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They want to do what!?  To the Great Barrier Reef?!

The Great Barrier Reef,  the largest living organism on Earth and home to a quarter of all the species that live in the world’s oceans, has slowly been dying for years. It’s lost half its coral in the past three decades and that rate is only accelerating.

Climate change is one cause, but so is Australia’s booming mining industry. The German magazine Der Spiegel reported that “if current trends continue, the unthinkable could happen: the Great Barrier Reef could die.”

David Sievers posted for

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk of being dredged to make way for a mega coal project.
Sign now!

It would be hard to make this stuff up. Australia’s legendarily irresponsible mining industry has a new plan: while the planet faces catastrophic climate change, build the world’s largest coal mining complex, and then build a shipping lane to that port straight through the greatest ecological treasure we have – the Great Barrier Reef!

This is a terrible idea with devastating consequences, and the investor group Aurizon that’s backing it know it. They’re getting cold feet, and we might be able to push them over the edge, and kill the project. One of the main potential funders has even donated to climate activism!

If one million of us express our head-shaking disbelief at this crazy project in the next few days, we can help get Aurizon to pull funding and maybe even persuade the Australian PM to step in. This is what Avaaz is for, let’s raise a voice for common sense:

And yet, the mining industry plans to build massive new ports at a complex called Abbot Point in Northeast Australia (right by the reef) to make it easier to get the coal it’s mining out to the world. Not only would that mean doubling the number of ships that pass by the reef each year and ripping up to 3 million cubic meters of material from the fragile seabed.

If all the coal from the proposed mines this would enable is burned, it would be three times Australia’s current climate pollution — hurtling us faster towards the point of no return.

The investors are meeting now to decide what to do and the Australian Environment Minister will choose whether to approve the project in the next two weeks. Our voices can signal to all of them to block this disaster, especially to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd if he hopes to maintain his global reputation in the lead-up to his re-election bid.

They’re all deciding what to do now. Sign this urgent petition and share it with everyone you know to stop the Great Barrier train wreck: The Avaaz community has been fighting to save the unparalleled beauty of the reef for years.

David, Alex, Emily, Lisa, Oli, Marie, Ricken, Alice and the whole Avaaz team
PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community. It’s easy to get started – click to start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global:

Great Barrier Reef Under Threat (TIME)
‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’: Coal Boom Could Destroy Great Barrier Reef (Spiegel)
GVK’s Australia coal project ‘a quagmire, not an investment’ says report (The Times of India)
Report- Stranded: Alpha Coal Project in Australia’s Galilee Basin (IEEFA)
GVK rejects claim Alpha is ‘stranded’ (The Age)
Abbott Point Coal Mine Map (Greenpeace)

World’s biggest security companies, British G4S : profiting off of Palestinian oppression

Dalia Hashad – posted “Stop torture for profit in Israel”

G4S is notorious for shady operations around the world. Inside Israel, it provides security systems for prisons and detention facilities holding Palestinian political prisoners — prisoners who are often illegally held and tortured  

We have 24 hours to stop one of the world’s biggest security companies from profiting off of Palestinian oppression — if we all act now.

British security company G4S works for Israel all over illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

It guards brutal prisons, where prisoners are often illegally held and tortured, homes and supermarkets. When these contracts were exposed, some international clients protested by ditching the company.

G4S responded by canceling a few of their Israeli contracts.

Now we can get them out altogether if we convince shareholders and the Board that G4S’s shady work in Israel will give them a bad reputation and make them lose business.

There’s no time to lose. G4S has their big Annual General Meeting in London tomorrow. Let’s send them a deafening message to stop doing Israel’s dirty work. Click below to join the campaign and spread the word:

Awareness of G4S’s work with Israel’s occupation industry has led to the company losing clients in Europe – including a major bank in Denmark and several NGO’s.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress is pressuring the government to cancel a £13 million contract and 19 NGOs from across the Middle East have called on the EU to stop dealing with G4S altogether.

Israel is only 1% of G4S’s global revenues and financial analysts predict that it might become too expensive to it’s reputation to continue with it.

According to some reports, G4S may let go of its Israel contracts altogether. But there are no guarantees.

That’s why if we pile on the pressure now, just ahead of it’s Annual General Meeting when shareholders are already angry about the negative forecast on profits and scandals in other parts of the world, we can pressure G4S to get out of these dodgy deals in Israel altogether.

The Avaaz community has stood time and again with Palestinians in their quest for justice. Let’s come together to support humanity for everyone, once again.

With determination,

Dalia, Alaphia, Marie, Luis, Bissan, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global:

Read MORE:

G4S: We’ll stay in prisons and settlements (Dan Watch):

Facing backlash, British security firm to partially divest (Times of Israel):

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Danish clients dump G4S because of security company’s ties to Israeli occupation (Electronic Intifada):

Forced to wed her rapist, killed herself: Who is the Morocco Amina Filali?
16 year-old Amina Filali. Sign the petition and forward to everyone:

16 year-old Amina Filali was raped, beaten and forced to wed her rapist. And she decided to commit suicide and she died, as the only way she saw to escape the trap set for her by her rapist, family and the law.

