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Even in Srilanka, Hezbollah is haunting the gigolo Israelis

Sabine Choucair shared a post on FB

Srilanka –
Arugam Bay is the place to be if you want to be hit on by gigolo surfers the minute you walk or swim by yourself. ( have had many of those today).

While swimming and enjoying the water of the ocean, the little sweet drops of rain and the kind of blue grayish sky, one good looking guy approaches me while laying down on his surfing board.

Him: hey wheRe aRe you from? ( the R is pronounced GH)
I instantly knew he wasn’t French! And decided to answer briefly and swim away
Me: Lebanon
Him: ahhhh we are Relatives
Me: cousins you mean?!

I smile and start swimming away

Another guy comes and joins the conversation.
Him2: I am fRom isRael. I like Lebanon a lot.
Do you like IsRael?
Me: I like Palestine

And one more guy joins, and then another one and then another one. Here I am in the middle of the ocean, it’s drizzling, I am surrounded by 5 gigolo Israeli surfers, literally on all sides, on their surf boards staring at me, with big smiles as if they found their long awaited fish!

Him1: it’s funny that we came to Sri Lanka to meet each other. We can’t do it in our side of the world.
Him2: do you like to come to Israel?
Me: I like to go to Palestine
Him1: how is NasRallah doing?! (General Secretary of Hezbollah)

The sky goes grey, there’s huge lightening action and boooooooom it starts pouring rain, the waves are strong and high, the rain is heavy, the wind is soooo strong! The Israelis laughing and shouting

Him3 or 4 or 5 ( not sure I couldn’t see anymore): hey Lebanon giRl, wheRe is NasRallah?! Ha?!
Him 4: What do you think he’s doing now?
Him 5: Is he going to come join us?
Al the hims laughing out loud and talking about Nasrallah, Lebanon, the nature, the girls, their laughter is getting higher and higher! Horror movie style !!!!!
Bla bla bla bla bla bla

Ben (husband) comes from far, we instantly decide to leave the water, we swim/ run and go stand under a roof. we look at the ocean. It’s cold, the storm is getting stronger and the screams of the Israelis are just fading away and getting mixed up with the angry sounds of the rai

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