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Horror transfer story: Ethiopian “Jewish” Falasha trips to Israel

In 1973, Israel leading hakham Afadia Yusuf decreed that the Ethiopian “Jews” called “Beta Israel” and known as Falasha were real Jews.

Two years later, the Israeli government decided to apply the Law of Return on the Ethiopian Jews.

In 1977, late Menuhin Begin PM summoned the Mossad chief (Ramsad) General Ishak (Haka) Hovi and ordered him:

Bring me the Ethiopian Jews

The Betrouz section in the Mossad was assigned the protection of Jews in “enemy lands” and their transfer to Israel.  Betrouz was later renamed Tzafrireem.

The vice chief David Kimhy (Dif) visited with Ethiopia strongman Mengestu Hilla Meriam. The deal was: For every helicopter Hercules landing with weapon, the plane will depart with a Falasha load. This procedure lasted 6 months and was terminated in February 1978: Late foreign minister Moshe Dayan, on purpose, had a “slip of tongue” and blurted out to a Swiss daily that Israel was providing military hardware to Ethiopia (allied to the Soviet Union at the time).

Shortly after this incident, several letters from the Ethiopian Jew Frida Aklom reached the Mossad. Frida was teaching in Sudan and had visited the refugees camp in Sudan. Sudan was suffering from famine and its own civil war.

Aklom was imploring Israel to rescue the Jews who flocked to the camps during Ethiopia  civil war against Eretria. Israel dispatched Dany Limor to meet with Frida. Aklom mission was to locate the Jews in the camp. Israel managed to whisk 30 Jews.

Aklom could not find any jews in Sudan to transfer to Israel, and he decided to go back to Ethiopia and harangue the Falasha to get ready to move to the “promised land”

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews started the horror land journey across deserts to Sudan refugee camp. Over 4,000 perished in this real crossing to the land of “Milk and Honey” (not the mythical crossing of Sinai) out of famine, thirst, diseases.

As these Jews reached the camp, they succumbed to other kinds of miseries and horror incidents: In addition to famine, refusal to eat non Halal food delivered by the international organizations, hundreds of girls were subjected to rape, molestation, and kidnapping into slavery.

The actress Mihirita Barouch described this horror trip: Dozen of corps were assembled every morning before resuming the relentless crossing to the unknown.

The Ethiopian kids sang a poem conducted by Shlomo Gronish:

“The moon stopped, our food bag was lost,

Thieves attacked us at night

Stabbed us with knives and swords…

The desert sand soaked mother’s blood

And the moon is a witness…

I promised my younger brothers “A little more, a little mile away…

Our dream will be fulfilled

Soon we’ll land in Israel”

All these horrors simply because Begin ordered: “Bring me the Ethiopian Jews”

In the summer of 1981, Limor returned to Sudan with a team of Mossad agents. The Ethiopian Jews in the camp were apprehensive of these foreign white men: They have already experienced cruelty and brutality…

A few commercial flights and faked passports transported a few Ethiopian jews. Quickly, Israel decided to revert to sea transport alternative.

The Mossad established a cover operation and registered a tourist company that was meant to serve sea diving sport and facilities to tourists coming to Sudan. The abandoned sea spot “Arouss” on the Red Sea was to become the business attraction for tourists.

Agent Yehuda Gill was appointed to administer the enterprise and he hired agent Jonathan Shifa for the daily operations.

Soon, 4 old trucks were collecting jews at specific locations who managed to flee from the camp, transported for hours to the sea and then loaded on Israel navy ships in waiting. These operations were dangerous, particularly coming close to the refugee camp.

By 1982, the operation was no longer sustainable and the Mossad decided to dispatch Renus Hercules 130 planes to whisk the jews out. The Mossad had located an ancient British airstrip south of Port Sudan. Another airstrip south west of Port Sudan was used for 7 more air transport transfer of jews.

During 1982 to 1984, about 1,500 Ethiopian Jews were transferred to Israel by different means.

By the end of 1984, the refugee camps in Sudan were fast becoming the hotbed of rampant diseases and endemic famine conditions.

The US came to the rescue and negotiated a deal with Sudan President Jaafar Noumeiri for the transfer of the Jews through Belgium. Coomercial Boing planes arrived in November 18, 1984 and loaded 250 Jewish refugees.

For 47 days, the planes transferred about 7,800 Jews using 36 landing missions.

The Los Angeles Times divulged the secret deal of operation Mosses and Vice president Bush Sr. stepped in and intervene with Noumeiri for the shipment of additional 7 Hercules planes that transferred 500 more jews.

Six years later, on May 1991, Israel and the US made a deal with Ethiopia Mengestu. Within 36 hours, 30 El Al planes transferred the remaining 14,400 Jews living in Ethiopia.

These horror stories did not stop once the Ethiopian landed in Israel.

A decade later, the Ethiopian had to suffer and endure the status of second class citizens, and not real jews, due to the color of their skin and their different customs and habits.

Ethiopian women are witnessing systematic operations of sterilization

The song of the kids terminates:

“In the moon, I see the face of mother looking at me

My mother doesn’t disappear.

If you were close by me, mother,

I would have convinced them that I’m Jewish…”

We are told there is no choice.

The repressive, racist and paternalistic policies continue unhindered – policies that are supposedly in the best interests of the immigrants, who don’t know what is best for them.

This policy of total control over their lives, which starts while they are still in Ethiopia, is unique to immigrants from that country and does not allow them to adjust to Israel.

Using the excuse that they need to be prepared for a modern country, they are brainwashed and made to remain dependent on the state absorption institutions.




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