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I’m fine, Aya. I’ll be home soon

Karim A. Badra shared this link on FB Humans of New York


“Six months ago my father disappeared. He left one morning and didn’t come home.

That morning he answered the phone one time, and he said: ‘I’m fine, Aya. I’ll be home soon.’

And he never answered the phone again. You can’t imagine what this has done to my mind.

I don’t know if he is dead. I don’t know if he remarried. I know nothing.

All day and night I must imagine what has happened. I haven’t even told my younger sisters.

I tell them that Daddy went to Istanbul to work but he will be home. They wouldn’t be able to take it.

I still post old photos to his Facebook page so it seems like he exists.

But it’s been six months, and they want to know why he hasn’t called.

I promise he’s a good person, really. I love him so much.

He loved me too. He always told me that he was proud of me and I was going to be something in life.

But how could he leave me like this? How could he leave all of this on my shoulders?

I’m twenty years old. I can’t handle all of this by myself. I don’t need him to work, or make money, but I need him.

I need my Daddy. I can’t do this alone much longer. I’m getting tired.

I’m a warrior and I’m strong and I’ve fought so much but even warriors get tired.

I’ve been having crazy thoughts lately. I don’t want to do it. I’ve been through so much.

I wanted to go to school and be something in life. But I can’t do this much longer.

I’m alone here and I’m in a very bad place. I feel very scared.

I never wanted to be the traditional Arabic girl who marries her cousin and spends all day in the house.

I’ve worked so hard to escape it all. And I know it’s dangerous.

But if things don’t change for me, I think I’ll have to go back to Iraq.”

As of now, 4% of the HONY community has signed the petition supporting Aya’s appeal for American resettlement

It would only take 6% of the community to reach a million signatures.

Please consider adding your voice. And if you know someone else who might care about Aya’s story, please consider sharing:

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