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Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa

There is this Imam in Saudi Arabia called sheikh Al Obeikan; he is not a non entity:  He is a member of the Council of Great Imams and a counselor to the Monarch Abdullah, mind you.

Al Obeikan has recently vomited a fatwa: “Women can give their tits to be sucked by their chauffeurs and thus, permit their favorite chauffeur to mingle with the family as part of the extended brothers and sisters and sons”

That women desire to have their tits sucked, now and then, for whatever reason is not the problem. That a fatwa is needed, I start seeing red.

This fatwa might have been an alternative to the growing pressures of women for rights to drive.  Al Obeikan must have received many queries and detailed clarifications in order not to infringe on any “religious” rules and regulations of the Wahhabi sect obscurantist doctrine.

For example:

“Can women offer their tits in the presence of husbands and brothers?”;

“If I had no milk to even feed my own kids, would that count if the chauffeur sucks on air?”;

“Will all females employees where my husband work and my husband tasted their milk become my sisters?”

Al Obeikan was overwhelmed and revisited his fatwa:

“The fatwa stands as is, with this minor correction due to misinterpretations… women should press in a cup their milk for the chauffeur to drink.

Sucking directly from tits of strangers to the family might be tantamount to pornography and you might be beheaded publicly, I think.

If people could be sure of anything in this lousy hell hole of a Kingdom then, tourism of “tits tasting” could generate far more wealth than oil pretty soon, and for much longer duration.

I would suggest that shapes of tits be publicized as well as the quality of milk produced.

Note 1:  The Saudi monarch met with Barack Obama yesterday.  Obama must have asked  for clarification about this landmark fatwa that promotes global brotherhood better that the billions of dollars spent to iron out the lousy image of the USA in the Middle East.

Note 2: Wahhabi terrorists playing soccer with heads they chopped

نعتذرعلى نشر الصورة بس لازم يشوفوها طلاب الفورة والحرية الملعونة
هذه هي الحرية على طريقة أبو جهل وأحفاد الجهل والجاهلية الوهابية من حيوانات آل سعوود وأسيادهم . شاهد ايها المطالب بالحرية والدمقراطية الى اين وصلنا بمنجزات ثورتكم المباركة ! هزلت هزلت 
مقاتلى "جبهة الصرماية و داعش" يرفهون عن انفسهم بلعب الكرة 
ولكن برؤوس السوريين... لننعم بالحرية المنشودة !؟

Evil polititians and Professional polititians

Note:  I re-edited and expanded on “The professional politician: Barack Obama” under a new title.

Democracy generates two major categories of politicians:  Professional politicians and evil, half-cooked politicians.  Obviously we may discriminate extensively on sub-categories and develop a taxonomy of politician’s types, but his is not the main purpose of this short article.  Sure, we can discriminate among politicians who can be excellent on a restrictive community level, but deficient as Congressman or Senator.

Professional politicians walk the streets, visit voters, love to communicate with people, they are people oriented: they keep up their training skills and develop their knowledge.  They care for the plights of people and listen to their demands and needs.  They have proven records of constancy in the struggle, frequent attempts to acceeding to political positions, and carrying on their programs with transparent processes. 

They worked hard for “serving the people” and they negotiate and discuss extensively complex problems before reaching acceptable resolutions. They are reluctant to going to war; thus, they honestly and steadfastly try out all the diplomatic venues and political alternatives for adequate resolutions of differences.

Half-cooked politicians inherit the position either from a political family or because a baron of industry wants one of his offspring getting in politics and profiting by open highway robbery. They are brought to political positions by hired political professionals, consultants:  Funding is mainly financed by big lobbying industries and multinational financial institutions.  

Half-cooked politicians are necessarily evil: they live in secluded closed environment and have high flatulent concepts to imposing on society. They have no patience for the “little people” harassing demands and want to preserve their comfortable life style and peace of mind.  They first decide on pre-emptive wars and then work out the political institutional restraints and procedures to carrying out the decision.

