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Israel 2011: Less “democratic” and far more sectarian. By Antoine Shalhat.

The Palestinian/Israeli journalist reported from Akka, translated from Arabic and published in the Daily Al Nahar:

“Today is the Hebrew New Year.  It is the occasion for the census bureau to submit its report on Israel demographic status, and for Israel Democracy Center to transmit statistical analysis on democratic trends in Israel communities.

That is going to be tough to dealing with Israel society tendencies, retrograding in its concept of democracy and increased base of religious political ideology.

Secular people have dropped to 42% and religious Israelis have increased to 58%.  The Jews who want a “pure Jewish State” have jumped to 78%.  Meaning:

First, they want to transfer every citizens who is not Jewish by origin.

Second, they want to prohibit non-Jewish citizens to have a say in the discussions pertaining to social and economic matters

Third, cancelling the right to discussing self-autonomy alternatives.

Democratic spirit in Israel is declining.

About 51% of the Jews want to prohibit free-expressions in attacking government political decisions.

Another example, 58% are saying that speakers are not to extend political opinions in universities.

Another example, 63% want to impose political censorship on educational materials in schools and academic institutions…

The political climate in Israel, in the last two years, is for greater power to the extreme right religious parties: The Parliament (Knesset) has legislated many laws

1. prohibiting opposition to preemptive war policies,

2. any condemnation to “Israel Defense Forces” behaviors such as actions against civil rights and assaulting associations and organizations investigating activities smacking of violence on civil rights, or

3.  any discussion on resolving the Palestinian problems

The Legal consultant in the “Association of human rights in Israel” said: “In the last two years, we are witnessing increased signs on the field that demonstrate growing polarization of religious intransigence among the sectarian parties.  The trend is to killing any position out of the “National consensus” because it constitutes a serious threat to Israel security.  Any critique is viewed as anti-patriotic…

The trends in Israel, year after year, are of communities less democratic and far more sectarian.

The French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur published last week:

“Israel Shin Beth (internal intelligence agency) is worried of the good organization of the Jewish terrorist cells in the colonies, or Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.  The Jewish terrorist cells, called “youth of the hills”, adopted Al Qaeda principles in organization and decentralized formations, and have in possession large supplies of military hardware.  They certainly have tight connections in the army and many public institutions…”

(How could this happen if the organization and facilitation of these cells are not generated from the Shin Beth itself? The Shin Beth has all the potentials, the means, and the intelligence pieces for these kinds of terrorist activities)

Note:  You may read this article on the varieties of Jewishness  jewish-ashkenazi-sephardim-hebrew-israeli-semitic-hasidic-and-what-else/




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