When Amina was brutally raped, her family reported it to officials in their town of LaracheInstead of prosecuting the rapist, the court allowed him the option of marrying his victim— and Amina’s family agreed to the proposal.

Dalia Hashad posted on Jan. 27 in

Article 475 in Morocco’s penal code allows a rapist to avoid prosecution and a long prison sentence by marrying his victim if she is a minor.

Since 2006, the government has promised to strike this down and pass legislation prohibiting violence against women, but it hasn’t happened.

Hundreds of Moroccan protestors are in the streets demanding real reform, turning up the heat on the Prime Minister and heads of other ministries, who write and sponsor bills and the international media has picked up the story.

If we ramp up pressure, we can see real progress now.

When we reach 250,000 signatures, we’ll work with local women’s groups to deliver our call to decision-makers.

Now, in response to global outrage, the government has issued a statement arguing that the relationship was consensual, but that story isn’t verified.

Our Moroccan partners on the ground say that this is a typical government attempt to blame the victim and whitewash the issue — meanwhile the law is still on the books and now, more than ever, we need to reject Article 475.

Women’s groups in Morocco have long fought this, and it’s time for the legislature to renounce this wretched tradition and pass real protections for women.

Outraged Moroccans are flooding social network sites and the streets in protest. Hundreds of women staged a sit-ins in front of the Larache court and Parliament this week.

HUGE breakthrough — Morocco’s Justice Minister now wants to stop rapists from marrying their young victims!  Let’s get other ministers on board! Sign and share!

Let’s join in the demand that laws should protect, not trample on women’s rights:

More information:

Morocco protest against rape-marriage law (BBC)

Morocco mulls tougher line against rape-marriages (Al Jazeera)

Protesters in Morocco demand reform of rape laws after teen girl’s suicide (CNN)

Morocco: Amina’s parents contradict official account, insist their daughter was raped

Global Rights report on violence against women in Morocco

Facebook Group Page

Huge Victory for the Palestinian People: A steady foot in the UN

It’s time to celebrate!

The UN voted overwhelmingly to to induct the Palestinian people with an observer seat.  This is the first step toward recognizing Palestine as the world’s 194th State.

It’s a huge victory for the Palestinian people, for peace, for our community, against the wishes of Barak Obama and 7 other Island-States under the US de facto mandated power, and Canada is included.

And people across the world are joining with massive crowds in Palestine to celebrate.

The first picture of Palestine seat at the United Nations.
The first picture of Palestine seat at the United Nations.

Ricken Patel of posted on Dec.1, 2012:

The Palestinian people’s journey to freedom is far from over. But this is a powerful step, and our community played a key role in it. Palestine’s Ambassador to Europe said today:

“Avaaz and its members across the world have played a crucial role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people’s bid for a state and for freedom and peace. They have stood with us throughout and their solidarity and support will be remembered and cherished across Palestine.” – Leila Shahid, General Palestinian Delegate to Europe

Brussels Action: While EU leaders were met, THIS was happening right outside their windows
Madrid Action: Avaaz members want Spain PM Rajoy to say YES!

The US and Israeli governments, beholden to extreme lobby groups, threw everything they had at crushing this vote, using financial threats and even threatening to overthrow the Palestinian President if he went ahead.

Europe was the key swing vote, and under intense US pressure, leaders were, just two weeks ago, leaning towards not supporting the Palestinian state. Knowing the stakes, our community responded with the speed and democratic force that we needed to win:

    • Nearly 1.8 million of us signed the petition calling for statehood.
    • Thousands of us donated to fund public opinion polls across Europe — showing that a whopping 79% of Europeans supported a Palestinian state. Our polls were plastered all over the media, and repeatedly cited in Parliamentary debates in the UK, Spain and France!
    • We sent tens of thousands of emails, Facebook messages and Tweets to leaders across Europe and made thousands of calls to foreign ministries and heads of state.
    • We unfurled a giant 4-storey banner outside the EU Commission in Brussels (right) while leaders were meeting inside. Then, we staged another stunt in Madrid. Previously, we had sailed a flotilla of ships past the UN calling for a vote. Our actions made headlines all over Europe.
    • Avaaz staff and members met with dozens and dozens of government ministers, top advisors, senior journalists, parliamentarians and thought leaders in each of the key countries, in many cases teaming up to win over leaders one by one through advocacy, pressure, parliamentary resolutions and public statements, always drawing on the surge in people power behind this cause.
  • We reached out to key thought leaders like Stéphane Hessel, a 94-year old survivor of Nazi concentration camps, and Ron Pundak, an Israeli who played a key role in Oslo peace process, to speak out in favour of statehood.

One by one, key European states broke with the US to answer the call of justice and their peoples. In the final vote tally, only 9 countries out of 193 have voted against!

France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and most of Europe has voted for Palestine.

Possibly the best map of the world ever? Click here to find out all the countries that voted to recognise Palestine:
Possibly the best map of the world ever? Click here to find out all the countries that voted to recognise Palestine:

The US and Israel argued first that statehood was dangerous for peace, and then, when they’d lost, that it didn’t matter and the vote was just symbolic. But if it were just symbolic they wouldn’t have done everything to try and stop it.

