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Denying the Demonic

by Edward Curtin / April 20th, 2021

As reported by David Talbot in The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government, when the staunch Catholic James Jesus Angleton was on his deathbed, he gave an interviews to visiting journalists, including Joseph Trento. 

James Jesus Angleton confessed:

He had not been serving God, after all, when he followed Allen Dulles.  He had been on a satanic quest….’Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were liars,’ he told Trento in an emotionless voice.  ‘The better you lied and the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted…. Outside this duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power.  I did things that, looking back on my life, I regret.  But I was part of it and loved being in it.’ 

James invoked the names of the high eminences who had run the CIA in his day – Dulles, Helms, Wisner. 

These men were ‘the grand masters,’ he said.  ‘If you were in a room with them, you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell.’  Angleton took another slow sip from his steaming cup.  ‘I guess I will see them there soon.’

by Edward Curtin / April 20th, 2021

In March of last year as the coronavirus panic was starting, I wrote a somewhat flippant article saying that the obsession with buying and hoarding toilet paper was the people’s vaccine. 

My point was simple: excrement and death have long been associated in cultural history and in the Western imagination with the evil devil, Satan, the Lord of the underworld, the Trickster, the Grand Master who rules the pit of smelly death, the place below where bodies go.

The psychoanalytic literature is full of examples of death anxiety revealed in anal dreams of shit-filled overflowing toilets and people pissing in their pants.  Ernest Becker put it simply in The Denial of Death:

No mistake – the turd is mankind’s real threat because it reminds people of death.

The theological literature is also full of warnings about the devil’s wiles.  So too the Western classics from Aeschylus to Melville. The demonic has an ancient pedigree and has various names. Rational people tend to dismiss all this as superstitious nonsense.  This is hubris. 

The Furies always exact their revenge when their existence is denied.  For they are part of ourselves, not alien beings, as the tragedy of human history has shown us time and again.

Since excremental visions and the fear of death haunt humans – the skull at the banquet as William James put it – the perfect symbol of protection is toilet paper that will keep you safe and clean and free of any reminder of the fear of death running through a panicked world. 

It’s a magic trick, of course, an unconscious way of thinking you are protecting yourself; a form of self-hypnosis.

One year later, magical thinking has taken a different form and my earlier flippancy has turned darker. You can’t hoard today’s toilet paper but you can get them: RNA inoculations, misnamed vaccines.

People are lined up for them now as they are being told incessantly to “get your shot.”  (Mass pressures work on almost all people)

They are worse than toilet paper. At least toilet paper serves a practical function.  Real vaccines, as the word’s etymology – Latin, vaccinus, from cows, the cowpox virus vaccine first used by British physician Edward Jenner in 1800 to prevent smallpox – involve the use of a small amount of a virus. 

The RNA inoculations are not vaccines.  To say they are is bullshit and has nothing to do with cows. To call them vaccines is linguistic mind control.

These experimental inoculations do not prevent the vaccinated from getting infected with the “virus” Nor do they prevent transmission of the alleged virus.

When they were approved recently by the FDA that was made clear.  The FDA issued Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for these inoculations only under the proviso that they may make an infection less severe. 

Yet millions have obediently taken a shot that doesn’t do what they think it does.  What does that tell us?

Hundreds of millions of people have taken an injection that allows a bio-reactive “gene-therapy” molecule to be injected into their bodies because of fear, ignorance, and a refusal to consider that the people who are promoting this are evil and have ulterior motives. 

Not that they mean well, but that they are evil and have evil intentions.  Does this sound too extreme?  Radically evil?  Come on!

So what drives the refusal to consider that demonic forces are at work with the corona crisis?

Why do the same people who get vaccinated believe that a PCR test that can’t, according to its inventor Kary Mullis, test for this so-called virus, believe in the fake numbers of positive “cases”?  Do these people even know if the virus has ever been isolated?

Such credulity is an act of faith, not science or confirmed fact.

Is it just the fear of death that drives such thinking?

Or is it something deeper than ignorance and propaganda that drives this incredulous belief?

If you want facts, I will not provide them here.

Despite the good intentions of people who still think facts matter, I don’t think most people are persuaded by facts anymore.

But such facts are readily available from excellent alternative media publications.  Global Research’s Michel Chossudovsky has released, free of charge, his comprehensive E-BookThe 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup D’Etat, and the “Great Reset.” 

 It’s a good place to start if facts and analysis are what you are after.

