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A Teacher, a wife, a mother: Beaten to death in broad daylight in a crowded place…

Family Violence is reaching the media, after centuries of being buried under carpets. These kinds of violence are not exclusive to under-developed societies, but are even more common in countries where opportunities to experience and witness violence are widespread.

Family violence is basically a community responsibility to monitor, re0educate, control, and expose.

BEIRUT: A woman died in a Beirut hospital early Wednesday due to injuries she suffered when her husband allegedly beat her repeatedly with a pressure cooker, a security source told The Daily Star.

Dahlia Nehme published in The Daily Star this Feb. 6, 2014

The husband, Mohammad al-Nhaily reportedly used the kitchen appliance to strike Manal al-Assi, his second wife, a mother of two, and a teacher, after a quarrel turned violent.

The incident took place in front of their two daughters, Tala and Sara, in their home in the Beirut neighborhood of Tariq al-Jadideh, the source said.

According to Assi’s brother, the neighbors heard the couple’s screams and called the local police station, only to be told by security personnel there that they couldn’t interfere in a family matter.

After beating Assi, Nhaily wrapped her in a carpet and tried to hide his crime, the brother told The Daily Star.

But neighbors and members of Assi’s family who live nearby broke into the house and rushed her to nearby Makassed Hospital.

Nhaily, a carpenter, managed to flee while the neighbors and family members were preoccupied with Assi, the brother said.

However, attempts to save Assi’s life failed, and she died 12 hours after being admitted to the hospital as a result of a deadly hemorrhage, the security source said.

Assi’s family held a funeral in Ali ben Abi Taleb mosque Wednesday and laid her to rest in Martyrs Cemetery, with shots fired into the air in tribute.

Assi and Nhaily’s daughters are staying at their grandparents’ house for the time being.

Assi’s family has filed a complaint against their son-in-law based on the medical report and the coroner’s examination of her body.

Neighbors told The Daily Star that the couple usually led a quiet life, with such violent quarrels rare. They said things had changed lately after Nhaily took a second wife.

This latest fatality related to domestic violence comes as the family of another victim, Roula Yaacoub, continues to demand justice for their daughter, who they say was also beaten to death by her husband.

Yaacoub was found comatose at her home in Halba, Akkar, last July, and died upon arrival at the hospital.

Yaacoub’s relatives and neighbors maintain that her husband beat her and their 5 daughters regularly.

However, the judiciary released a 13-page report last month that cleared Yaacoub’s husband, Karam al-Bazzi, of any role in her death.

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Daily Star on February 06, 2014, on page 4.

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