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Badge of honor to Foremost Indian “seditionist”: Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy has published in 1996 “God of the little nothing people“; it was translated in 40 language and earned the Booker Price.

The following book was “The End of Imagination” after India tested its first atomic bomb in 1998.  Arundhati Roy is now labeled “rajdroh” or the seditionist by both the State and opposition party medias.  The Hindu word droh means hostility and raj the monarch; and thus, Arundhati must be viewed as the hostile leader to the current Indian political trend. Why?

Arundhati got too bold to demanding the independence of Cashmere: it does not historically belong to India.

Cashmere is this naturally beautiful cold northern region, with vast majority of Moslems, that both Pakistan and India want as territory and is currently partitioned.  Cashmere witnessed the worst flood of the Indus River last years that crosses Pakistan; over 3 million people were displaced and international aides were shy and delayed. As if poor overpopulated areas deserve the fate of frequent displacement and transfer and the life under tents and unhealthy living conditions.

Arundhati Roy got involved in approaching the sticky and major problems in India, such as construction of gigantic hydro-electric dams, expropriation of lands for extraction of raw materials, savage industrialization, privatization of essential public utilities, counter-terrorism tactics, Hindu nationalism, the newer US imperialism meddling in internal India affairs, the Maoist or communist rebellion of the poorer tribes in the southern provinces who have been forgotten by the central government.

In October, 150 women from the Indian nationalist party BJP attacked Arundhati’s house.  Fact is India is experiencing a dangerous, close minded, feverish nationalist period.

Sedition allegations were leveled by colonial England against Mahatma Gandhi several times

In 1922, Gandhi wrote in “Young India”:  “I must say to the British court why I admit encouraging deliberate seditions against a government established in India by law.  The penal code in paragraph 124 is prime among the laws that tends to suppress citizens’ liberty.  We have no affection or sympathy for this penal code or the British government and I must be free to express my disaffection forcefully, as long as my conducts are non violent.  Many popular Indian leaders were accused under the sedition paragraph and I consider myself honored for the same accusation.”

Is Independent India about to bring up colonial penal codes for accusing India intellectuals, authors, and activist journalists?

Has the Indian government accused the Nobel committee for extending prizes to the Turkish/Kurdish Orhan Pamuk, the Iranian woman lawyer Shirin Ebadi, or the Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo?

Pertinent Quips; (Jan. 7, 2010)

            An Australian minister encouraged women procreation: “Make one for your husband, one for yourself, and one for the State”

            A British philosopher: “Dark Medieval Age deprived citizens of the human dimensions: The God of the Church ruled life and society. We are going through another Middle Age period: God of Technology is enthroned”

            Former Italian Andreotti PM: “If I was born in one of Lebanon’s refugee camps I would have been raised a terrorist”

            The crippled astrophysicist Stephen Hawking: “My next objective is to get into space: Richard Bronson would wheel my chair”

            Hans Blix, former nuclear proliferation inspector, said: “We have failed in the task of nuclear non-proliferation; we have to succeed in space non-proliferation plans”

            Control specialists in trade frauds should be awarded Nobel Prize in economics (Adonis49)

            Richard Nixon: “Never forget: media is your enemy; the establishment is your enemy; and professors are your enemies”

            The financial crisis crashed the statue quo: Time for major interior redecorating (Adonis49)

            Nelson Mandela: “Your victory demonstrates that there is no ground to fear changing for a better world”

            Oblivion is the nemesis to human stars and State regimes: Regimes disintegrate from the inside; foreign meddling extends a life line to regimes’ survival.  Bad propaganda is propaganda: it is always welcomed. (Adonis49)

            Goldman Sachs’ Lord Brian Griffiths “The public has to learn tolerating inequalities in the name of prosperity for all”

            Rupert Murdoch “Dailies will enjoy a long life. Survivors will reap plenty of money”

            Thank God there is an independent people’s court in England: otherwise, current Israel’s crimes against humanity would have been politically absolved (Adonis49)

            Shulamit Aloni (ex-Israel education minister): “We have no gas chambers yet: there are many methods to commit genocide”

            Igal Sarna: “Israel is the vastest psychiatric ward with no treating medical personnel”

            Scott McNeally predicted in 1995 “In a few years, electronic trade will replace many conventional commercial infrastructures”

            Arundhati Roy (novelist from India): “The movie Slumdog Millionaire delivered an authentic picture of the violence and poverty in India. This movie accuses nobody and everybody is happy. You call that a success?”

