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Tidbits #97

The “wartime measures” that Chinese authorities have put in place in Wuhan to stop its spread have been stepped up.⁠ Even if the cases are diminishing. Apparently, you can get Coronavirus after you thought you recovered from the first time. That is a very dangerous fact that is more horrifying than the epidemic.

Pandemic: Global spreading of an epidemic

Sweatshop factories: Global exploitation of the poorest people

Capitalism: Global subjecting to indignity of the working people

Colonial imperialism: Global sanctioning of any attempt to self economic autonomy

Unicef’s adoption of bitcoin could lead to greater independence for the organization.

Covid-19 spreading to almost all countries: Supply chains (mainly in China) are being disrupted and public gatherings are being canceled, which can filter through to spending and investment.

Revisiting the Tocqueville Paradox? Inequality isn’t rising in Latin America, but protests against inequality certainly are on the up. It is an expanding middle class that makes people more frustrated by inequity. These people have the exposure to the wealthy to understand what went wrong.” —Dan Kopf, senior data reporter

Machines are to do the job of reducing human error in programming: an estimated $312 bn (in 2016) spent on debugging software every year.

Do you want to write a poem? Recall a personal experience and leisurely and frankly recount the event. By the by, let whatever imagination and passion that you possess to bypass the limit of the reality.

What else is keeping you alive? Letting loose your demons, which you created and nourished. Share your demons, these black fixers of your character and attitudes.

An analysis in Chicago found that Black and Hispanic officers made fewer stops and used force less often than white officers.

We were two images of Love: the happy and the stern. Another demonstration that the term Love is fickle notion for the prude

Nothing that’s beautiful hides its face? Nothing that’s honest hides its name? But it is the contrary in real life. All you can see are the hidden beauty and hidden names.

No person who is sure in his belief system ever put his belief to the test. Even then, how would this person knows how to test and experiment.

The hardest job is to find a compromise between our community belief system and the rational mind we had to construct to find a resolution to all the nonsense a sane mind discovers.

Notes and tidbits posted on FB and Twitter. Part 81

Have you read or seen Lolita of Nabokov?
I read sections of this book, standing in one of Barnes and Noble bookstore in Montgomery County (Maryland), because there were no facilities to sit. The book sounded more erotic than the chaste movie, and I was glad it was directed that way.
I saw the movie twice. I saw it again last night and was happily surprised to notice that it was Lolita who was running the show from beginning to end.
The times she got angry was calculated: She was seeing Clare (Peter Sellers) from the start before meeting James Mason (who played a difficult and convincing part of a middle-aged man, totally in love with Lolita but managing to retain his responsibly as a father-in-law.)
Lolita (with all her instinctive smartness as an enticing girl) was duped by Clare who intended to use her in porno movies and she refused and was kicked out to survive on her own.
They overcrowded the highly talented and funny Sellers in his role, even when he knew that he was about to die.
How could Mason be duped by Sellers in so many occasions if he didn’t care that much about Lolita?

Have you seen Basic Instinct?
I saw it at least twice. Last night was wonderful because I saw it again before they showed Lolita. I loved this film that was packed with plenty of erotic scenes and a smart content.
Who do you think was the killer? Until the last second, showing the ice pick under the bed of Sharon Stone, you would side with everybody that it was the psych professional woman who was the killer (another great body).
Apparently, after finishing a book about a targeted killer, Sharon made sure to kill the real life character of her story.
Douglas is to be ultimately murdered by Stone since she had finished the new book about him: she was totally clear about it when she told him so: he refused to believe her because he started to believe in her innocence.
The weak point is why the psych woman didn’t raise both her hands when Douglas ordered her to take her hands out of her pocket? She knew he would shoot at her since he did it a few times before in the same situation. But the movie must have an end.

What is needed is to develop a belief system based on that all born people have the rights to enjoy equal opportunities to learning, getting training, health and due processes with a fair justice system.
This new belief system or petition principle is feasible because in transparent democratic processes people rely on the majority opinion to extend any rational excuses for their attitudes.
Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding.
The effects of community sanctions to deviation attitudes from the belief system can then formalize the equal opportunities rights to everyone

Traditions of classes, professions, family and social structure, and religious beliefs… have been initially drawn from observations of human nature and establishing general notions, before the politicians (men of actions) in each sphere of influence in life, organized them to self-serve the interests of the elites.