This introduction needs development and examples. For example, there is a qualitative difference between Obama and Bush Junior.  There is also qualitative difference between Bill Clinton and Bush Senior. The differences go beyond Democrats and Republicans or any ideological differences.

The main difference is that Obama and Clinton are professional politicians in their own rights:  They love to communicate with people and comprehend the harsh demands of people and are willing to sacrifice their comfort and peace of mind to serve the people.  They are aware of the attributes and job specifications of the professional politician. 

Bill clinton never talked of “The Evil Empires”, “evil enemies”, “evil axes”, or any evil spirits.  Obama didn’t so far mentioned any evil enemies and he will not.   Obama walked the streets for years and continued his political education; he continued his training and practised his political qualities and talents. Obama knows what it takes to serve the public and has the correct patience to grab the adequate moments for pressing the programs he promised to pass.

The Bushes and Ronald Reagan for example were selected and shouldered by their party and supported by the political professionals and consultants in their party.  The Bushes and Reagan had no valid qualifications as people lovers; they were mostly living in secluded environment, never relinquishing their life style of comfort and sheltered attitudes.  They get very upset when foreigners disturb their quietude and put pressures on them to meet frequently with their aids, congress, read reports, and be forced to make balanced decisions.  That is too much work and unsuited to their dispositions.

The Bushes and Reagan totally relied on their aids and political consultants; not only because they were limited in the mind and need all the help to comprehend the complex interactions in world problems,  and those foreigners they cannot understand, but mainly because the laziness of their minds and the necessary demands on professional  politicians were terribly deficients:  They were not people oriented, and communication was a necessary evil to them.

The Bushes and Reagan relished shortcuts:  They adopted simplified models of world’s problems and the consequent devastating resolutions.  Just blurting out who to them is the evil enemy was a mechanism that set their mind at peace; they resumed this “coherent” ignorance in their simplistic directions throughout their tenure.  Their political consultants felt relieved from exposing  elaborate concepts and detailed knowledge that would upset the limited mind of their Presidents.

Bush Junior must have prayed to fail in the first presidency.  Somehow, he succeeded by a very short margin.  A genius in his team knew his weaknesses and must have whispered in his ear: “God wanted you to win.  God has a project for you.  You cannot fail God’s wishes.”  Bush Junior took seriously this infamous hint and started to believe that he is fulfilling God’s directives. 

GW. Bush political chaperon, Dick Cheney, was too sick physically to educated his protegee and he indeed became senile quickly to be of any value to Bush Junior.  The consultants and aids were selected to be one-sided individuals who were not professional politicians, but half cooked academics.  The world had to lick his wounds, and the million of collateral  CIVILIAN DAMAGES HAD TO BURY THEIR DEAD.

We all agree that doing politics is a serious profession.  Not anyone is capable of assuming his mandate to serving the community: A voted-in political candidate is to be at the beck of his community 24 hours a day and fielding all kinds of requests; he has no reliable methods to controling his daily activities and set aside relaxation periods. 

And yet, candidates to “serving the public” are not taught and trained in schools like all the other professions. Actually, most of the students graduating from high schools and universities have a terrible bad connotation for the term “politics” or “doing politics”.    The field of political science does not train people in the social and psychological behavior of people, which are the right tools for doing politics.  Acquiring sketchy understanding of the macro politics, by lumping whole nations as a single entity or whole regions as potential enemies, is not the correct way for training politicians to thinking rationally and for the good of the people in the long term.

Our problems with our politicians stem from two factors.

First, most of the politicians inherit their jobs, one way or another; they realize soon that they are not up to the requirements and don’t want the hassle; and thus they delegate their responsibilities to people who were not elected in the first place. 

Second, politicians don’t work for the long term success because they don’t find the time to read, reflect, and grow their inner power.   Among the very few politicians who satisfy the two criteria of proven records of capable providers and verbal intelligence only those who realize the need to strengthen their inner power through reading and reflection and actually taking short “sabbaticals” away from the media have the potentials to become leaders of people.

