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Titbits #301

The 60 year-old Palestinian Khairi Hannoun: “It’s a legitimate, entirely non-violent demonstration (protesting Israel’s confiscation of our land). We were walking. We didn’t think the soldiers would attack us. But we were wrong. They attacked us like hooligans. I’m 60, what can I do to an armed soldier? But for the officer there, I’m a threat and he attacked me brutally.”

Better be roughly right than precisely wrong. Being right has its source in a multidisciplinary path, especially practising and applying an experimental mind. on any design or project you undertake.

Covid-19 has resulted in an estimated 122,600 deaths in Africa since the onset of the pandemic. Malaria, a disease that is particularly prevalent and deadly in the continent, took more than 400,000 lives in 2019 alone. Not counting all the preventable diseases. that harvest millions. Apparently vaccines for malaria are being tested in Burkina Faso.

Immunizations: RNA-based vaccines work by instructing our cells to make the spike protein found on the SARS-CoV-2 virus, spooking the immune system into action. The biggest challenge in immunizing against HIV, tuberculosis, and the flu is that these pathogens have multiple proteins to code for, not just the one in SARS-CoV-2. With mRNA, it’s easy to include the code for several kinds of proteins in a single injection.

Cancer therapies: Cancer is caused by genetic code that’s gone haywire. The most sinister aspect of the disease is how it evades our immune systems. Personalized cancer vaccines would effectively lift cancer’s camouflage. These vaccines would introduce mRNA that codes for one of the unique proteins the cancer produces, called a neo-antigen, that the body could then recognize and attack. Instead of flooding the body with toxic chemicals that kill cells with abandon, cancer vaccines could target only the cancer itself.

Cures or treatments for genetic diseases: For more common rare diseases, a single treatment may work for multiple people. Nucleic acid therapies like ASOs and RNAs that can correct or silence errors in genetic code are a beacon of hope. mRNA won’t be just for rare orphan diseases, either; Ionis Pharmaceuticals has drugs in the pipeline for Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and Hepatitis B—all of which are relatively common—as well as a therapy that could treat high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

New Japanese vending machines sell only edible insects. The nine options include deep-fried or dried crickets, locusts, and silkworm chrysalises.

Can you imagine Earth is devoid of birds? In the last 40 years, birds population decreased by 2/3, especially categories of birds that used to live in agricultural areas and swamps. Germany is encouraging peasants to leave a third of their lands without plowing and Not planted to let birds get this illusion that their natural environment exist and encourage their procration. Birds eat mostly insects that bread exponentially. Prussia Frederick 2 ordered that No birds should exist on the grounds of his palace “Sans Souci”

L’Italy, le soir les gens dans les rues, riant tout haut. Pas de cadavres ambulant de Londre (apres WWI), recroquevillés dans leur fauteuils roulants, les yeux fixés sur quelques vilaine fleurs piquées dans des pots.

Cette qualite de purete, d’intégrité du sentiment que seules les femmes éprouvent entre elles, juste sorties de l’adolescence?

Etre amoureuse? Etre absolument differente des autres

C’était fini entre eux. C’etait affreux. Et pourtant, le soleil répandait sa chaleur. Un jour s’ajoutait à un autre

Conduisons-nous le moin mal possible. Dans ce navire qui fait naufrage et que nous sommes une race condamnée. Decorons notre cachot, allégeons les maux de nos co-prisonniers. Faisons la partie plus dures à ces bandits de Dieux qui gâchent les vies humaines. Conduisons-nous avec Class.. Desormais, on fait le bien pour l’amour du bien?

Tout le monde qui a participé à une guerre a des amis chers qui se sont fait tuer à la guerre.

Tout le monde sacrifie quelque chose de chère en se mariant.

Septimus avit le trauma d’apres une guerre, il voyait des choses, entendait des sons, connaissait les pensées des gens, il savait le sens du monde….Il parlait à lui-même et a haute voix, même la musique était voulait se suicider, emportant avec lui un amie chère à lui

Scentsplorations” (How to link smell to creativity)? Anosmia (loss of the sense of smell)? With anosmia being a common symptom of Covid-19, more people are realizing how handicapped we’d be without the ability to detect smells in our environments. Prior to the pandemic, perhaps few would have found it entirely surprising that a majority of youths would rather lose their olfactory sense than give up their tech gadgets.

Ce serait chouette si quand on meurt, on pourrait s’étendre comme une brune entre les gens qu’on connaît le mieux: et entre les branches des arbres qui soulèvent la brume.

Personne n’a vu le visage de ce personnage derrière des fenêtres fumées de la voiture quand la voiture s’arrêta. Mais tout le monde sentait le visage d’une ‘Autorité publique”. Le mystère a effleuré les gens de son aile: le fantôme de la religion était en marche, les yeux bandés et la bouche grande ouverte…

Smell affects the quality of our lives in profound ways. Apart from known benefits like alerting us to danger or improving our appetites, paying attention to odors, it seems, also can bolster our creativity. Converts say developing our olfaction can make us think differently and even speak and write more vividly.

This morning, I slowly decided to spend the morning reading, in just a single book. It was a hard decision, unlike deciding to fast, I fully enjoyed my morning. By Noon, it is time to resume the daily routines of tasks.

La jalousie? Cette passion qui survit à toutes les autres passions. Si ces jalousies valent leurs prix d’Or pour se développer et devenir une personne meilleure!

