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Jihad for Wall Street (October 5, 2005)

Almost every State that has enough sovereign liquidity funds is scrambling to save its financial institutions that are crumbling in domino effect around the World after Wall Street “Black Monday“.

Didn’t Jesus warn people not to adore two Gods, the Creator and Money?  But the Christian-Jews in the USA , under the code name of the New Conservative Christians in the South of the USA, represented by their congressmen, turned their coats to their proclaimed God and switched allegiance within two days to God-Money and voted the band-aid solution of a $700 billions aid package, mainly to keep their perks and liquidity flowing into their pork barrels.

The Christian-Jews are now facing bankruptcy, financially and theologically, and tumbling down on a steep decadence and degeneration path.

The word Jihad which means a constant struggle against inner evil tendencies has acquired a bad connotation because it was linked in the media to the historical phenomena of coercing other religious sects to adhering to the religion of the land. Thus, any use of the concept of Jihad outside the betternment of the self is mainly political and devoid of any religious or moral values.

In fact, the Prophet Mohammad said that if God wished humanity to be one community He would have realized it, but God prefers diversity among communities.

Consequently, at a very late period in spreading his brand of religion the Prophet Mohammad insisted on unifying the various tribes of Arabia and who were speaking the same language under Islam.

During the expansion of Islam, no major strong arm coercion methods were imposed upon the Christians and Jews to become Moslems; the main factors were basically economical in nature to avoid paying taxes and getting preferential treatments into civil jobs and exercising freer commerce.

The single religion that adopted strong arm means of coercion was the Christian establishment after the 4th century, until even the present time.

Since the Byzantium Emperors converted into Christianity, every Christian sect not abiding by the Empire set of doctrines had to relocate to mountain tops and deserts to flee persecutions.

Later, we had to experience the barbarous many Crusade campaigns for conquering the spice routes under the disguise of recapturing Jerusalem.

Then the period of the Inquisitions in Spain and Italy that chased out all the Moslems and Jews from Europe.

Forward to the period of the Portuguese and Spanish Conquistadors that spread havoc and decimated the natives of Mexico, Peru and all Central and South America.

And the World had to witness the successive waves of colonial expansions of France, England and Italy under the code name of “subjugating the heretics” to the Unique White All Powerful God.

Then the recent USA missionary convoys to Hawaii and all the Pacific Islands to convert the “heathens” to the right path of “spirituality”.

George W. Bush and his inner circle of counselors have stamped their brand of spirituality for spreading “democracy” and the unilateral “Free World Money Movement” which is another connotation of forcing the Conservative Christian ideology upon the World.

The current wave of Moslem fundamentalism and the recurrence of the word Jihad are but an emulation of the “Christian” Nations ideologies for over 15 centuries.

The radicalism in the Moslem World means simply: “Foreign colonial powers” out of the Moslem World; enough hypocrisy and double balance measures in values is enough!




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