In “Hiroshima my love” Marguerite Dora says: “Human political intelligence is a hundred folds lower than scientific intelligence”   On the face of it, many would be nodding their heads in consent.  We have got to analyze political intelligence from a different perspective to appreciate that the previous statement is not correct.  When we deal with human behaviors that are first, in the hundreds of varieties and ever changing with time and conditions and second, the inability of human cognitive powers to assimilate the different interactions of even four factors or variables at the same time and third, juggling these interactions in real time and under pressure then we can grasp the far complex intelligence requirements of doing and thinking politics. 

Democracy is the most difficult and intricate political system: voters have to know the detailed personal characteristics of the candidates that qualify them to be professional politicians.  Instead, voters are sidetracked by political programs that can be altered though individual characters and attitudes cannot.  Without prior selection of politicians, based on cognitive and emotional testing for mental capabilities, voting in a candidate is tantamount to more of the same repeated errors and mistakes for the public good.  Political intelligence would then be vastly appreciated to its own merit when candidates satisfy cognitive and emotional criteria before submitting their applications to public political posts.

The vote of the people would make much more sense when people are initiated and exposed to the complexities of serving the people and offering a higher value for the term “doing politics”.   Half-cooked politicians are necessarily evil: they end up discarding the rights and aspirations of the little peole and increasing the chasm for opportunities in society.

  Voters are to investigate the track records of the professionalism of politicians in doing politics.

The necessary condition, though not sufficient, for a politician is to have proven that he loves to communicate with people and to field requests around the day, as is the main job of public server:  He learns to be pragmatic because he is listening to the demands of the people. 

Militias covering all States in the USA; (Mar. 28, 2010)

            Almost every States in the USA has a variety of “Patriotic” organizations and most have instituted militias.  The “Intelligence Report” accounted for 932 groups that are growing fast; an increase of 60% since the year 2000. You have currently four major groups and not counting many in embryonic stages and old groups rebirthing such as the “Aryan Nations” of Idaho.  There are informal alliances with these groups such as “Friends for Liberty”, “Freedom Works”, Defenders of Liberty”, and the “Ohio Freedom Alliance”.  Most local leaders are practically new comers to political actions: most are educated and have been hardly hit by the financial crisis.  Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are prized for their training skills of the militias.

            Alex Jones Show is diffused on 60 radio channels and attended by over 2 million listeners. For example, Alex Jones predicted in July 2000 that the Federal government is orchestrating a big terrorist act on US soil and claiming Ussama Ben Ladden to be the perpetrator; then 9/11 came to confirm his claim.

            The “Birchers” adhere to the John Birch Society founded in 1958 to counter the spread of communism; they claim to defend radical individual “liberty”.

            The “Birthers”, xenophobic groups that harass immigrants have grown to 310 groups from 173 in 2008. They proclaim that since Barack Obama was not born on US soil then he is not entitled to run for the Presidency.

            The “Oath Keepers” are militias formed in 2009 and include police and military officers and soldiers as well as veterans officers.  They claim to engage resisting government intrusive powers that are not covered by the Constitution (they evidently didn’t recognize the vast intrusions during the George W Bush two terms in office).  Their coat-of-arms states: “Guardians of the republic. Not under our watch.”  Supposedly, their swear allegiance not to obey ten orders of the Federal government such as: No search without warrant, never to detain a US citizen as an enemy combatants, no to martial laws, no to blockading any US city, no to detaining US citizens in concentration camps, and no to cooperating with foreign troops on US soil even if invited by the US government.

