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Mini nuclear reactors manufactured in series; (Apr. 6, 2010)

            The manufacturer Babcock and Wilcox in Virginia (USA) has readied a mini nuclear reactor kit that could be commercialized in 2018 and manufactured in series.  The mini reactor generates 150 megawatts (ten times lower than conventional reactors) with several advantages:

            First, the mini reactor can be installed and functioning within two years instead of five; thus, recouping investment faster than conventional reactors.

            Second, the cost of mini reactor is a fraction of traditional reactors that cost currently about $9 billions.

            Third, nuclear waste or refuse would be stocked in a water container integrated with the kit with a life span of 60 years.

            Fourth, the replacement nuclear combustion bars (69 in total) are available within the kit, replaced every 5 years instead of 2 years, and handled by crane systems attached to the kit.

            Fifth, vapor generator is integrated to the kit.

            Sixth, the whole kit does not need outside installations and can be buried in a hole 23 meters deep with less than 5 meters in diameter.

            Seventh, the kit can be transported by regular trains and installed as the construction well is ready.

Note 1: Toshiba is already at work on similar nuclear kits.

Note 2: I guess that the nuclear kit would remain where it is buried after its life span is over (60 years) with its inside waste. 

The problematic question remains: What if the mass of water containing the nuclear waste evaporates? 

Are there long term monitoring devices and alternative ready resolution for anti-contamination procedures?

Note 3:  This article was posted way before the Fukushima melt down.  Germany, Italy, and Japan have taken political decisions to cancel contracts for new nuclear power plants and to shut down the existing ones.




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