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Lebanese Wedding: If can afford it, expect these experiences posted this May 19, 2014

Grandiose weddings are like a tradition in Lebanon.

They’re the kind of social occasion where everyone’s trying to look their best, talk their finest, and add as many pictures as possible to their Facebook photo album or Instagram account.

But that’s just the surface, here’s what really happens at Lebanese weddings.

1. You arrive in style

2. [Wait for the bride to make her entrance]

3. Kids be like

4. Bride finally walks in

5. Commence table conversations with strangers

6. Your reaction to the tenth “nefrah mennik” (avoiding you) of the evening

7. You spill your drink on someone’s dress

8. All those girls trying to catch the bride’s coveted bouquet

9. The girl who ends up catching the bride’s bouquet be like

10. You get introduced to a relative you never knew existed

11. *Bumps into a cute guest*

12. You’re alone at the table pretending to text

13. You’re talking to a hot guy you just met and all your family members appear out of nowhere

14. What you expect the food to be like

15. What the food is actually like

16. The groom’s mom asks if you’re enjoying the wedding

17. Someone compliments your dress

18. An annoying guest is coming your way

19. All the men decide to pick up and carry the groom

20. Groom be like

21. Someone at the table asks why you’re not eating

22. You’re forced to shake hands with the couple’s family

23. How you think the bride must’ve prepared for the big night

24. Your reaction to everyone’s dancing

25. Zaffe people be like

26. [Photographer comes near you]




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