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Web@cademy? The best of all world and great opportunities…

Students bring their sleeping bags, though they rarely get a wink: They are too hooked in front of their computer and internet tocare about anything else.

You have lines of computers studding the “classroom” at the Web@cademy in Paris by the Porte d’Italy, and the students select their own mentor of their age to guide them and answer their free questions…

The student who enrolled in that academy were considered unsuitable to carry on regular school programs, and they didn’t care for the “technical” fields offered to them, like plumbing, electricity…

You have Suheil Hajem who ” repairs all kinds of computers in his neighborhood and can spend all nights repairing gladly…” These students have nicknames and the mentors are extended night animal names such as koala, owl…

Two years later, the Web@cademy graduates land jobs fetching over $35,000 and demand for their skills is very high,

What skills the Web@cademy have?

They create internet site around a popular video game, develop a video game online, hack, and detect flaws and security risks in free server sites

Francois Afif Benthanane created the Web@cademy enterprise, and he had to struggle for years with the Zup de Co (tutorial association)in order to secure equal opportunities for the marginal youth who were pretty bored with regular schooling systems.

Note: Reported by Fanny Weiermuller in the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur




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