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Day 7 of performances:  Clown without borders in the Balkan refugee camps

Day 7 of performances:
One workshop and a performance for around 200 people or so. It was beautiful in general, the performances got a lot of laughs and people kept coming and coming.

What struck me the most today are these two kids. One of them was barely two years old, u can see her in one of the pics. She was the most playful one, the one who made everyone dance and the one who was always doing her own thing and living in her own special world.

Oh… how I wished I could be in her world and certainly didn’t want her to come to our world.

The second boy had a harsher story. Him, he was 14 years old, acting like a 20 year old in an old hotel right by the Croatian border, filled with people from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and even one from Lebanon.

The kid is from Afghanistan, he left home two years ago, when he was 12. He left alone and he is still alone.

All through the show he was happy, laughing out loud but wanting to act like an adult. I couldn’t help but wonder about this 14 year old boy, in his green shirt, and the so many scars he had on his head from all the beating he went through on borders, living this kind of life, having to bear dealing with adults and mafias and police, living the life of an adult when he’s just a kid.

Just waiting to be free and waiting to help his parents flee the country.

Today I feel so humbled to be able to share joy and laughter with him – today I can only think of one thing: this kid deserves to be happy and playing, for whatever reason, this kid shouldn’t be going through that.
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Day 4 of performances of Clowns Without Borders in the Balkan refugee camps

Day 4 of performances. Our last day in Bosnia, in Kosovo specifically, where people are preparing themselves to go to the borders. Many of them don’t know that they will be stopped by the police mid way and left on the side of the road.

At least this awesome woman Sanella Lepirica and her father are trying their best to find a way to help. ( check her out if u want to help)

We performed again for many men and some kids. Those kids oh my god they just laughed non stop and enjoyed it all big time. They enjoyed all of our small silly stupid jokes, that’s not bad for a final day lesson

After that we played at the train station with Roma community. They hooped and span balls for a whole hour without getting bored or tired. That’s also not a bad lesson to learn from kids. Be silly, laugh when u can and enjoy the tiniest actions in life. Thank you kids.

Off to the forests of #serbia. I wonder what’s waiting for us there.
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