the kicking out of Mubarak and Ben Ali, the people in Libya had no chance to a successful uprising and the people bid his time. Even now, the borders with Tunisia and Egypt are not fully opened and cooperating in “welcoming” the flux of thousands of refugees, of Libyans, and immigrants.Just imagine that these borders were totally closed and both armies in Egypt and Tunisia encircling the mass Libyan revolutionaries!

You have this tiny people of barely 5 million, spread in a vast State, vaster than Egypt and more than 4 times the area of France, advancing slowly but steadily toward the Capital Tripoli.

You have this tiny people of barely 5 million, who got hold of a few arms depots in the eastern provinces, before the regime dawned on it that this revolt is serious.  You have this tiny people of barely 5 million challenging a regime loaded with all kinds of sophisticated and lethal war machines imported from European States, and backed by accumulated wealth to buy mercenaries, not only from nearby African States such as Chad, Niger, Mali, Nigeria…but also from England, France, and Italy.

The latest news are showing English mercenaries fighting the people revolutionary forces and more pieces of intelligence will be forthcoming.  The western nations are doing their best to stall victory until they figure out a viable plan to get mandated power over Libya and its oil production.

The Arab League of States and the people in Libya are denouncing any foreign military interventions, and demanding only that the airspace be denied Qadhafi to bombing the marching people. The military “No Fly Zone” planned by the USA and the western power has not been readied yet, the space is still wide opened to Qadhafi, regardless of the “best intentions of the western States”.   But the US, France, England, and Italy are amassing their navy forces close to Libya, under the smokescreen of repatriating their citizens.

The people in Libya sensed, a decade ago, that Qadhafi is scared and has realized he lost his legitimacy and the trust and loyalty of his people.  Qadhafi had blatantly murdered and hanged publicly hundreds of citizens in universities and in prisons; mass killing of political prisoners and the gunning down publicly of soccer fans not supporting the team of one of Qadhafi’s son…  The people were resentful and was convinced that this regime is not representing their interests and has been harassing their security and the people was bidding his time.

For a decade now, Qadhafi has been bribing the western States with all kinds of give-aways in order to salvage his regime and the monopolies of his seven sons and his daughter Aicha.

Qadhafi simply raised both his arms in surrender to the western States:  He relinquished the nuclear research projects for nothing in return but to be admitted in the community of nations, resolving international court cases with billion of dollars, lavishly investing in Europe and the US, giving free rein to his sons to behaving as despots and out-ranking the Saudi “Royal Princes” in individual expenses  and luxury properties…

For a long decade, Qadhafi exhausted the Libyan people with outlandish wars in Africa and gave himself the title of “King of Kings of Africa”.  Libya suffered embargo for two decades that denied the people access to consumer goods, a policy that extended the life of this vicious regime.

What happened is that the sons of Qadhafi wanted a share in the pie and opened the market for consumer goods and each one of the sons had a piece of the various monopolies. The people of Libya got access to internet and sophisticated gadgets that linked them directly to the wide world.

The revolution in Egypt is the revolution of the century in quality (peaceful, non-violent) and long-term effects.  The Egyptian people managed to erase the last vestige of the old regime and today has invaded the centers of internal security machinery and dismantled this ghost of internal insecurity and indignity.

The revolution in Libya is the appanage of glory to tiny determined people.  The Libyan citizens have remembered the valiant resistance of Omar Mokhtar:  They can raise their eyes  toward the glorious sun and be counted.

Note:  A more valiant and determined revolution is taking place in Lebanon.  Ten of thousands are marching to dismantle the sectarian structure that the feudal and religious sects exploited for over 70 years.  The Lebanese want that the mention of religious affiliation be removed from all documents.  Civil marriage and equality in laws between genders are within reach.  The youth are willing and fearless in removing the sectarian mentality and tendencies from their behaviors.

Causes and catalysts of current “Arab” mass upheavals

I like to differentiate between causes and catalytic factors (both internal and external).

I like to discriminate between delayed cold catalysts and instant hot catalysts for changes.

And I like to remind the reader that current “Arab” mass upheavals in northern Africa and the Arabic/Persian Gulf States will spread to other Arabic, Islamic, and “democratic” States with flawed and inequitable election laws and not representing all the strata of the citizens.