            The “Tea Party” groups such as “Tea Party Patriots” and “Tea Party Nation” were born in February 2009. Their slogan is “Tax Enough Already, TEA”

            The Political Research Associates published in 2009 a report on US resurgence of the theory of conspiracy from the 9/11 disaster to the latest financial crash.  This institute is supposed to be studying since 1981 the paramilitary and white supremacist groups.  The report is titled “A poison for democracy. Conspiracy theorists are in search of scapegoats.”  The conspiracy believers claim that the Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama is being readied to detain millions of “law abiding citizens” by the federal government.  For proof, they point out the traffic panels around the base re-directing the trucks of the “Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA”.  They claim that the razor sharp tips of barb wires point to the inside to prevent escape and that train facilities are constructed to facilitate arrival of detainees. They claim that 800 other detention centers cover the US landscape to accommodate imminent martial law edict.

            These claims are not new.  In 1982, the group “Posse Comitatus’” was warning that “authentic patriots” would be detained and managed by FEMA.  Among the concentration camps is the vast mental institute in Alaska and also the Fort Chaffee in Arkansas, currently a training military center.  They claim that Fort Chaffee is being fitted out with airport strips and could hold 40,000 detainees.

            On April 19, the association against gun control is organizing the “Second Amendment March” on Washington DC.  The date coincides with the anniversary of the Lexington first shots against the British in 1775, with the end of siege of Waco in 1993, and with the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.  The organizers are encouraging the marchers to carry their guns in States where it is not prohibited.  One of their slogans is “Would anti self-defense folks volunteer to protect me 24/7? No?  Then hands off my safety.”

            Kamikaze activities are on the rise. On February 18, Joseph Stack crashed his plane on the Austin IRS building. He wrote: “When the rich don’t give a fuck it is the poor who is to die in order to pay for the rich errors.”  On March 4, another Kamikaze attack on one of the security posts of the Pentagon.  Yes, the US people are angry and frustrated after the financial crash and these kamikaze attacks are precursors of vaster terrorist activities.  The conspirator theory is growing in credibility within the framework of “The New World Order” meant to controlling mankind. The believers of the conspiracy point out the culprits such as the “Federal Reserve”, the “Group Bilderberg”, the “Trilateral Commission”, the “Foreign relation Council” and many other federally sponsored institutions.

            People are venting their frustration big time instead of targeting the main enemies of the people: financial and military hardware multinationals. They should admit that their credit binge in the last three decades was paid for by the developing States; the poorer people paid high interest rates to loans extended by the IMF and financial multinationals for speculation activities.  The IMF pressured the developing countries to maintain their currency rate of exchange in order for the multinationals to make profit on speculative investment.

Many right wing politicians are riding these extremist waves: they will soon discover that they are the first targeted for assassination by their own militias as the Federal government starts its methodical crackdown.


Do you feel sexy after a satisfying bowel movement? (Jan. 31, 2010)

A friend asked me one of his frequently mindless questions: “How do you feel?”  I said “I am feeling shit sexy.”

My friend was appalled by my incomprehensible reply and said: “I was under the impression that you are totally broke to indulge in luxury costly lust.”

I like to invent new expressions and terminologies in English: I was not born and raised in an authentic English-speaking country.  I was saved from memorizing and regurgitating boring idioms: I am not up-to-date on the latest slang.  I have got to do with the classics; more so that I was never in linguistics, anthropology, or ethnology fields of study.

Usually, I say what I mean.

After my glamorous bowel movement I felt this sexy pain, a sensation that I had emptied a huge load and diffused pressures off my mind.

I had lunch and then had a long walk, and then I read and wrote.  After 3 hours of the bowel movement, I still felt this lovely pain in my bowel; I had siesta and still felt this sexy pain. Maybe it is a matter of aging, but when I recall tasks that I achieved during a day, a satisfying bowel movement takes the lead as the most memorable task.

How many of you, young and kicking, ever kept track of your memorable bowel movements? 

I guess you cannot recall:  They were part of your daily routine, like pissing.  Is it possible that as we age we revert to childish habits?  Like feeling this urge of passing around the potty to show everyone our achievement of the day?

I am pretty sure that if Barack Obama had a satisfying bowel movement before finding out that he was elected President, he could be honest if he claimed that the news were the best achievement of the day: People are forgetful.

