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Hezbollah missiles are “Made in Syria”

The Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasr Allah, declared in his speech last night, on the occasion of the “anniversary” of the victory on Israel preemptive war in July 2006: “The missiles used in 2006 were Made in Syria. The missiles used by the resistance in Gaza (Hamas) in 2008 were Made in Syria”.

Nasr Allah uncovered the fact that Hezbollah had displaced its medium-range missiles shortly before Israel targeted all the missile silos.  40 Israeli F16 bombed in less than 40 minutes all the supposed missile silos its intelligence services (USA) had gathered for years.

Shimon Peres and airforce General Dan Haloutz declared 4 days later: “We had won the war. The missiles of Hezbollah have been destroyed…”

Then Hezbollah missiles showered all over Israel, forcing 3 million Israeli to dwell in bunkers and makeshift undercover for 30 days.

Nasr Allah confirmed that Israel was begging the US to reach a cease-fire at any cost, but the Lebanese political leaders failed to take advantage and helped frame a cease-fire agreement that was not totally to the advantage of Lebanon.

Nasr Allah read an excerpt from a report by Yaalon (current chief of Staff) stating:

“Israel came to the final conclusion that it is impossible to defeat Hezbollah militarily. We cannot waste F16 that cost $100 million and expensive Merkava tanks chasing single fighters…The only possibility to weaken Hezbollah is encouraging the Lebanese to demand the disarmament of Hezbollah through their internal political confessional processes…”

The US was planning for years to getting rid of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad who started a full-fledge reorganization of the army and endowing it with locally manufactured weapons and increasing its size to over 350,000 standing soldiers…

The best strategy to weaken Hezbollah was to destabilize the Syrian regime internally. The US is very pleased with the way Syria’s public institutions are disintegrating without direct external military involvements that would have permitted Syria to using its sophisticated weapons and rallying the people behind the army…

The strategy is: “Whoever comes to power will have to do with nonexistent institutions to build upon…” That is why the US refuses any kind of negotiations among the internal Syrian parties of oppositions and the legitimate government…

The US will continue on this strategy until early November, before the Presidential election goes full swing and the need to reach a consensus in Syria so that Syria calamities will not sidetrack the re-election focus.

Nasr Allah remarked in his speech:

“For decades now, all the armies in the Middle-East have been used as internal security forces, with the exception of the Syrian army, the backbone that foiled all the US plans and programs to instituting its Greater Middle-east Strategy…” 

Note: Is it a coincidence? Not one but two?

1. The day Nasr Allah was deliver his speech, a Syrian guard blew himself in the Syrian Security Center, killing the Chief of Staff and Defense minister Dawoud Rajiha (a Christian), former Chief of Staff and current Assistant to the President Hassan Turkmany, Assistant to the Defence minister and husband of Bashar eldest sister Assef Shawkat, and seriously wounding the minister of the interior and the Chief intelligence services…

2. Someone blew himself in a “tourist bus” in Bulgaria, killing 6 Israelis and wounding 30 others…Hezbollah retorted to Israel finger pointing that Hezbollah does not target tourists and civilians: They will revenge Imad Moghnieh (late Hezbollah military officer) by targetting those who planned and executed the assassination…




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