Or go to Robert Kennedy, Jr. Childrens Health Defense, Off-GuardianDissident VoiceGlobal Research, among numerous others.

Perhaps you think these sites are right-wing propaganda because many articles they publish can also be read or heard at some conservative media. If so, you need to start thinking rather than reacting.

The entire mainstream political/media spectrum is right-wing, if you wish to use useless terms such as Left/Right. 

I have spent my entire life being accused of being a left-wing nut, but now I am being told I am a right-wing nut, even though my writing appears in many leftist publications.

Perhaps my accusers don’t know which way the screw turns or the nut loosens.  Being uptight and frightened doesn’t help.

I am interested in asking why so many people can’t accept that radical evil is real.  Is that a right-wing question?  Of course not.  It’s a human question that has been asked down through the ages.

I do think we are today in the grip of radical evil, demonic forces. The refusal to see and accept this is not new. 

As the eminent theologian, David Ray Griffin, has argued, the American Empire, with its quest for world domination and its long and ongoing slaughters at home and abroad, is clearly demonic; it is driven by the forces of death symbolized by Satan.

I have spent many years trying to understand why so many good people have refused to see and accept this and have needed to ply a middle course over many decades.

The safe path.

Believing in the benevolence of their rulers.  When I say radical evil, I mean it in the deepest spiritual sense.  A religious sense, if you prefer. 

But by religious I don’t mean institutional religions since so many of the institutional religions are complicit in the evil.

It has long been easy for Americans to accept the demonic nature of foreign leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, or Mao.  Easy, also, to accept the government’s attribution of such names as the “new Hitler” to any foreign leader it wishes to kill and overthrow.  But to consider their own political leaders as demonic is near impossible.

So let me begin with a few reminders.

The U.S. destruction of Iraq and the mass killings of Iraqis under George W. Bush beginning in 2003.  Many will say it was illegal, unjust, carried out under false pretenses, etc.  But who will say it was pure evil?

Who will say that Barack Obama’s annihilation of Libya was radical evil?

Who will say the atomic destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the firebombing of Tokyo and so many Japanese cities that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians was radical evil?

Who will say the U.S. war against Syria is demonic evil?

Who will say the killing of millions of Vietnamese was radical evil?

Who will say the insider attacks of September 11, 2001 were demonic evil?

Who will say slavery, the genocide of native people, the secret medical experiments on the vulnerable, the CIA mind control experiments, the coups engineered throughout the world resulting in the mass murder of millions – who will say these are evil in the deepest sense?

Who will say the U.S. security state’s assassinations of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, Jr., Robert Kennedy, Fred Hampton, et al. were radical evil?

Who will say the $trillions spent on nuclear weapons and the willingness to use them to annihilate the human race is not the ultimate in radical evil?

This list could extend down the page endlessly. 

Only someone devoid of all historical sense could conclude that the U.S. has not been in the grip of demonic forces for a long time.

If you can do addition, you will find the totals staggering.  They are overwhelming in their implications.

But to accept this history as radically evil in intent and Not just in its consequences are two different things. 

I think so many find it so hard to admit that their leaders have intentionally done and do demonic deeds for two reasons. 

First, to do so implicates those who have supported these people or have not opposed them. It means they have accepted such radical evil and bear responsibility. 

It elicits feelings of guilt.

Secondly, to believe that one’s own leaders are evil is next to impossible for many to accept because it suggests that the rational façade of society is a cover for sinister forces and that they live in a society of lies so vast the best option is to make believe it just isn’t so. 

Even when one can accept that evil deeds were committed in the past, even some perhaps intentionally, the tendency is to say “that was then, but things are different now.

Grasping the present when you are in it is Not only difficult but often disturbing for it involves us.

So if I am correct and most Americans cannot accept that their leaders have intentionally done radically evil things, then it follows that to even consider questioning the intentions of the authorities regarding the current corona crisis needs to be self-censored. 

Additionally, as we all know, the authorities have undertaken a vast censorship operation so people cannot hear dissenting voices of those who have now been officially branded as domestic terrorists. The self-censorship and the official work in tandem.

There is so much information available that shows that the authorities at the World Health Organization, the CDC, The World Economic Forum, Big Pharma, governments throughout the world, etc. have gamed this crisis beforehand, have manipulated the numbers, lied, have conducted a massive fear propaganda campaign via their media mouthpieces, have imposed cruel lockdowns that have further enriched the wealthiest and economically and psychologically devastated vast numbers, etc. 

