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Feces transplantation have been performed since 1958 and proven to be 100% effective combating the deadly bacteria “Clostridium difficile” in the large intestine that no antibiotic could kill.  Maybe this technique have been used since antiquity but no records were kept or divulged so far.  Statistics indicate that 8,000 British patients died in 2007 from C-difficile infection, more than traffic accidents.

The large intestine harbors the largest colony of bacteria of around 25,000 species.  This complex ecosystem in the large intestine is a vast zoo of bacteria that survive on matters existing in excrement.  You have a gigantic network of interconnected cells that is considered as an organ by biologists.

Heavy prolonged intake of antibiotics causes the destruction of most these beneficial bacteria and leave the C-difficile to run unimpaired in our intestine and causing a large increase of white blood cells.  A sample of feces from a family member are mixed in one liter of saline solution and then filtered just to removing the large particles.  The solution is injected in the colon, preferably, from your precious anus.  Within 48 hr, the patient is cured from this deadly C-difficile bacteria. This assortment of 25,000 bacteria is capable of killing the C-difficile through the production of toxins or even swallowing the deadly bacteria.

An old woman, showing symptoms of Alzheimer disease and on the verge of dying was cured by feces injection donated by her son.  It seems that the mother is the donor of 80% of the bacteria colony in her descendants.  Anyone, not afflicted with hepatitis or HIV is an excellent donor.  I am ready anytime to be a donor, but don’t ask me to have my blood drawn:  I have donated enough blood.

Thomas Borody has already performed 1,500 such implants, all patients were healed.  Just to mention how taboo of excrement can kill thousands simply because physicians hate to be called “colon shit transplantors” by using techniques that save patients.




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