It is a fact, universally acknowledged of human nature, that if you dangle a “badge of Honor“, while guaranteeing that the stomach will Not go hungry, everyone will work many folds harder to snatch this badge. Problem is that the Elite Classes who hoard all these “Secret Clubs” are very selective of the “candidates” competing for the Honor.

It goes without saying that our “stomach”, if guaranteed it will Not go hungry, is the same for all of us. The problem is that the Elite Classes never felt hungry or cared for any guarantee against starvation, were Not excited to think that all kids should have an Equal Start in life, in primary and secondary education and free lunches.

Every child should have an Equal Start in life: that is the primary job of fair government institutions: a guarantee against starvation, free primary and secondary education and free preventive health care.

Hey you, stiff-necked Levantine

Note: Re-edit of “Ye, stiff-necked Levantine. April 4, 2009″

We Need you to Walk the Walk of the Free (April 2, 2009)

There are millions upon millions of Lebanese in the Diaspora.

Since the civil war in 1975, anyone who could borrow for a plane ticket immigrated.

In the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil there are more Lebanese descendents than all Lebanese citizens. Many boldly declared that they have cut the bridges and burned the ships, never to return to their homeland, as if infamy was a badge of honor.

This tiny land that was coveted by hundreds of Empires for its milk and honey; this land that exported to the world olive oil, wine, and dried fruit; this land that built cities and created the alphabet; this land that manufactured and roamed the seas and oceans and transacted with every people is reaching bottom.

This land of water and cool sources has no longer potable water.

International Zionism never relinquished its zeal to bust our doors and sap our energy and determination, even after being defeated twice in less than a decade.

This land that exported highly cultured and educated people is reduced to graduating sectarian, uncouth and poorly cultured new generations that barely can read or write.

We don’t want you to come and talk the talk of the sectarian.

We don’t want you to behave the pessimist and defeatist.

We need you to come and walk the walk of the free; to experience the harsh life of the brave, to participate in our miseries, to revolt and to change and reform a tiny Nation that led the world for millennia.

You in the Diaspora, you might have earned individual successes, medals, honors, or riches but you can never erase a tiny dot of the huge and ugly blotch that scars your forehead.

As long as your homeland is humiliated, shriveled, and under-developed among the nations then this scar will be prominent on your forehead and on your descendents’ because you bare a large part of the responsibility for our degradation and instability.

We need you to bolster the fainthearted who dream ever harder to inflating the rank of the Diaspora.

We need you to come and prevent those hot air arrogant bourgeois from taking away the weapons of the steadfast, brave, and resisting patriots.

“Ye, stiff-necked Levantine; ye the uncircumcised in heart, ears, and tongue. My curses are on you and your descendents in the Diaspora to the end of time.

Ye, blasphemous Levantine, wizen up; never dare take my curse lightly!”

Repetitive illnesses: Shouldn’t beast of burden enjoy the rights that Humain refuse themselves

Note: Repost of 2004 “What are the rights of the beast of burden; like a donkey?” 

Article #4: Human Factors in Engineering

People used to own donkeys for special works and they still do in many places.

Donkeys are relatively cheap, if you can find them:  They are quite obedient and resilient.

Donkeys can endure hardships if you provide food and minimal care.

Low level employees, such as in data input jobs, are far less loved and appreciated than the former hot blooded mammals.

They helplessly endure repetitive musculoskeletal pains. Ironically, many of the clerks do proudly claim these pains as a badge of honor.

They are remunerated cheaper than donkeys because all that their job entails is to just sit and do monotonous work.

They suffer all the sedentary diseases: neck, head, shoulders, and back pains.

They suffer irremediable hands, fingers and wrists handicaps for the rest of their wretched lives.

Graphic designers are certainly a tad better: They are paid slightly better; not for their artistic imagination, but may be because they can also use a few more computer application programs.

Historically, the design of the characters on the first typewriters was meant to slow down typing:

Fast typing used to jam the arms of the mechanical typewriters.

A large order by a big company at the time hampered any redesign of the characters for the newer technological advances in the manufacture of typewriters.

Still, secretaries had to awkwardly learn typing fast to meet production and greed.

The benefits of redesigning the shapes and forms of computer keyboards, which could temporarily alleviate the many cumulative musculoskeletal disorders from harsh continuous and daily typing, did not reach the common typists and data entry clerks.

These low level employees were not worth any investment in upgraded keyboards.

Higher level employees, who barely use computers for any productive task, were honored with the latest gizmos.

In fact, I believe that even the best ergonomically designed keyboards cannot solve these disorders:

Heavy computer users, for 8 hours daily, are still performing repetitive movements, sitting still, eyes riveted to a display.

They are still asked to perform maximally, under the watchful and tireless computer supervisor:

An efficient program is embedded in the computer itself, a program meant to collect data and analyzes performances of the donkey clerk.

Employees should not demand any redesign of the characters on keyboards.

Any faster typing design will be at their detriment and they will pay the price bitterly.

Their task will come to higher risks to their health and safety with no increase in wages.

They should know that faster standards will then be required of them;

Instead of 60 words per minutes, Mr. Greed might ask of them to be able to type 300 wpm.

It is not enough to improve technology; we need to restrain its consequences.

Bless the French Rabelais who said: “Science without conscience is the ruin of the soul”.

Note: Nothing has improved with the new communication technologies, but with small mobile phones people don’t have to sit still in one place. People can lay down, move and commit traffic accidents talking and manipulating their new gizmos.




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