After years of bad-faith negotiations and Israeli comfort with the status quo as they steadily colonize more Palestinian land, this move shows the US and Israel that if they do not engage in good faith, the Palestinians and the world are prepared to move forward without them.

It’s a more balanced basis for real peace talks and an end to the violence and devastation of occupation.

For over 6 decades the Palestinian people have suffered under a stifling Israeli military dictatorship, repressive controls on their travel and work, continual denial of their rights and the constant threat of insecurity and violence.

65 years ago, the UN recognized the state of Israel, beginning a path to the establishment of a safe home for the Jewish people.

Now the Palestinians, with resounding global support, take a step towards establishing a future of independence and dignity that they, like all people, deserve.

With hope and joy,

Ricken, Alice, Ari, Wissam, Allison, Sam, Julien, Bissan, Pascal, Wen, Mais, Pedro, Rewan, Saravanan, Emma, Dalia, Alexey, Paul, Aldine and the whole Avaaz team.

PS Here are some sources – The Associated Press covers today’s victory, the Guardian covers our polling two weeks ago, Avaaz’s Daily Briefing provides a map of the vote result, and Haaretz describes Israel’s response.

Cluster bombs usage should be illegal internationally: US beg to differ!

Within days, the US could push through a new law to allow the use of cluster bombs. It is a banned lethal weapon that kills children in playgrounds years after wars have ended.Why Obama is taking this nasty decision Not to prohibit cluster bombs?

Slightly more than two months after he was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama secretly ordered a cruise missile attack on Yemen, using cluster bombs, which killed 44 innocent civilians, including 14 women and 21 children, as well as 14 people alleged to be “militants.”  Obama is taking a preemptive step against eventually be called to face an International tribunal for crimes against humanity! Obama had signed a long list of  2,000 “criminal terrorists” to liquidate using drones. About 250 drone attacks have been carried out since Obama took office.

But if we build a massive campaign now, we can persuade other governments to stop the US move and eradicate the usage of these weapons.

In August 11, 2006, Israel peppered south Lebanon by over 4 million cluster bombs, two days before the UN had decided for a cease fire.  These bombs were shipped by air from a Scottish military depot by order of Tony Blair PM.  This is the same Blair whom Bush Junior appointed to head of the quartite formed by (US, Russia, EU, and the UN) to negotiate establishing two States in Palestine.

The purpose of polluting south Lebanon with cluster bombs was to prevent the citizens from returning to their homes and fields! The Lebanese returned anyway: the day the UN voted for a cease fire, by all means available, on foot, on bicycle…and didn’t care for any warning to wait for any official order to return

Since 2006, Lebanese children are being killed and maimed, and funding for the removal of these cluster bombs are dwindling.  Barely a third of the affected land was cleared.

Ahmad picked up a bright metal object in a park where he was celebrating his 5th birthday in Lebanon. It was an unexploded cluster bomblet, which blew up in his face, killing him slowly in front of his family.

Three years ago, public pressure pushed through a ban of these cruel bombs. But now, the US is lobbying nations to quietly sign a new law that allows their use — signing the death warrant for thousands of other children. Most countries are still on the fence on how to vote. Only if we raise the alarm across the world can we shame our governments to block this deadly decision.

Positions are being drawn up now. We only have days until countries meet to send our leaders a clear message: stand up for the cluster bombs ban and keep our children safe. Click on and sign the petition — it will be delivered directly to delegates at the Geneva conference.

Thousands of people — many of them children — have been maimed or killed by these bombs. When they are fired, they spray small “bomblets” over a wide area, many of which fail to explode. Years later, people disturb them in their fields or school playgrounds not knowing what they are, and they explode.

In 2008, over half of the world’s governments outlawed these weapons by signing the Convention on Cluster Munitions. But now, shockingly, countries like France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK, who all signed the Convention, are under pressure from the US, China and Russia to run rings round the ban by signing a separate agreement that would allow them to use cluster munitions. Only Norway, Mexico, Austria and a few others are fighting this horror.

Negotiators at the Convention on Conventional Weapons meet in Geneva next week. Most governments don’t really want this protocol and have not said which way they will vote, but they are under severe pressure from the US to comply and will only object if the global public persuades them.

There’s no time to lose — the conference starts on Monday. Let’s call on our governments to reject this deadly and cynical US campaign to legalize cluster killing.

Cluster bombs and land mines were banned because citizens raised the alarm across the world — with victims and survivors leading the way. For their sakes and to ensure no more lives are lost, let’s not allow these cruel weapons back and join together now to demand a more peaceful world.

As concerned citizens we call on you to do all in your power to stop cluster bombs being used. Over 100 governments have agreed to ban these indiscriminate weapons. The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons that will be negotiated in the coming days must align with this ban, ensuring cluster munitions are comprehensively outlawed and innocent children protected.

Click on and sign the petition — it will be delivered directly to delegates at the Geneva conference.

Sign the urgent petition to save our children now!




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