Little research is needed to see this, to understand that Big Pharma is, as Dr. Peter Gøtzsche documented eight years ago in Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare, a world-wide criminal enterprise. 

It takes but a few minutes to see that the pharmaceutical companies who have been given emergency authorization for these untested experimental non-vaccine “vaccines” have paid out billions of dollars to settle criminal and civil allegations.

It is an open secret that the WHO, the Gates Foundation, the WEF led by Klaus Schwab, and an interlocking international group of conspirators have plans for what they call The Great Reset, a strategy to use  the COVID-19 crisis to push their agenda to create a world of cyborgs living in cyberspace where artificial intelligence replaces people and human biology is wedded to technology under the control of the elites. 

They have made it very clear that there are too many people on this planet and billions must die.  Details are readily available of this open conspiracy to create a transhuman world.

Is this not radical evil?  Demonic?

Let me end with an analogy. 

There is another organized crime outfit that can only be called demonic – The Central Intelligence Agency. 

One of its legendary officers was James Jesus Angleton, chief of Counterintelligence from 1954 until 1975.  He was a close associate of Allen Dulles, the longest serving director of the CIA. 

Both men were deeply involved in many evil deeds, including bringing Nazi doctors and scientists into the U.S. to do the CIA’s dirty work, including mind control, bioweapons research, etc.  The stuff they did for Hitler. 

Until we recognize the demonic nature of the hell we are now in, we too will be lost.  We are fighting for our lives and the spiritual salvation of the world. 

Do not succumb to the siren songs of these fathers of lies.


Scandale implique le laboratoire pharmaceutique Servier (le corrupteur Francais Mediator): Mensonges et corruptions à tous les étages

Dominique Delawarde, March 17, 2021

Contexte historique: Le 29 mars prochain, l’un des plus grands scandales sanitaires ayant directement concerné notre pays va trouver son épilogue. C’est celui du médicament Médiator.

Près de 5 000 victimes, 376 avocats,  25 prévenus révèlent l’ampleur de ce  scandale dans lequel sont impliqués le laboratoire pharmaceutique Servier (le corrupteur), mais surtout les présumés corrompus, de l’appareil exécutif, politique ou sanitaire de notre pays, poursuivis par la justice (source pour la liste nominative ci dessous: Wikipedia)

 Marie Thèrèse Hermangeancienne sénatrice, rapporteur du rapport sénatorial sur le Mediator de 2011, mise en examen pour trafic d’influence ou complicité de trafic d’influence (selon les sources)

Claude Griscelli, Professeur de médecine, soupçonné d’avoir fait modifier le rapport sénatorial sur le Mediator de 2011 par Marie Thèrèse Hermange, consultant médical au laboratoire Servier pour 90 000 euros/an. Mis en examen pour trafic d’influence.

Jean-Michel Alexandre, président de la commission d’autorisation de mise sur le marché (AMM) au ministère de la Santé de 1985 à 1993, puis directeur de l’évaluation du médicament de l’Agence du médicament de 1993 à 2000.

À sa retraite, il devient consultant pour Servier via une société écran, rémunéré plus de 1,1 million d’euros pour la période 2001-2009. Il est soupçonné d’avoir été mis sous influence financière par Servier lorsqu’il était fonctionnaire. 

Eric Abadie (décédé), directeur de l’évaluation à l’Afssaps à partir de 2007, chargé de la pharmacovigilance, mis en cause pour avoir caché que son épouse était l’avocate des laboratoires Servier. 

Dominique Maraninchi mis en examen pour homicides et blessures involontaires comme représentant légal de l’ANSM (Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament).

Michel Detilleux, Jean-Roger Claude et Bernard Rouveix: experts rémunérés par Servier qui siégeaient simultanément à des commissions des autorités de santé statuant notamment sur des produits du groupe pharmaceutique, ils sont mis en examen pour «prise illégale d’intérêts». 

Jacques Massol, ancien membre de la Haute Autorité de santé et de la Direction générale de la santé, et François Lhoste, ancien chargé de mission au ministère de la Santé, sont mis en examen pour «prise illégale d’intérêts».

Outre les chefs d’inculpation retenus contre les personnes physiques, ceux retenus contre les personnes morales  (laboratoire Servier, ses filiales et l’ANSM) sont, eux aussi édifiants: «tromperie aggravée», «homicides et blessures involontaires», et «escroquerie» au préjudice de la sécurité sociale et des mutuelles.

