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Nothing found after centuries of archaeological digging: Bible and Torahs not based on historical facts
The Israeli Archaeology Professor Zeif  Hertzog stated that after 70 years of steadfast and persistent archaeological digging in Palestine, the State of Israel was totally unable to discover any artifacts or pieces of evidence that there existed any kingdoms of David or Solomon, or that the Jews immigrated to Egypt or ever crossed the Sinai from Egypt, or conquered any piece of land in Palestine or Syria.
He resumed: “All the expert know these facts, but they don’t dare come forward to state their expert opinions for the public to be familiar with the facts. They know that all the stories in the Bible are pure popular fictions…”
I have posted many articles stating that the Bible and all the Religious Books from around the world describe the customs and traditions of their Lands, and disseminated in writing the verbal myths of their communities.
I have posted around two dozen articles on that topic. The next two links are a starter:
غزه الان: اعتقال طفل ......!!</p><br />
<p>الصورة للطفل خالد محمد يوسف كنعان، من قرية بورين قرب نابلس<br /><br />
ابن الـ 13 سنة<br /><br />
أريد من كل من شاهد الصورة يعملها شير لتصل لكل العالم
The child Khaled Muhammad Youssof Canaan (13 of age) and from Gaza was arrested by Israeli soldiers. Khaled is originally from the town of Bourine near Nablus.
Try something new today!<br /><br /><br />
Boycott Israel.
Try something new today! Boycott Israel.
The Arabic transcript of Zeif Hertzog, and Nevine Sadek‘s photo.
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