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Old Cosmopolitan Beirut: Before Saudi and Gulf Emirates Real Estates Developers landed

How the Hariri clan (Starting with late Rafic Hariri PM) destroyed Beirut heritage

A string of illegal robbery of Prime Real Estates properties

Those rich emirs wanted a comfortable stay in Beirut that feel very capitalist and a view on the sea.

So their representative in Lebanon, late Rafic Hariri PM, bribed and forced illegal laws to capture Downtown Beirut for pennies and instituted the Solidaire company.

Not only Hariri and his partners in the triumvirate (Nabih Berry and Walid Jumblat) occupied the Downtown but they dumped the sea and created many acres of new prime land.

The proprietors of prime land were given shares. The land is worth over $10 billion, but the shares never increased a dime over the last 30 years. The term of the company was to end 10 years ago, but it was extended another 10 years by the same triumvirate.

Currently, Beirut Downtown is as dead as the desert in Saudi Arabia.

The citizens were chased out from the premises by making the shops and the items too expensive for paying a visit to this cosmopolitan Capital.

Before 1975, Beirut was the hub for all the Lebanese who could find the best quality merchandize at affordable prices in its old souks.

The souks have been razed and demolished to erect skyscrapers that are empty.

Even the Emirs failed to visit Lebanon. Worse, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Emirates are warning their people Not to spend their vacation in Beirut.

Joseph Dergham's photo.
'Beirut Martyrs Square in 1965'
'Beirut Martyrs Square in 2015'

Maroun Ingeatostop destroying your heritage!

Beirut Martyrs Square in 1965 :

Green spaces, Trams, Bus & Taxi Stops, Traditional houses, Tonzim modoni…

All this was illegally destroyed by a well known private company

And replaced by illegal parkings, buildings and water front.

The Zeitouny Bay, Dalieh, Raouche, Ras Beirut, Downtown, the ancient famous souks…

Restore Beirut to whom it belongs!

Youssef Mohammad Al Moussawi's photo.




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