Rappelons que les effets nocifs du Médiator  étaient dénoncés dès 1997 dans «la revue Prescrire», que ce médicament avait été retiré du marché en Italie (2003) et en Espagne (2004) pour ses effets nocifs, mais qu’il a pu se maintenir en France jusqu’en Novembre 2009 grâce à la corruption par «Big Pharma» qui gangrène les institutions politiques et sanitaires de ce pays: le nôtre.

Il est surprenant et choquant pour les honnêtes gens et pour les victimes, qu’il ait fallu 11 ans pour que justice soit rendue dans cette affaire alors que plusieurs prévenus et de nombreux plaignants sont déjà décédés  …

Il ne serait pas surprenant, en revanche, que l’ampleur et l’étendue de la corruption étant ce qu’elles sont devenues, aujourd’hui, dans notre pays, le verdict du 29 mars dans le procès du «Mediator» soit plus clément qu’attendu pour les corrupteurs et les corrompus …

«Selon que vous serez puissant ou misérable les jugements de cour vous rendront blanc ou noir …..».

C’est dans ce contexte judiciaire que survient la pandémie de la Covid-19. Il nous faut bien constater, hélas, ce qui apparaît de plus en plus clairement dans la gestion calamiteuse de cette épidémie en France, que rien n’a véritablement changé pour ce qui est de la corruption  encore trop importante d’une partie de notre personnel politique et de nos institutions sanitaires. 

Ce n’est pas sans raisons que Transparency International a déjà dénoncé cette corruption par l’industrie pharmaceutique,
 et  que celle ci a été, dans le passé, régulièrement pointée du doigt, arguments à l’appui, par certains médias. 

Ce qui pose problème aujourd’hui, c’est que les médias mainstream français ne dénoncent plus ce genre de «détails». Ils font cause commune avec les laboratoires pour une raison très simple. Une poignée de milliardaires ont pris le contrôle de 90% des médias en France

La connivence et la collusion entre eux et les politiques au pouvoir qui accordent les subventions sont d’un intérêt mutuel bien compris. 

Leur connivence et leur collusion avec les milliardaires qui contrôlent Big Pharma, les GAFAM (Google, Apple, Face Book, Amazone, Microsoft), les banques et la spéculation boursière, sont également d’un intérêt mutuel bien compris. 

Les requins ne se dévorent pas entre eux, surtout lorsqu’ils appartiennent au petit monde qui contrôle la finance et l’économie mondiale et qu’ils appartiennent, le plus souvent, à la même communauté. [1]

Mais pour qu’il y ait des corrupteurs, encore faut-il qu’il y ait des responsables politiques et sanitaires prêts à se laisser corrompre  …. 

C’est, hélas, trop souvent le cas au sein de la commission européenne et du parlement européen mais aussi au sein des exécutifs de tous les états de l’UE, et, pour ce qui nous concerne, au sein de l’exécutif français et de ses instances sanitaires. 

En janvier 2020, 11.882 lobbies étaient inscrits au registre européen dit «de transparence»:

Selon les sources, de 25.000 à 30.000 lobbyistes exerçaient leur influence à Bruxelles dont 7.526 accrédités auprès d’un parlement qui ne compte pourtant que 751 membres [Plus de 10 lobbyistes par membre)

Analyser les sagas concernant l’achat massif par l’Europe et la promotion surprenante d’un médicament notoirement nocif (Remdesivir) qui rappelle fâcheusement le précédent du Mediator.

Analyser le choix d’un cabinet de conseil sur la stratégie vaccinale d’une campagne de vaccination française chaotique et désorganisée, avec des vaccins encore «expérimentaux» et donc non «aboutis», tout cela est édifiant pour qui accepte de se livrer à cet exercice. 

Il ne fait plus aucun doute aujourd’hui que le bras de fer mené par les suppôts corrompus de Big Pharma et leurs relais complices des médias mainstream contre la chloroquine et l’ azytromicine recommandées par le professeur Raoult n’avait qu’un seul but: promouvoir le Remdesivir et le vaccin, au plus grand profit de Big Pharma ….

La pitoyable étude du Lancet, rétractée pour fraude avérée, mais prétexte, en France, à l’interdiction faite aux médecins de ville de prescrire, a montré de triste manière jusqu’où les corrupteurs de Big Pharma pouvaient aller et à quel point ils pouvaient réussir leur manœuvre  auprès d’un appareil exécutif peut être plus corrompu qu’ailleurs

La technique utilisée dans cette «guerre de l’information» était bien connue et a été parfaitement décrite par Anne Morelli, il y a une vingtaine d’années.