            Amadou Troure (Mali President): “Some grow cotton and reap subsidies. We grow cotton and reap deficits”

            Kadhafe of Libya: “God’s soldiers or the tse tse mosquitos protected us from colonial powers”

Dis-investment in Israel is the rage now; (September 12, 2009)


            The world community is no longer taking the UN seriously for applying the appropriate pressures on Israel; it is no longer taking the EU and the USA Administration seriously for exercising on Israel applicable human rights laws. Israel has been repeatedly flaunting the laws concerning human rights and the rights of the Palestinians under occupation.  Even the investigation of the atrocities that the Palestinians in Gaza suffered during the invasion from December 2008 to January 2009 is doublful that it will follow the due judicial procedures.

            The international communities of organizations, associations, and even truly democratic States are appealing to boycotting, dis-investing, and sanctioning (BDS) Israel so that it starts respecting international laws.

            Four years ago there were campaigns of boycott and dis-investments to pressure Israel to refrain from resuming building the Wall of Shame that the International Court of Justice has ruled illigal. This campaign has begun in July 2005 and is gaining fresh impetus after the genocidal war in Gaza where more than half the 1,600 victims were civilians and childrens. The entire infrastructure in Gaza was destroyed, including all the UN facilities.

            Powerful political figures and Nobel laureate for peace such as Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and Jimmy Carter have considered that the practices of Israel are a reminder of the aparthide system in South Africa. The BDS campaign against Israel was relaunched during the World Social Forum in Belem (Brazil) on March 30.  The campaign is inciting the consumers not to purchase products made or grown in Israel, especially when proven that these industries are located in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.  The campaign is actively meeting with large surface owners and managers to disseminate information and intelligence as to the prohibited products.

            The Peace Cycle association is pressuring the EU to suspend the cooperation accord for tariff exemptions between Israel and the EU because Israel has failed respecting human rights and the democratic principles that was signed in 1995 and applied since 2000.  This campaign has forced 20% of Israeli exporters to lower their price because they lost substantial share of markets in Jordany, Britain, and the Scandinavian States.

            Cultural, academic, sport, and diplomatic boycotts of Israel have been recurring very often. For example, the musician Roger Waters, the authors Eduardo Galeano, Naomi Klein, Arundhati Roy, and the film makers Ken Loach and Jean-Luc Godard.

            Hertz refused to be associated to a promotional campaign by El Al airline; Sweden refrained from joining an international air maneuvers because Israel was participating. In Belgium, operation “Dexia out of Israel” lead 14 comunities to pressure this French-Belgium bank to stop financing Israeli collectivities located in Palestinian territories.

            The French transport companies of Alstom and Veolia are having hard time securing contracts from Scandinavian States and Britain for cooperating in transport businesses with Israel.  Other enterprises did not wait to be condemned and dis-invested in Israel; for example, Heineken re-located its affiliate Tempo Drinks from the West Bank; the same was done by the Swedish company Assa Abloy specializing in electro-mechanic security systems.

            Many States are accepting to prosecute judicial cases in human rights natures because Israel justice system has not proven to taking seriously these allegations cases.  The USA has been pressuring Spain, Belgium, and France to desist from prosecuting former Israeli Generals, officers, and ministers who committed mass killings against the Palestinians. For example, Dan Halutz, Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, Moshe Yaalon, Doron Almog, Giora Eiland, Michael Herzog, and Abraham Dichter have to get special permission from the Israeli cabimet of Minister to travel abroad for fear of being detained by European court of justices.

            Zionism is an ideology of the colonial and racist period; if the people of Israel want to continue adhering to that ideology then they will realize that it is bad business.




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