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bashir hajjar

Dr. Bashir Ibrahim al-Hajjar was an Assistant Professor of Nursing at the Islamic University of Gaza.

He was killed thisJuly 29, 2014 when Israel targeted a UNRWA vehicle in northern Gaza. His brother Samir was also killed in the attack.

Dr. al-Hajjar held 3 PhD degrees.

Some of his research included “Internet addiction and psychological morbidity among nursing students in Gaza-Palestine,” “Occupational stress among hospital nurses in Gaza-Palestine,” and “Gaza Nurses After War: Are They Traumatized?”

Sources: Research Gate, Dr. Belal Adel in Gaza

Naomi Wolf Needs confirmation

Needs confirmation. Ladies and gentlemen with great sorrow I am confirming that we are looking at a complex and systematic genocide.

“Sayumi Takahashi Harb: “Not only that, they are killing doctors and medical researchers. @Belalmd12, a Palestinian doctor on Twitter, has just reported that the IDF killed Dr. Bashir al-Hajjar, who held 3 PhDs in the health sciences (nursing and mental health counseling).

I found Dr. Al-Hajjar’s CV online. Here it is:

Naomi Wolf posted

Horrible insight. I noted that cholera and typhoid that kills babies and kids follows bad sanitation.

Another noted that hospitals and power plants are being targeted.

We both realized that…disease is going to be rampant…Israel is not going to actually gas or incinerate the people now trapped in this appallingly dangerous refugee crisis but medicine and food can’t get to them…

Their water is about to run low and the wounded in their hospitals won’t have light for operations…

Waves of diseases are going to sweep through overcrowded refugee camps…they are going to die anyway en masse from disease and Israel won’t have had to pull the trigger.

I would so like to be wrong but as Brett Murphy said, otherwise why target the outlets that keep people healthy and keep water clean?

Brett S. Murphy:

So clearly, the claims of Israel committing genocide against Palestinians are somewhat true.

They don’t dramatically round up people in gas chambers they are just slowly strangling as many as they can to death by denying them things they need to survive and not letting them escape.

The reports are all about immediate casualties but I don’t think they take into account the much greater number of people that have surely perished from dehydration, disease, and lack of medical care.

Why bomb their hospitals and power plants instead of simply sealing the tunnels or putting guards on them?

Because apartheid Israel is trying to destroy the Palestinian culture. Israel needs to be stopped.”




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