Le 3ème principe élémentaire de cette propagande de guerre contre la chloroquine a été utilisé: il consistait à répéter un mantra (ce que BFMTV et France Intox savent faire et font à longueur de journée): «le chef du camp adverse (Raoult) a le visage du diable (ou «du charlatan de service»)

Faire douter l’opinion, salir, décrédibiliser, détruire le chef du camp adverse, c’est remporter la partie.

Manque de chance pour les corrompus, Raoult est un «géant» et il n’était pas seul. Il avait à ses côtés son équipe de professeurs d’élite de l’IHU de Marseille, tous plus titrés les uns que les autres, dont aucun n’a fait défaut ou n’a trahi ses convictions malgré les sollicitations dont ils ont dû faire l’objet. 

Il avait derrière lui des dizaines de milliers de médecins français, des centaines de milliers de médecins dans le monde entier qui soutenaient et appliquent son protocole. 

Une étude anglo-saxonne a d’ailleurs montré que les deux médicaments les plus prescrits contre la Covid dans le monde, par les médecins de terrain, ont été   1 – l’Azithromycine 54% et 2 – la chloroquine 49% avec des résultats «observés» bien meilleurs que dans tous les pays qui ont fait l’impasse sur ces traitements efficaces et peu onéreux.

S’agissant de la stratégie vaccinale en France, les plus hauts niveaux de l’État français ont fait appel à un cabinet US (Mc Kinsey) pour la diriger. Ceci doit inciter le citoyen français à se poser quelques séries de questions:

   1 – N’existe-t-il pas, en France, suffisamment de structures compétentes pour remplir ce genre de mission ? Pourquoi faire appel et sous traiter à un cabinet de conseil US une mission qui concerne directement les intérêts et la santé des français ? La gestion US de la crise sanitaire, la plus mauvaise au monde si l’on s’en tient aux résultats, doit-elle être considérée comme un modèle à suivre par nos dirigeants ?

2 – Pourquoi choisir le «sulfureux» cabinet conseil Mckinsey dont l’histoire récente a été marquée par des scandales à répétition ? Ce cabinet vient tout juste de verser 573 millions de dollars pour clore les procédures engagées contre lui par 49 États US, après la mort de 500.000 Américains suite à un usage abusif d’opioïdes (conseillés par McKinsey).  

Ce cabinet est  également  à la  base du  plus gros scandale financier de l’Histoire: ENRON !   voir le paragraphe scandales et controverses sur l’article de Wikipedia :

    3 – N’y aurait-il pas encore derrière le choix d’un cabinet mafieux, US de surcroît, une nouvelle saga de corruption dont l’appareil d’État français semble aujourd’hui avoir le secret  ?

S’agissant des attitudes contrastées de l’exécutif sur l’administration du vaccin Astrazeneca à la population, on note celle de Mr Veran s’accrochant,  comme ses prédécesseurs  l’avaient fait en soutien du Médiator, à l’innocuité  du produit, s’opposant aux décisions prises dans 7 pays européens et en Afrique du Sud. 

On note avec amusement teinté de scepticisme et de mépris pour  l’intéressé, que le vaccin est, pour lui, inoffensif donc recommandé malgré quelques «rares??» effets secondaires.

Mais qu’en revanche, la chloroquine qui, administrée aux bonnes doses en début de maladie, est efficace et sans aucun effet secondaire sur des millions de patients, reste interdite de prescription en France?

S’agissant du Président, qui gère beaucoup mieux que son ministre son risque pénal en se défaussant sur la décision de l’Agence Européenne du médicament, il n’ignore pas, évidemment, que cette agence européenne est aujourd’hui la plus corrompue de toutes, ce que l’on peut comprendre lorsque des dizaines de milliards de profit sont en jeu pour Big Pharma….             

On connaît d’avance la préconisation qui sera faite et qui ne tiendra, évidemment, aucun compte de l’intérêt et de la santé des populations européennes.

