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Clowns Without Borders in the #Balkans and #Bosnia

Day 3 of performances in the #Balkans. In #Bosnia. Only men around.

It was sunny outside but very quiet. The police wanted to look at all of our clown gears, rubber chicken, noisy pigs, hoops, juggling balls, lassos … everything.

We were greeted with formal serious police faces. When we entered the big building, few smiles and laughs erupted but darkness, damp and a smell of rotten souls was covering the place.

In this dark alley, us clowns were the only colorful thing. I was walking and feeling the heaviness of the space despite the smiles around. In no time we gathered a group of 500 men and a handful of kids and women.

We kept performing for an hour and a half. The longest show so far. Every time we were about to end the show, a feeling inside told us we should keep going.

These men were caught in forests and sent to this place despite their will. It was only fair to share more and to offer a bit of joy. Two Syrians afterwards told me that they were actually kidnapped in Kosovo and have been in that place for the past 9 months.

One guy on a wheelchair had rotten feet ( can’t take this image out of my head). Images of misery on all sides. But we were there, Hassan too, an Iranian guitar player joined and played some songs, audience participation made a big positive difference.

We left with heavy hearts, but also with a bit of joy of being able to share some laughs and joy and a small hope that spring is arriving and maybe just maybe some of those will eventually make it and reach the dream land, away from war and oppression.

Thankfully I am with David Lichtenstein who was unstoppable today and Dustin J Allen who kept going despite his injury from that big fall on the ground.

On the way out, a girl was so happy to see me. She said : “ heyyy I know u 🙂 we met in Greece last year”.
Maybe next I’ll meet her in her dream land and hopefully she will still recognize me.

Clowns Without Borders USA
Clown Me In #diariesofaclown
Photo by: Jeroen Wils

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