But if Obama received the news of being the next President, and feeling scared shit of the haunting job ahead of him, followed by a normal extended bowel movement, and deep down his guts, he would know what was the greatest achievement of the day.

It was during one of these sensational feelings that Barack Obama was elected President.

You might heave a sigh of dejection but it is not just a coincidence: The odds are pretty high for strong correlation between anxiety and bowel movement activities. Yes, if you do the probability math you might realize that the odds are actually pretty high for coincidence of shitting sensations and catastrophic events close to home.

For example, I don’t like certified crazy Bush Junior, that President who never set foot on “foreign soils” before he was elected also “President”, though he enjoyed the same moments of sensation after it dawned on him that the Twin Towers attack is serious business.

I can confirm that Bush Jr. lucubration “Either you are with us or against us” was produced as he was engaging in a profuse bowel movement aggression.  As I can confirm that the odds were a certainty that Martin Luther King and Malcolm X would be assassinated.

What is this?

When I am ecstatic I cannot think; when I am morose I cannot think. I have to induce that I think when I am in a lukewarm temperament. Thus, “Not Thinking” and extreme mood zones are highly correlated.

In moderate mood swings, you might be thinking; when you are thinking you might also not be thinking much; either what you are thinking do not make sense or your thinking can be revolutionary verging to lunacy. This is a firm deductive result.

Just to tell you that physical exigency is a fundamental factor to your mental output. I sometimes wonder at critics psychoanalysis authors by their books.  If critics are honest then they should comprehend a book was mostly “excreted” during lukewarm mood periods; thus, psychoanalysis is not valid in these cases: the author should be observed in “a not thinking” instances.

Critics believe that authors basically lie down on comfortable coach, talk to themselves and record their babbling; critics get in the skin of a relaxed author who is figuring out how audiences have sworn the oath of confidentiality, as the expert mental shrinks.

I don’t usually go off on tangents but it feels good.

Note: You may read

“Psychological barriers?” What’s that! (Feb. 16, 2010)

Here you have two old Jewish Zionists chatting in a sort of interview.

Amos Oz is 70 years old and born in Palestine during the British mandate, and the other one is Jean Daniel who was born in Algeria during French colonialism.

One was raised to speak only Hebrew because his parents were worried that, if he learned another language, he will necessarily immigrate to Europe and die during the many wars among European nations. His father could read in 11 languages and his mother spoke 5 languages.

The French Jean Daniel, owner of the weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, claims that his father loved his village in Algeria by the mountain; his father loved this village so much that he believed that anti-Semitic feelings will pass over quickly and Arabs in Algeria will quickly squelch this European colonial sentiment.

The Israeli author and activist Amos OZ had organized the “Peace Now” movement 2 decades ago and the movement is currently not  doing well in Israel.  Amos published “Help us to divorce”; “how to heal a fanatic”; “A story of love and darkness”; and his latest “Scenes of village life”.

Amos said in an interview with the “Nouvel Observateur” that the establishment of two states Palestine and Israel is inevitable because the psychological barrier between the two people is being eroded.

In the last two decades, the Israelis, especially the Jews in Diaspora,  insisted on calling a Palestinian an Arab on the basis that there are no Palestinians in their midst; it was what late Golda Meier PM loved to dream and had blurting: “There is no Palestinian”.

The same process was true to the Palestinians, especially the Palestinian refugees, who preferred to view Israel as a Zionist State, a cancerous State, an artificial State, and an apartheid racist State (which are entirely valid, since the Palestinians owned the land and were forcefully displaced to made room for new comers from everywhere in the world).

Now, both parties have agreed to recognize the existence of one another (a sort of extending legitimacy to the existence of one another).

The tearing down of the psychological barrier is assumed making room for rational and pragmatic policies and programs: the two parties have got to live side by side since no one is about to vanish anytime soon.

Amos Oz was in favor of the two latest preemptive Israeli wars in Lebanon (2006) and Gaza (2008) on the ground that the wars should not last more than two days! Sorry, Amos was disappointed that the pre-emptive wars dragged on for more than a month; as if this 70 years old activist knew no better of the Israel’s history of making damaging wars.

