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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 96

Note 1: I take notes of books I read and comment on events and edit sentences that fit my style. The page is long and growing like crazy, and the sections I post contains months-old events that are worth refreshing your memory.

Pay a third of the normal daily wage before employees start work. These advances would be deducted from their weekly pay. The clocking intelligent machine would disburse the daily advance pay as in teller machine, check that the worker arrive 5 min before schedule, register his face/ finger print. Supervisors would confirm all the exchanges so that cheating occurred. 

Truth is for me the most dangerous term that man has invented:  Truth blocks any consensus, negotiation or meaningful conversation and it connote an extremist disposition based on ignorance and lack of intellectual interactions.

The concept of truth is practically opposite to faith, although people positively correlate it with faith.

Religion is basically a theological philosophy that has been manipulated to be grounded in myths, symbols, and secrecy to satisfy the initiated High Priests and generates its power through scare tactics within the psychic of man.

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Twice a year, the Atlantic and Pacific will experience a dozen cyclones of Irma magnitude: When investment in shacks on higher grounds will be imposed by UN?

The sea is 2 degrees hotter and the warmer streams are no longer being cooled enough by the poles. Number of cyclones increased 4 folds in 3 decades and strength far more devastating. Why should we get used to this insanity?

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Quand les medias nous familiarisent avec la barbarie et l’atrocite’, c’ est qu’ elles nous ont rendu malade pour qu’ on reagir proprement.

Ce sont ces corps humains, par miliers, qui se decomposent dans les rues qui brouillent la separation entre la vie et la mort.

La puanteur et le silence apres une deflagration (suicide bombing) ne sont pas capter et registrer.

“L’extremism dans la poursuite des electeurs n’ est pas un vice” (Barry Goldwater). He was voicing the US political system applied for centuries: psychological tricks and lies to alienates the opposing candidates.

No nation was ever built with kindness.” “The Changling,” by Patrick LaValle

Youth caring about death is as irrelevant to them as shitting and pissing.

Youth care only for all kinds of intakes

Tu peux recevoir les cles pour comprendre la honte, mais jamais le pouvoir de l’effacer.

A force de lire tous les poems qui tombaient a mes yeux, un nauvaise poem conduit a la bonne poesie.

By autistic standards, the normal human brain is easily distracted, obsessively social, and suffers from a deficit of attention to detail.

“Les Scouts partent dans la vie avec une longueur d’avance! Ils ont appris à conduire des équipes, gérer des conflits, motiver et souder les gens. Ils ont également des compétences en gestion de projets: ils savent planifier des objectifs, assumer le leadership. Enfin, ils ont des compétences sociales. Beaucoup choisissent d’ailleurs des métiers proches de l’humain, dans le social ou la santé.” (Emmanuelle Gabioud, ASG –

Soldiers in Lebanon are only allowed to donate blood at military hospitals, unless they are granted permission to do it at civilian ones. This system has provided auto-sufficiency to military hospitals in terms of blood components throughout the years. Too many restrictions on the soldiers: they cannot even vote their conscience, but can die for the homeland. Soldiers are forbidden to talk politics as if expressing an opinion is the pest.

“As long as you’re up, pass me a Grant’s” (bottle of whisky). Ulysses S Grant 8-year mandate was a succession of daily cocktail parties.

Was Ulysses S Grant 8-year mandate of alcoholism a reaction to calamities of civil war or “Proud to be alcoholic” Grant?

Read the funny piece of Art Buchwald on “Precis sur le cocktail”. Apres que les Bostoniens jeterent le the’ (tea) Britanique dans la rade, force a Mrs John Adams de servir  du whisky et gins in her party. L’ idee’ d’ une insurrection fit jour “Hey, le whisky est un meilleur boisson que le the'”

July 2013. Les combatants entraient de la Turkie en Syria en plein jour. Les civils, fuyant la guerre, marchaient la nuit, sans torche, dans la boue du canal, a la merci des passeurs.





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