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Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 81

Have you read or seen Lolita of Nabokov?
I read sections of this book, standing in one of Barnes and Noble bookstore in Montgomery County (Maryland), because there were no facilities to sit. The book sounded more erotic than the chaste movie, and I was glad it was directed that way.
I saw the movie twice. I saw it again last night and was happily surprised to notice that it was Lolita who was running the show from beginning to end.
The times she got angry was calculated: She was seeing Clare (Peter Sellers) from the start before meeting James Mason (who played a difficult and convincing part of a middle-aged man, totally in love with Lolita but managing to retain his responsibly as a father-in-law.)
Lolita (with all her instinctive smartness as an enticing girl) was duped by Clare who intended to use her in porno movies and she refused and was kicked out to survive on her own.
They overcrowded the highly talented and funny Sellers in his role, even when he knew that he was about to die.
How could Mason be duped by Sellers in so many occasions if he didn’t care that much about Lolita?

Have you seen Basic Instinct?
I saw it at least twice. Last night was wonderful because I saw it again before they showed Lolita. I loved this film that was packed with plenty of erotic scenes and a smart content.
Who do you think was the killer? Until the last second, showing the ice pick under the bed of Sharon Stone, you would side with everybody that it was the psych professional woman who was the killer (another great body).
Apparently, after finishing a book about a targeted killer, Sharon made sure to kill the real life character of her story.
Douglas is to be ultimately murdered by Stone since she had finished the new book about him: she was totally clear about it when she told him so: he refused to believe her because he started to believe in her innocence.
The weak point is why the psych woman didn’t raise both her hands when Douglas ordered her to take her hands out of her pocket? She knew he would shoot at her since he did it a few times before in the same situation. But the movie must have an end.

What is needed is to develop a belief system based on that all born people have the rights to enjoy equal opportunities to learning, getting training, health and due processes with a fair justice system.
This new belief system or petition principle is feasible because in transparent democratic processes people rely on the majority opinion to extend any rational excuses for their attitudes.
Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding.
The effects of community sanctions to deviation attitudes from the belief system can then formalize the equal opportunities rights to everyone

Traditions of classes, professions, family and social structure, and religious beliefs… have been initially drawn from observations of human nature and establishing general notions, before the politicians (men of actions) in each sphere of influence in life, organized them to self-serve the interests of the elites.

If we seek reforms by bringing up human nature then we are following the wrong direction.

Les femmes, survivantes de l’inceste, durant toute notre histoire et jusqu’ a nous jours, geraient le monde, et le regnent encore.

La mobilite dynamique dans certain pays n’a fait qu’augmenter le taux des survivantes de l’inceste. Ils ont maintenant des facilities modernes pour fuir leur isolement.

Cette fois-ci, les survivantes de l’inceste ont tendance a se vanger de n’impote quelle maniere avec les opportunites et les lois en applications. Elles joignent Daesh en mass quant elles le peuvent

L’amour sexuel doit etre court and fugitif (ne depassant pas 24 heures?): regenerer a chaque nouveau festin d’amour.
Ne dissocie jamais l’ amour charnel de la spiritualite
je renacle devant une tendress mal meritee: c’ est une compassion qui m’etouffe, mais que j’ apprecie apres
It has nothing to do with giving people more time (you can’t) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire.
Dans les societtes de mobilite dynamique, c’ est normal de reflechir aux raisons d’ avoir des enfants
Ce qui nous ne tue pas, nous rend bizarre
Les auteur feminines: les femmes parlent-elles vraiment autant des hommes? Peut-etre est-ce vraie a Londre ou en Europe? Partout. Meme aux USA avec plus de 300,000 nouveaux titres par an.
Il serait difficile de trouver des policiers masculins n’ impliquant pas un probleme d’ alcool. 




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