Amos Oz resumed his talk: “Israel cannot be but a deception since it is a State built on a dream.”

There are so many ideological tendencies within the Jewish Diaspora and they all converge into Israel to apply their particular ideological dreams.  The result is a vast deception of what the State of Israel came to represent.

The other Jewish Zionist, French Jean Daniel, is the founder of “Nouvel Observateur” and the author of “Is God fanatic?” and “The Jewish prison”.

Daniel is terribly worried that the Jewish Zionist lobby in France is rallying to the Likud extreme right party (late terrorist and Menuhin Begin PM) while the Zionist lobby in the USA is splintering to support Barack Obama’s resolution of a two State.

Daniel is worried at the emergence of religious fanaticism on both sides. To Daniel, this situation is a very serious deterioration and handicap to fruitful peace negotiation.

I contend that religious fanaticism is a consequence of the growing proportion of citizens on both sides who prefer rational and pragmatic negotiations in order to live in peace.

The fanatics are running out of excuses Not to establishing two separate States and have no recourse but to appealing to mythical divine claims in order to usurp Palestinian rights.

I understand the Palestinian religious fanaticism: after over 60 years of the creation of Israel, the Palestinian is still a legal non-entity. The Palestinian religious extremists must infuse divine rights to Justice and Humanity, since the successive US government, Congress, and Senate refused legitimate natural and human rights to Palestinians as a nation.

The two kinds of religious fanaticism (Jewish and Islam) differ in the long-term. Palestinian fanaticism will fade away as the Palestinian State is on the right track and seriously guaranteed by the UN, the USA, and the European Union.

The Zionist fanaticism is not to fade away; simply because it would never relinquish its preferential treatments and many advantages extended by the Israeli government budget, financial private supports, and religious monopoly over daily life of the Israeli citizens.

Obama-metrics: What to expect?

In the previous two posts I enumerated the promises of Barack Obama campaign promises and how to rebound. Bill Adair (Pulitzer Prize) published the Obama program that included 510 promises. Promises being executed are 240 promises, 86 promises were kept, 26 were compromised, and 62 were blocked by the oppositions.

            Russell Banks reported the restrictions of the US political systems on the initiatives of President Barack Obama campaign program.  The US system is Not democratic for two reasons: First, in a democratic system the leader of the winning party is the leader of the nation and it is the way around in the US except when the President is running for a second term: Once a President is elected then his party appoint him leader of the party. Thus, the President is controlled by the heavy weight politicians and administrators of his party.  Actually, the President is not elected by the majority of popular votes but by the delegates of the States.  There are many instances when the majority of the popular vote was defeated (Bush Junior is the most recent example)

            Second, even if the winning party has majority in the Senate, any text of law needs 60 out of 100 Senators to agree on reading a text.  A Senator from Nebraska has as much power as the one representing New York State. Thus, the President is constantly managing the heavy weight politicians and Senators of his party to passing any law before even negotiating with the opposing party.  Anything in the US to get moving needs frequent popular active pressures on the Senators of the States of both parties to reaching a law favorable to the neediest: a Senator has to realize that financial backing by lobbyists cannot counter balance the angry voters.

            The US is a Republic trying for a century to becoming a plutocracy (run by the heavy weight politicians and lobbyists); the US political system might get there if Obama fails to capitalize on his landslide victory. We can understand why for a century the successive Administrations did their best to alienate people from getting involved in politics by making the political process more complex and by extending activities that shun people away from politics such as sports and entertainments.

            In a bipartite system it is the center that is the determining factors; mainly the economic and internal policies. Obama shifted the center a bit to the left by moving from total privatization concept that began 40 years ago to involving the Federal government.  Obama re-appointed the culprits of the financial disaster such as Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers, Peter Orszag, and Ben Bernanke; all of whom coming from Wall Street related institutions. For example, the Administration refrained from selecting among the syndicate leaders, militant associations, intellectuals and university professors. It seems that Obama started with a high dose of confidence in the authority of the richest class in matter of financial and economic management.

