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2012: Not on apocalypses; (Dec. 29, 2009)

Scientists at NASA published a report that is predicting sun flare up on September 22, 2012 at midnight.  The sun is far hotter and more active than it was a million years ago. This flare up is not your run of the mill gorgeous aurora borealis in the Arctic. The sun will eject particles (ions and electrons) that will grill all electrical infrastructure and electrical machines in the northern hemisphere.

What are the effects after electrical power going dead? Potable water is the major immediate problem since most potable water is purified electrically and distributed electrically to high rises.  Citizens will have to survive for at least a year before electrical infrastructure and electrical equipments are renewed and fabricated.  Urban people will try to relocate to regions enjoying clean potable water sources (which are becoming rare almost anywhere, even in Africa).

“Sun winds” carry one billion tons of plasma and when solar winds come in contact with earth magnetic field then a major catastrophe sets in.  This phenomenon occurred in 1859 (Carrington eruption) and lasted for 8 days; telegraph services were disrupted.  Luckily, potable water and clean water sources were intact at the time.

Thus, no transport relying on electricity in any part will function.  Hospital will have to replace their generators after the solar wind episode.  Mostly, modern health providing facilities will be at an end.  Pharmaceutical industry will stop producing vital medicines.

Solar eruptions are witnessed around the equinoxes (periods when the center of the sun faces directly the equator).  What do you think technology can offer to resolve the consequences of this solar wind hazard? In the meantime, diseases will spread; rats and roaches will invade urban centers in broad day light. Time to get used to eating rats but how to finding potable water?

Note: It is January 4, 2012: The date has elapsed for the apocalypse, and the doomsday promoter, Jose Arguelles, has passed away last March. Jose was an art historian, and passionate of the Maya cosmology.  Don’t rely on exact date: The year is not over?




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