Restricting and implicitly favoring the rich and elite old classes in election laws are very infuriating to free citizens, even in the US and Europe.

The delayed catalysts, meaning the longer-term processes for comprehending and assimilating the resilient conditions, were generated from the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.  The citizens (Islamic and Christian) of the Arabic States learned and were affected by the following convictions:

First, dictators are readily willing to sacrifice their people to hold on to their family and clannish powers;

Second, the verbal counter-offensives of Saddam’s regime (the “ouluge” slogan delivered by the minister of information) was no match to material and technological superiority;

Third, the sudden disintegration of the regime, as the US troops landed on Bagdad airport, demonstrated the fragility of oligarchic and dictatorial political systems;

Fourth, the violence and genocide practices of the US troops proved that western powers are still applying colonial mentality of blatant apartheid tendencies;

Fifth, as the US troops landed in Iraq, it was the woman in Iraq and all Arabic and “Islamic” States who took to the streets and demonstrated against occupation and vented out their frustration and anger.  While men huddled to discuss a “wise” response to invasion of foreign troops.  This phenomenon broke the taboo that women should be incarcerated in their homes and men to lead and care for the family.

Sixth, the Al Jazeera cable channel, headquartered in Qatar, played a much better role than CNN in covering the war.  The embedded foreign journalists and news professionals in the US troops proved to be totally biased and unreliable news “disseminators”; pictured and comments were censured.  The world watched minutes by minutes how the war unfolded and the atrocities committed.

The western powers managed to lay waste in their preemptive wars because news media were not covering thoroughly, accurately and in timely manners what was happening. “No see, no hear, don’t know, live happy and unconditionally support the troops”

Several conclusions or “expert opinions” were drawn by the Arab peoples:

First, the Arab peoples realized without a shadow of doubt that the future is bleak, if no internal reactions are contemplated:  They were experiencing direct control and hegemony of foreign powers via their long-standing dictators.  Even France and Germany reverted their positions and begged Bush Jr. to share in Iraq’s spoils.

Second, the arrogant pronouncements of Bush Jr. of disseminating “democratic” institutions in the Greater Middle East region smacked as a blatant bogus:  The US was content supporting all dictators, oligarchic regimes, and unconstitutional monarchies in the region.

Third, the lingering presence of US troops and the subsequent financial and manpower losses extended a lesson to the US administration that heavy physical occupation does not generate any returns on brutal “investments”.

Fourth, the Arab peoples assimilated the “expert opinion” spreading process.  The dictator and his oligarchy whisper in the ears of the western power personalities that:

1. Extremist Moslems, well-organized, will take over if dictators are pressured to vacate, leaving an explosive void to western interests;

2. Arabs are incompetent in running democratic institutions and Constitutions;

3. The only Constitutions the Arab Moslems are familiar with are the caliph-type rules of omnipresent power over religion and civilian laws;

4. The Arabs are impotent and unable to adjust to modern thinking, rational behaviors, and logical way of life….

Fifth, in reactions to these calumny whispered “expert opinions” by dictators and monarchs, the western media were happy disseminating the same arguments and perceptions of the Arab Peoples, proving again their apartheid tendencies toward Arab/Islam cultures, traditions, customs…

As the US troops lingered in Iraq, the common Arabic citizen everywhere experienced harsher living conditions, blatant restrictions on freedom of expression, and constant extension of State emergency laws.

The dictators were encouraged to regard their citizens as simple chattels since it was the US that ruled and imposed its will and policies.  Thus, the reigning rulers made it a habit licking Bush Jr. and his administrators’ asses and delivering on foreign orders and commands.

To make things worse, the young oligarchy succumbed to the multinational financial institutions way of making quick and easy profit, speculating on their country’s wealth and ignoring economic real development.

The gap between the highly rich and the poor classes widened extravagantly.  This process took place in all the States, those that have fallen and those about to fall, whether dictators or monarchs.

Young Bouaziz of Tunisia quit school to feed his large family of sisters and brothers and sold vegetables and fruits in an “illegal” stand.  Bouaziz was not a university graduate and he bribed a woman officer to let him work.  A decree came from “above” forbidding bribes.  Bouaziz refused to pay the bribe; the woman officer slapped him silly.

If obeying the law is ground to be slapped and humiliated then, what legitimacy remains to the power-to-be?

