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Population explosion? Will demographic reach a steady-state level? Part 1

Amazing, Thomas Robert Malthus wrote in 1798 his “Essay on the principle of population”.  He stated: “I think that I can frankly posit two postulates:

First, food is necessary for the existence of mankind; and

Second, the reciprocal passion between the sexes is necessary and will remain as it is today. I say that the multiplication power of people increases geometrically, far greater than the arithmetic increase of food supply.  The unbalance of these two multiplication powers have to be equalized to maintain nature law.”

Many deduced that Malthus was proposing eugenics (killing) policies in order for the food production and supply to be sufficient among the surviving people.

For example, the French Proudhon replied in 1848: “Malthus is the one extra man crowding earth.  The real problem is in the principle of ownership system (particularly real estates) that propagates unjust power for one class over others

Karl Marx also was unhappy with Malthus proposal; he wrote:

“Malthus is the enemy of the working classes. Malthus is the insolent sycophant of the ruling classes; he is guilty of committing sins against science and defamatory remarks against the human race.  Malthus abstract population law may applies to plant and animal species.  With historic human intervention, the problem is no longer over population, but the equitable distribution of wealth.”

These interesting heated debates were fine until earth mankind population reached 3 billion in the 30’s and kept climbing to reach 7 billion in 2011.

A few demographic scientists claim that earth population will stabilize at the number of 9 billion by 2050 and slowly progress to 10 billion in 2150.

Seven billion people is already one too many and a heavy burden, not simply to feed, and feed properly, but on the quality of life mankind is learning to acquire as rights on many levels.

Should a single vegetative individual of the rich classes be expected to live an extra decade at the expense of millions in poorer countries? Due to famine, malnutrition, curable diseases, massive exploitations and mono-agricultural production for the multinationals…

Should only boys be selected to live as it is regularly performed in India and China? Early abortion of girls…

Currently, you have all these people predicting that technologies applied in food production can feed the currently over 7 billion people and will provide for the 9 billion expected in the next three decades.

True, earth is crowded with 7 billion, but in fact, only two billion are living adequately, while 5 billion are barely surviving, and proportionally eating far less than any other animal species.

The surviving 5 billion people are reduced to subsiding on a couple low quality energy ingredients for their daily intake.

True, food production can increase to feed the 7 billion, but why only cows and “clean energy” substitutes are preventing the 5 billion to eat adequately?

In effect, Malthus nature law is effectively being applied:  The barely surviving 5 billion people are pressured to believe in religious dogma of accepting their precarious “fate” as nature or divine selection among eligible classes to govern and rule.

Occasionally, people revolted and violently to these stupid dogma and changed political structure for fairer distribution of food or wealth. In general, the power-to-be managed to quell these “self-righteous” uprising that were against divine prescriptions!

Things are changing:  Belief systems are changing.

People are very aware of the indignities heaped upon them by elite programs and policies, and are confident of their potentials as equal in intelligence, and in human rights and opportunities.

Food shortages, high food prices, and lack of jobs opportunities are catalysts in these current revolts in the Arab World States, but the main cause is the greater awareness, in this quick transmission of information, that dignity as equal has been trampled, and that grievous injustices have been applied on the common people.

The common people comprehend that the UN “human development indicators” means:  It is not acceptable that many classes within a society witness high rate of maternal mortality in giving birth, high rate of infantile mortality, high rate of juvenile (less than 5 year-old) mortality, high rate of adolescent (less than 20 of age) mortality, high rate of inability to read and write…

It is unacceptable that India with double the yearly income of Bangladesh witness a lesser performance than Bangladesh in Human Development Indicators:  It is unacceptable that India maintain the social and political structure of the “untouchable” classes as ordered by the Hindu religious clerics.

Every new born among the 7 billion has the odd of 7 to 10 to be raised in a poor country with very low rates in human development indicators.




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