If we seek reforms by bringing up human nature then we are following the wrong direction.

Les femmes, survivantes de l’inceste, durant toute notre histoire et jusqu’ a nous jours, geraient le monde, et le regnent encore.

La mobilite dynamique dans certain pays n’a fait qu’augmenter le taux des survivantes de l’inceste. Ils ont maintenant des facilities modernes pour fuir leur isolement.

Cette fois-ci, les survivantes de l’inceste ont tendance a se vanger de n’impote quelle maniere avec les opportunites et les lois en applications. Elles joignent Daesh en mass quant elles le peuvent

L’amour sexuel doit etre court and fugitif (ne depassant pas 24 heures?): regenerer a chaque nouveau festin d’amour.
Ne dissocie jamais l’ amour charnel de la spiritualite
je renacle devant une tendress mal meritee: c’ est une compassion qui m’etouffe, mais que j’ apprecie apres
It has nothing to do with giving people more time (you can’t) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire.
Dans les societtes de mobilite dynamique, c’ est normal de reflechir aux raisons d’ avoir des enfants
Ce qui nous ne tue pas, nous rend bizarre
Les auteur feminines: les femmes parlent-elles vraiment autant des hommes? Peut-etre est-ce vraie a Londre ou en Europe? Partout. Meme aux USA avec plus de 300,000 nouveaux titres par an.
Il serait difficile de trouver des policiers masculins n’ impliquant pas un probleme d’ alcool. 


Small men crowding States of tyranny

John Stuart Mill wrote in the 18th century:

“A Sate which dwarfs its men in order that they may be more docile instruments in its hands, even for beneficial purposes, will find that with small men no great thing can really be accomplished”

The Liberty principle means free expression, not only in speech and press, but mainly in life-style.

There is no reason to believe in a “one fit” lifestyle: Experiments in living should be the prerogative of adult citizens.

Ignorance may be bliss.

Not being challenged give us the false sense of bliss.

The main criteria for Liberty rights in political system is: Which political system permit an individual to flourish and develop his potentials.

The people should campaign and act against the “dumbed down” screaming headlines that repeat the same misleading arguments that a system own through its various institutions.

An orchestra conductor State system forces its citizens to sing from the same hymn sheet, instead of allowing the various communities and minorities to play as they wish.

Does a neutral State foregoes a common set of social values?

At least tolerance of other belief systems is prime among the common values.

If laws in other countries are horrendous to our set of values system, it is not permitted to shrug off our shoulder and say “It’s all relative”

Practicing tolerance involves our determination to spread the value of tolerance to other communities.

Even though claims are open to interpretations, claims that toleration of a belief system that we feel is wrong should be only interpreted as if “our own way is wrong”.

There is a difference between interpreting a claim and justifying it: Justifying anything is the phase of taking actions against tolerance.

Is there any difference between tolerant attitudes and the concept that morality is relative in society?

The fact is we are inclined to tolerate once we objectively admit that there is a set of moral values that are Not meant to be relative.

Bridging the gap between generation in tolerating life styles is not readily feasible.

Bridging gaps within a generation in life styles is feasible but requires time, patience and plenty of communication.

Learning to practice tolerance is the hardest of training: We are very deficient in communicating our opinions and values tangibly and pragmatically.

Cherry picking tendency and Feature-Positive Effect

And the deceitful checklist

The Absence of a feature is much harder to detect than its presence: We do place greater emphasis on what exist than on what is absent.

What exist means a lot more than what is missing.

For example, we fail to appreciate the absence of wars or when we arrived safely as we reach home.

For example, articles, particularly scientific articles that “confirm” a hypothesis are overwhelmingly readily published than those that “disprove” the hypothesis as false.

Actually, no Nobel prize was awarded to scientists who proved a hypothesis was false!

Although both confirmation and falsification of a hypothesis are scientifically valuable and valid in the same rank of importance.

Actually, disproving a hypothesis is the basis for any paradigm shift in every disciple.

Otherwise, our knowledge will be stuck in the Medieval Age.

It is well known that it is our belief system that is the real hindrance to progress and change.

How can you change paradigms if not by proving wrong what is already accepted as “true”?

All disciplines brag of their outcomes.

And the professionals are well-equipped to tell us what worth it did to mankind.

And yet, the professionals always fail to tell us what they didn’t achieve, or had gone wrong, just to show us how indispensable their methods are.