If apathy is rampant among the population to challenging an oligarchic regime that has been in power for over 20 years then, what else but sacrificing the body and setting fire on the body as the ultimate message of despair?

The message sunk in:  Time for mass revolt “We want to change the regime: Down with Ben Ali and his entourage“.

Why the US and the European governments looked surprised and failed to react appropriately?

For one, the Bush Jr. bogus pronouncement for disseminating democracy was overdue:  The US felt in a tight maneuvering situation to intervene in the revolutions:  The US had first to convince its public that counter-attacking peaceful marchers in the million is proper and legitimate; and the WikiLeaks phenomena of divulging instantly State secrets cooled down the US administration from any covert involvements.

The veto of the US in the UN related to Israel colony expansion and building in East Jerusalem is to be viewed as the last veto the US will contemplate for long time that affect the interest and dignity of the Arab masses.  Otherwise, the US will materially pay heavily for these foolish vetoes.

It is the best timing for the UN to rescind veto powers of the five super-States:  the veto rights are becoming total liabilities to the super-States and to the confidence of the world community in the legitimacy of the UN working to the greater benefit of all mankind.  The UN will find a listening ear to abolishing veto rights.

Note:  Arab States that joined the Arab League of States adopted the Arabic language as the official language, even though formal Arabic is used in administrative services.

These States singed on the Arab League of States, with no clear charter, that meets once a year in one of the Arabic States; they are supposed to meet this year in Iraq and Gadhafi was to head the convention.

Maybe the commentators are wrong in their analyses, but it is worth reporting the various viewpoints of the commentators’ interpretations.  Israel landing on the leading Turkish “peace boat” is definitely a pre-medidated activity to humiliating Turkey of Erdogan.  

Possibly, Israel meant to humiliate, face to face, Turkish members of the “peace boat” and maybe injuring a few of them.  It would be incomprehensible to understand why Israel would have decided on a slaughter (19 dead and dozens injured).  With the current neurotic Israeli government, everything is possible.  After all, Israel’s policies are based on grand scale State terrorist activities since the inception of the Zionist movement.

Israel’s objective was to warn Turkey of Erdogan that Israel is very unhappy with Turkey’s new drive to be the main player in the Near East conflict:  Turkey is supposed to have a unique political position which is total and unconditional support to the State of Israel; Turkey is to keep its tradition of very lukewarm foreign policies with Arab States.

Personally, I think that Israel is sending the message to the political opponents of Erdogen and his party.  The message is: “Israel can and is ready to destabilize Turkey for the opposition to return to power and resume the unconditional support to Israel.”  This bold tactic is doomed to fail because Turkish citizens would not be humiliated with military antics. 

The Kurdish separatist movement is serious about Turkey’s openess for negotiations to putting an end to this civil war that dragged on for too long and has to end.  So far, Israel has managed to infiltrate a few Kurdish radical factions that are resuming the fight; the entire excercise cannot last long when Turkey is humiliated militarily.

A few commentators would like you to believe that the US administration of Obama did not change policies of unconditional support to Israel; they allude that Obama agreed on Israel’s plan to destabilize Turkey.  That would make no sense at all:  Turkey is in fact the main regional power that the US would never relinquish or weaken under any condition. 

Most probably, the US might have encouraged this stupid Israeli government into more stupid decisions to let it fall quicker as a rotten fruit.  The US would be pleased with a new Israeli government that is more rational and more diplomatically inclined to negotiating a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority that the US badly need at this junction; the sooner the better.

Egypt of Mubarak is the sole winner if Egypt sustains it new policy of keeping the borders of Gaza opened.  Egypt needed this opportunity to show its willingness to be an active partner within the Arab League of States:  Four African States, bordering the Nile sources such as Ethiopia, Kenia, Uganda, and Sudan have ratified a treaty for dividing the Nile water without feeling the need to negotiating with Egypt or Sudan. 

In a sense, African States are no longer relying on the regional weight of Egypt for resolving any of their conflict and Egypt got the message loud and clear.  The best way for Egypt to gain any respect is to prove that it is an effective player within the Arab States.

The best criteria for US seriousness in bringing peace in the region is the sustained opening of Egypt’s borders with Gaza.  Israel has no other exit from these recurring flaps but to demand early election.




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