Lorsqu’on prend conscience du marigot putride de corruption dans lequel baignent nos institutions européennes et nationales, on ne s’étonne plus qu’un sondage récent révèle qu’Emmanuel Macron inspire principalement de la “colère” (28%), du “dégoût” et  du “désespoir”  (21%), de la honte (18%) aux Français 

Rien d’étonnant non plus que des appels argumentés à la résistance civile se multiplient sur la toile:

Rien ne vaut, pour conclure, un peu d’humour lié à la situation que nous connaissons: 

(les Guignols de l’Info) et surtout notre vie d’après (ne pas oublier de mettre le son): 

Par Dominique Delawarde,
général (2s) : ancien chef du bureau Situation-Renseignement-Guerre Électronique de l’État-major Interarmées de Planification Opérationnelle.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder…Diagnosis of grieving Human

The news that 11% of school-age children now receive a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — some 6.4 million — give the chill.

Ted Gup, an author and fellow of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, published this April 2, 2013

“My son David was one of those who received that diagnosis.

In his case, he was in the first grade.

Indeed, there were psychiatrists who prescribed medication for him even before they met him.

One psychiatrist said he would not even see him until he was medicated.

For a year I refused to fill the prescription at the pharmacy. Finally, I relented. And so David went on Ritalin, then Adderall, and other drugs that were said to be helpful in combating the condition.

In another age, David might have been called “rambunctious.” His battery was a little too large for his body. And so he would leap over the couch, spring to reach the ceiling and show an exuberance for life that came in brilliant microbursts.

As a 21-year-old college senior, he was found on the floor of his room, dead from a fatal mix of alcohol and drugs.

The date was Oct. 18, 2011.

No one made my son take the heroin and alcohol, and yet I cannot help but hold myself and others to account.

I had unknowingly colluded with a system that devalues talking therapy and rushes to medicate, inadvertently sending a message that self-medication, too, is perfectly acceptable.

My son was no angel (though he was to us) and he was known to trade in Adderall, to create a submarket in the drug among his classmates who were themselves all too eager to get their hands on it.

What he did cannot be excused, but it should be understood.

What he did was to create a market that perfectly mirrored the society in which he grew up, a culture where Big Pharma itself prospers from the off-label uses of drugs, often not tested in children and not approved for the many uses to which they are put.

And so a generation of students, raised in an environment that encourages medication, are emulating the professionals by using drugs in the classroom as performance enhancers.

And we wonder why it is that they use drugs with such abandon. As all parents learn, and to their chagrin, our children go to school not only in the classroom but also at home, and the culture they construct for themselves as teenagers and young adults is but a tiny village imitating that to which they were introduced as children.

The issue of permissive drug use and over-diagnosis goes well beyond hyperactivity.

In May, the American Psychiatric Association will publish its D.S.M. 5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

This voluminous book is called the bible of the profession.

Its latest iteration, like those before, is not merely a window on the profession but on the culture it serves, both reflecting and shaping societal norms. (For instance, until the 1970s, it categorized homosexuality as a mental illness.)

One of the new, more controversial provisions expands depression to include some forms of grief. On its face it makes sense.

The grieving often display all the common indicators of depression loss of interest in life, loss of appetite, irregular sleep patterns, low functionality, etc. But as others have observed, those same symptoms are the very hallmarks of grief itself.

Ours is an age in which the airwaves and media are one large drug emporium that claims to fix everything from sleep to sex.

I fear that being human is itself fast becoming a condition. It’s as if we are trying to contain grief, and the absolute pain of a loss like mine.

We have become increasingly disassociated and estranged from the patterns of life and death, uncomfortable with the messiness of our own humanity, aging and, ultimately, mortality.

Challenge and hardship have become pathologized and monetized.

Instead of enhancing our coping skills, we undermine them and seek shortcuts where there are none, eroding the resilience upon which each of us, at some point in our lives, must rely. Diagnosing grief as a part of depression runs the very real risk of delegitimizing that which is most human — the bonds of our love and attachment to one another.

The new entry in the D.S.M. cannot tame grief by giving it a name or a subsection, nor render it less frightening or more manageable.

The D.S.M. would do well to recognize that a broken heart is not a medical condition, and that medication is ill-suited to repair some tears.

Time does not heal all wounds, closure is a fiction, and so too is the notion that God never asks of us more than we can bear.

Enduring the unbearable is sometimes exactly what life asks of us.

But there is a sweetness even to the intensity of this pain I feel. It is the thing that holds me still to my son.

And yes, there is a balm even in the pain. I shall let it go when it is time, without reference to the D.S.M., and without the aid of a pill.

A version of this op-ed appeared in print on April 3, 2013, on page A27 of the New York edition with the headline: Diagnosis: Human.
Note: And billion of people go hungry, suffer malnutrition…and die of curable diseases before the age of 5.




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