This is the Pure Cherry picking tendency.

For example, drug researchers and producers of antibiotics are celebrated while the huge success of anti-smoking activist campaigns is ignored.

Administrative departments in public and private institutions never communicate what they could not achieve for the institution.

Have you ever wondered “what happened to the left-over cherries?” These far more frequent failed projects and missed goals?

Have ever attempted to double-check targets instead of computing to the nearest cent cost/benefit accounts?

Mostly, the original goal fade while tending to what is tangible and easy to compute and collecting data.

Mostly, what we do is shoot an arrow and then draw a bull’s eye around our target.

Read: The Art of Thinking Clear

For example

Why don’t you share my belief system?

You must belong to one of these 3 categories of people:

1. I tend to assume that you are ignorant.

You surely lack the necessary information and facts.

Political activists, particularly the ideologues, think this way: Through enlightenment, I’ll win you over to my cause and positions.

2. I tend to assume that you are an idiot.

You have the necessary information, pieces of intelligence… but your mind is underdeveloped.

You lack the capability to draw the “obvious” conclusions.

Bureaucrats who want to protect stupid consumers from idiocy.

3. Most probably, you are a malicious person.

You comprehend the debate… but are deliberately confrontational.

You have evil intentions.

Religious leaders and believers treat the disbelievers are malicious servants of the devil.

If you have written your introspection “autobiography” before you became an important personality and a celebrity, you readily fabricate 2 dangers:

1. Introspection illusion that creates inaccurate prediction of future mental states by over trusting your “internal” observations

2. We tend to believe that our introspection is far more reliable than the external observers.

This phenomenon is a twin sister to the False-Consensus effect or the myth of like-Mindedness.

If we passionately love something, such as music of a period, literature of a period, a social cause, a political cause… we tend to think that the vast majority feel the same.

We categorize the falsely perceived minority of people as abnormal.

Doubters are less “sexy” than confident people in their capacity and belief system.

How can you become your own toughest critic?


Our entire life is a constant stream of acts of faith…

Our brain is trained, since we are born, to act according to sets of acts of faith.

Whatever we were told about, taught, any behavior we were “forced” to change, tacitly or consciously, are intrinsic part of our belief system.

We move around and do thousands of involuntary acts and decisions during the day without being aware of them: Our unconscious brain is taking over most of our acts and decisions, and is in total control of our daily habits.

You purchase a red car. The next day your mind plays tricks on you and you see your car is turning greenish. What color are you ready to believe you car is? You don’t believe your senses at this moment, but you rely on your act of faith. The car you purchased was red, you saw it, it is the color of your preference and Red is how you were told the color is.

For thousands of years, earth was flat and the sun fixed. This act of faith didn’t turn earth not roundish and the sun constantly moving…

This belief system didn’t change the daily life of the common people, except those who dared to challenge these concepts.

The “reformed belief system” just opened up new job opportunities and business undertaking, for better or worse.

We go to schools and we are inculcated thousands of “pieces of knowledge” without experimenting, investigating, or even reflecting on these knowledge. This big baggage of acts of faith, which we carry around, without even realizing that these knowledge as in fact sets of a belief system.

You have people calling themselves scientists and engineering who say they only believe in plain “facts” and experimental research…

Now and then, you have a bloke telling them that their “scientific” system of assumptions and taken for granted rational or logical acquisition are faulty. Paradigm shifts are common occurrences in every field of study, and yet, the scientific professionals in every field of practice take to their graves the old belief system. How do you expect the common people to change their belief systems?

And you have all these clerics from all religions and sects trying their hardest to superimpose “conscious knowledge” of mythical stories and abstract notions on your already supercharged acts of faith.

All these clerics making it a business to make you believe in redundant “set of faiths” by frequent training and practices (going to religious ceremony, contributing money, getting to gathering, baptizing, wedding, burying you..) building in routines of customs and rituals… As your family and educational systems have done previously.

