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Bakunin predicted in the 19th century how political systems will be run that we are witnessing realization; he wrote: “The technocrats (educated people) has but two alternatives: either they profit from popular struggles and take power and then, institute “red bureaucracy” that will exert terrible tyrannies; or they will be at the service of “democratic” capitalist systems of barons of industries.  In the second alternative, the technocrats will strike the people with people’s sticks.”

Thus, both political systems of capitalism and communism rely on the same technocrats to running policies,  For example, the same technocrats in former communist States (that git their independence from former Soviet Union) are the ones indulging in the new capitalist system and reaping individual fortunes; they are the ones most vocal for capitalist market systems.

The American Charles Francis Adams wrote in 1880: “Our future depends of universities, schools, specialists, experts, writers, and of all administrators of ideological and economic institutions.”  They are the current technocrats or engaged educated people.  He resumed: “Citizens are no longer asked to maintaining such or such political parties in power.  Citizens are to just respect order and submit to laws.”  The people should be mere spectators to actions of the technocrats.  Fact is people have even relinquished being spectators: They refuse to vote and judge the performance of their elected politicians.  They are becoming “apolitical”.

The isolated technocrats, professionals, experts in public and private institutions write reports that satisfy the desires of their masters, patrons, and deep pocket financiers.  The reports are to be devoid of any ethical and moral considerations lest the technocrats are evaluated “emotional” and delinquent soft of mind.  The isolated technocrats learn quickly to submit practical alternatives “ethically neutral” for victory.  The end result justifies the sordid means.

The technocrats are running policies independently of politics.  Is that how democracy is defined?  To isolate technocrats from political responsibilities?

The technocrats recover their moral standing after they are fired or led to pasture on retirement:  They write their autobiographies and considerations when it is too late to affect the course of actions in reforming democracy and fighting the main sources of power behind the shadowy governments: the multinational and monopolistic entreprises.




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