                        Obama managed to bring public opinion around the classes that need more attention and care or what is more likely, it is the American people that opened Obama eyes to new realities and he grabbed the opportunity. If the public was not convinced that banks, lobbyists, and multinational financial institutions are pure robbers of their public wealth then Obama could not have won with such a landslide.

            So far, Obama was successful in forging ahead and putting in execution many promised reforms of his program announced during his campaign trail by shear momentum: The public that supported him failed to get on the move; thus, Obama had to relent and bend before the opposition public activities before launching new “controversial” initiatives. The new public health program added 30 million more citizens but it is to kick in by 2013.  More citizens are demanding and expecting to witness a Presidential will for stringer regulations and control on the banks and multinational financial institutions.

            Unfortunately, in foreign policies Obama is playing the traditional and exhausting Washington provincial game that requires internal consensus: Obama is resuming the traditional strategy save in his rhetorical ability in the selection of words, tones, and style.

            Obama did not prove to the public that he exercised good imaginative alternatives to redressing the financial and economic crisis.  Obama has to remind the public that he is the victor so that the public may extend him voluntary rights to guide the nation against the many political restrictions that are erected against public opinion pressures.  For the time being, if you inhale deeply then you realize that US policies didn’t make a qualitative dent for long-term reforms.

Obama-metrics: How to rebound; (Jan. 29, 2010)

            In the previous post I enumerated the promises of Barack Obama campaign promises. Bill Adair (Pulitzer Prize) published the Obama program that included 510 promises. Promises being executed are 240 promises, 86 promises were kept, 26 were compromised, and 62 were blocked by the oppositions.

            How to amplify reforms:  The modified universal health plan added 30 million more citizens to health coverage that should kick in 2013.  Between now and then, the Administration has to pay close attention to the lobbying schemes for altering the plan, lightening bureaucratic inertia, and keeping the public convinced that the current program is but a stepping stone for the ultimate coverage of the remaining 20 million most needy citizens.

            How to consolidate successes:   There is a serious risk that the economy might falter again as what happened in 1930.  The list of fragile sectors is long: Real Estates (private and commercial), too fast climbing in stock exchange trading, international trade crisis, and slow consumer confidence.  Regaining optimism is more valuable than any grandiose public plans for re-launching economic development.  Obama has to make sure that money will be available for job creation but no more extra expenses: the public deficit needs to get under control.

            How to rectify faltering reforms:  Regulating financial institutions should be the next priority.  It is the public anger against the highway robbers in the financial circles that should be re-directed into more focused pressures on particular targets: Banks and financial multinationals are regaining overwhelming power.  Otherwise, people will have to wait for the next financial crash to offer another opportunity for Obama to enact stricter regulations.

            How to rebound in Foreign policies:  Obama has to break with Washington provincial attitudes toward foreign policies.  For a century, the US Administrations thought that it was imperative to secure internal consensus on foreign problem resolutions before taking serious decisions.  It should be evident that securing internal consensus is an exhausting process and time consuming for urgent decisions; courageous long-term interest should be factored in the equation.  Consequently, Obama has to retake the Israel/Palestine file as a Presidential personal will and thus take all the necessary initiatives to bringing an atmosphere of serious negotiation. For that, diplomatic initiatives toward Iran must be activated on first gear.

It is a virus: You scratch one spot and it spreads; (Jan. 29, 2010)

It is a virus; a sort of mushroom that spreads over your skin and inflicts crazy itching.

You start scratching one spot and you end up lapidating your entire body.  It has affected me for over a month.

I finally saw a physician, not a skin specialist, in the town dispensary and she told me that she witnesses many such cases lately.

The virus is in the air and that is how you are contaminated; many victims experienced lousy moments for many weeks.

The physician prescribed a single pill (costing $8) with effects that last for a week. Got to take another pill for a second week; that should take care of the mushroom.

