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What is your cult? Part 1

The Pendulum of Foucault” by Umberto Eco; (Jan. 13, 2010)

Have you heard of cults or occult organizations or metaphysical sects?

For example, Templar knights, Hospitr occult oalier Knights, Teutonic Knights, Free masons, Rose-cross, Ismailia, Druze, Druids, and hundreds of cults from all kinds of religious denominations that mushroomed in the last decades?

In general, the occult sects inherit their principles from one another and then perform selections among the propositions to build distinct belief systems.

The hierarchical organizations are basically the same with minor modifications as to number of “grades” or levels.

The initiation ceremonies or ordinations do not differ much because “what works does not have to be broken”, especially, since new sects are founded by already initiated members who defected and are used to already tried and well oiled routines.

Men wear variations in exotic attires and symbols; women invariably wear transparent long white tunics and end up naked as the ceremony unfolds. The whole spectrum of symbols, in shapes and numbers, is generated from the body structure, penis, women protuberances, the cavern of vagina, and blood.

The Templar Knights were persecuted around 1344 by the French monarch Philip Le Bel and the pope of Rome: Templar Knights over extended their power base in acquiring vast lands and lending money to monarchs and princes and had become the most influential secret organization in Europe. The “initiates” or members were willing to die rather than divulge secrets.

The book is about three authors specializing in the occult or diabolic manuscripts that were written and published in Europe in the last 600 years after the persecution of the Templar Knights. The authors tried to put together the many pieces of the puzzle that were gleamed from ancient manuscripts in order to construct a rational and logical story of Europe history events.

The authors discovered that they had written a new history and that they were investigating in the wrong direction for the last headquarters.  Then, they realized that the entire story was based on a commission list of a merchant at Provins and this list was not hidden in a case encrusted with diamonds but a rotting one.

Actually, the commission list mentions streets, churches, and forts that are located in the town of Provins.  The town was famous for clothing and growing red flowers imported from Syria during the crusading campaigns.  The merchant jotted down in short hand the locations to deliver six bouquets of roses, 20 sous each bouquet, for a total of 120 sous.

The cultist mentality wrecked havoc in Europe for 600 years based on rumors and the need for secrets to assemble people in organizations and associations.

The story starts from a cryptic message that it was attributed to the Templar Knights found in the town of Provins in south-west France near the Cathar sect region. The various interpretations led to the belief that the fleeing Knights took refuge in the town of Tomar in Portugal and devised a plan to be executed for a period of 600 years.

Every 120 years, the headquarters of the “Invisible Superiors” would be relocated to six different places so that each headquarters would relinquish the secret to the next headquarters.

Apparently, there are two secrets:

The initial secret was of religious nature and it became a cover up to the second secret for dominating the world.

The initial cult was based on the premises that either Jesus was not crucified and was whisked to Marseilles in France and his descended initiated the Merovingian French monarchic dynasty or that Jesus died but Marie Magdalena was impregnated by Jesus and was whisked away to start a new dynasty.

The other more enduring secret is presumably that earth underground is traversed by currents that can be controlled to spread havoc on earth crust if only the center or Umbilicus of the current could be determined; the center could be discovered if the entire pieces of a particular world cartographic chart can be put together and the sun ray hitting the right location on June 23 or Saint John Day at the beginning of earth summer solstice.

Thus, what was accepted as given was that the plan would move from Tomar in 1344 to Scotland in 1464 (during Roger de Bruce reign; see Braveheart of Mel Gibson), then to Paris in 1584 at Saint Martin des Champs, then to Germany in 1704 at Marienburg near Dantzig, then to Bulgaria in 1824, and finally to Jerusalem in 1944.

The headquarters was transferred to Scotland but the next transfer to Paris didn’t take place and problems started. Every sub-cult wanted to put the pieces together all by itself since serious discontinuity of the plan to rule the world was ruined.  Jon Dee, the astrologer of Elizabeth I, was the Grand Master of Templar Knights in England and then Francis Bacon succeeded him by poisoning Dee.

It happened that the Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar in 1582 by abolishing 10 days from October 5 to 14.  Thus, the meeting on June 23 might not have taken place because the English arrived on June 13.

Rumors said that Jon Dee expressly didn’t show up simply because he wanted the secret to himself, now and then, and that he could discover it.  Dee set up a subterfuge of sending maritime expeditions to circumvent earth in order to gather most of the cartographies of the world available at the time.

One rumor is that the Jewish Diaspora got wind that the Christians have an important secret and got into their own investigative whirlwind.  The ghettos were targeted for information because the abbot Pic de la Mirandolla referred that Hebrew is the language to learn in order to decipher the cryptic messages using the Talmud.

Abbot Mirandolla had ruled Florence for four years around 1450 and encouraged the citizens to initiate monster bonfires each year to burn luxury items, luxury furniture and clothes, and masterpieces in paintings. The trend became to learn Hebrew and applying all kinds of combinational cryptology on the Talmud.

In fact, the Jesuits of Ignacio de Loyola invented a combinatorial chart that preceded Babbage mechanical idea to read between the lines.

Another rumor was that the Jesuits organization was attuned to these secrets and working to put together the puzzle; the Jesuits were behind switching to the Georgian calendar?

Anyway, France’s Grand Master Guillaume Postel died in 1581 and a Jesuit abbot confessed him.  Francis Bacon traveled to Prussia to connect with the Grand Master in Marienburg and he instituted many Templar Knights cults around Europe to gather information.

Europe’s wars (such as the 30 years war, Napoleon, and Hitler wars) were attributed to cultist mentality running around for the secret to dominate the world.

The second part would extend more details.




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