And you have people changing their religious faith because a few prescribed daily habits in these sects are more comfortable and suit better their comfort zone, and then claim to believe in the entire structure of the belief system of their new religion… And go about persecuting the hapless members of other religions…

As if our brain does not function naturally going about acts of faith

A well-oiled system that drives you implicitly to constant stream of acts of faith

When young, we hanged on varied ideologies, principles, moral standards, opinions… As we grow up, we try to alter many of these positions with rational attitudes and “sounder logic”… But if we scratch a little deeper under this thin rational reversal of stands, anyone who knew us will discover the foundations of the initial belief system.  All we do is to fundamentally fool ourselves that we have changed…

Basically, we spend our life adapting to the default belief systems and default values, pre-programmed in our nervous system…

What can bring change to our mind are frequent different actions and engagement in order to train the brain to newer sets of belief systems with newer daily habits, physically and in thinking.

We need to make conscious effort to attend and observe how we obey the automatic reactions of our nervous system, and try to disobey the automatic orders, now and then. Exercise our attention restricted capabilities to increase our emotional intelligence...

And this is a harsh journey for actually changing the initial acts of faith that we have lived with for so many years and are part of our fiber.

As we grow up, we start claiming that we don’t trust people, and that we trust animals on the ground their behavior do not fluctuate wildly…

Fact is we tend to heap good faith on strangers, and particularly when we are strangers in their environment.

As we lack the energy to investigate and ask targeted questions on every stranger, we rely on the blink judgement power of our unconscious to do the quick and dirty job for us.

All those idiosyncratic opinions and judgment we amass growing up, the countless forgotten experience that we have forgotten, the zillion innuendos that our memories have stashed away, for the unconscious to retrieve and sift through at leisure…

Every gun that is made…Dwight D. Eisenhower
And you wonder, did Dwight wrote this, before or after leading the allied troops in Normandy?
Did Dwight apply his belief system after he was elected president of the USA?
The world could have been different if Dwight put to execution what he believed in, concerning weapons and wars

Do I care what happens after death?  Yes and no

Do I care what happens after death? No.

Would I care under certain conditions?  Yes.

For example, if I had total control over my death, like the timing and how to die, don’t you think that I would certainly care what would be my status after death?

For example, if you feel healthy and very happy, would you take out your life, even if you have total control over your life?  Most probably NO.

If you feel depressed and know the alternatives that after death offer in better opportunities then, wouldn’t you opt for death?

Isn’t the awareness and feeling of lack of valid opportunities that drive us to despair?

What I mean by opportunities includes the knowledge that we will satisfy our hunger for food, joy, and friendship.

If you had total control over your death, and are crippled and feeling totally useless then, would you care to know “what will happens to me after death?”  Yes, you would care very much.

If you know that you have a few alternatives after death: Getting reincarnated as another human being, an animal, a vegetable, or a non-physical entity, would you gamble and risk obtaining an alternative that is against your want?

Wouldn’t you wish to know exactly which gender, race, hemisphere, climatic conditions, political structure, kinds of animals, insects…?

I am asking you, especially people with particular cultures who prefer Hara Kiri (committing suicide) for baffled dignity such as the ancient Japanese tradition, or being a martyr for religious reasons, what pressure these people to take control of their lives?

There are factors of youth and ignorance in the equation.

But what of very educated and experienced people, still healthy and provided for, why would they commit suicide?

I cannot fathom how any healthy and sane individual would commit suicide if he had the liberty of venturing out to other countries, societies, traditions, opportunities…

There is no way to know for sure what there is after death, and whatever is your “belief system” it is certainly very rickety, cloudy, fishy, unsatisfying to an experienced individual to decide upon his  life.

I was not asked my opinion when I was born; I can understand that phase of my life:  I had not much brain to think.

I am not asked my opinion on the timing and wishes of how I should die.

I am furious:  I want fair representation.

And you have a large bunch of nut cases telling me that I should live my life in miseries, suffering, and pains and be thankful for this grace of letting go of my anger and go with the flow.

It is nice to have a positive and cheerful outlook for the after life:  What else can we do?

There is this life to live, enjoy, and be happy:  How could this happens if our outlook is not positive, not vigorous, and not happy?

Truths and facts will not solve how “we feel should be the after life”.

For example of facts, are we a handful of ash, dirt, dust…?  Eaten by worms, ants, crows, fishes, and disgusting crawling little creatures…?

Who can claim that the remains of his ancestors have not been displaced, trampled upon, pissed on…?

The human spirit has proven to go beyond facts and humiliating daily realization of his limitations and dependence on external forces:  the spirit keeps us actives and preserves our high hopes for a better future.

The “after life” must be great if we don’t act stupid; shouldn’t it be?




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