The physician said that without the pill the itching takes 6 weeks to subside.

In my case and with the pill I should be okay within days: I was healed the next day.

I decided for the second pill to make sure that the mushroom is dead once and for all.  I am not sure: three weeks later and I am itching; not necessarily of mushroom; but what do I know?

Itching is not the main topic of this article: it just gave me a perfect analogy.  The virus is Israel.

If you say Israel is an apartheid State because it subjugates the Palestinian people to a different law of the land than the one applied on the Jew,s then Israel is upset.

If you say Israel is a theocratic State because it extends citizenship to any Jew who sets foot in Israel then Israel is angry.

Why, all of the over 600 religious laws that govern daily life, as applied by the Pharisee during Jesus time, are still valid and harshly controlled.

The secular Jews agree that Israel is back to the Dark Age, but how to convince the US neo-conservative “Christians” that this is so?

If you say that Israel is comfortable with ghetto-like environment because it cordonned off all its frontiers by walls (frontiers that are not yet delimited in its Constitution) then Israel is appalled

If you say Israel is a Sparta State because it believes in military resolution for any contention with any neighboring State then Israel is incensed. Why?

Israel is worse than Sparta: after 3 years of forced military service the citizen has to submit to a month per year in “the reserves” service.

If you say Israel has been committing crimes against humanity since before its inception in 1948, and Gaza is the latest in evidence, then Israel rejects Goldstone’s report in all its sections.

If you say Israel has a peculiar kind of “democracy” that was called “apartheid democracy” in South Africa where laws are selectively and not equitably applied on all citizens; or if you say that the kind of democracy applied in Israel is barely a developed version of City-States democracies of Antiquity such as applied in Athens, Tyr, or Sidon then Israel feels obfuscated.

I you say Israel refuses to grow up and abide by its responsibility as a member of the United Nations and respect UN decisions then Israel is furious: Israel constantly expects the US to cover up illegal activities with the veto power.

If you say the Arab States want peace for returning all the conquered lands in 1967 as proclaimed in 2002 Arab Summit in Beirut then Israel feels resentful and laughs it off.

If you say that Israel is a racist State because the UN declared “Zionism a form of racism” then Israel is up in arms to drop this statement.  Can you believe it?

Israel is investing money to demonstrate that Indians living in the region of Malihabad, (near Lucknow in the Uttar Pradesh), and known as Pathans Afridis are Jews from the tribe of Ephraim that lived in northern Galilee during Jesus time.

The Indian Shahnaz Ali was hired by Israel Institute of Technology to test the DNA of this “tribe” and hopefully extrapolate the results to include the Pashtoun tribes on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Is that a form of racism? Since when any religion was based on race?

I did a rough estimate: I figured out that the Phoenicians are over one billion, give or take one standard deviation, and are spread over the five continents!

If you say that Israel is “the vastest psychiatric ward in the world with no treating personnel” then Israel is ready to lambaste the Israeli author as a schizophrenic, leftist, and probably “anti-Semitic” mole.

If you say that Israel is indeed a very, very peace loving State then Israel is infuriated because you are mocking it.  It is a virus.

No matter what you say is non receivable.

Best attitude is to censure your opinions and refrain from mentioning Israel, Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, or the Diaspora.

One term is admissible: Jews were gazed by Nazism and the number better be exact: 6 millions no less and not one over that scientifically reached number.

Repeat: Jews were gazed and not shot, poisoned, killed, trampled, or exterminated in any other form of “final solutions”.

Repeat: Exactly 6 millions or the holocaust literature would have to be republished; any number over 6 millions and Germany would be infuriated and Merkel would have to cancel the seventh nuclear submarines, built for free for the State of Israel, at Germans’ tax payer expenses; and for what use are these nuclear submarines put in service?  Maybe to support NATO policies?

It is a virus: mushroom or no mushroom you feel itching like crazy and Barack Obama and George Mitchell first of all.




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