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“The Che was assassinated at age of 39; I am only 37”; (Feb. 20, 2010)

Tomas Isidore Sankara (1949-87) led a coup d’etat in Haute Volta (Burkina Faso) in 1983. He was Captain paratrooper and remained captain-President while other “leader sergeants” in Africa promoted themselves to generals and emperors.

Three months before the coup, Sankara was Prime Minister until France (colonial power) ordered he be sacked and demoted from the army.

The first announcement after taking power was changing the name of his State to Burkina Faso (Land of Integrity) and then Sankara took his distances from post colonial organizations.

The second commandment was selling all luxury cars used by public servants and ministers and replacing them by R5 (French small Renault cars).

The third commandment was ordering all high officials to wearing garments made in Burkina Faso with own cotton grown and weaved in the State.

The fourth commandment was forbidding high officials travelling in first class in planes and trains.

The fifth commandment was instituting equality among men and females in high positions and in government openings.

The sixth commandment was encouraging learning and eradicating illiteracy.

The seventh commandment was forbidding women wearing veils and sexual excision (widespread customs among Moslem families; Sankara mother was a devoted Moslem from the majority tribe Mossi).

During his short reign of four years “Tom Sank“, as called among university students, was famous for his integrity and sober life style which angered most African leaders and France.  Tom Sank realized that his years are counted because all his neighboring States could no longer suffer “his teaching lessons” for integrity behaviors.

 Tom Sank closest friend was Blaise Campaore, another captain paratrooper. Sankara’s father raised Blaise as his son, and he assassinated Sankara and took power in 1987.

Campaore is referred to by his countrymen as “The man who killed his brother”. 

Campaore is still President of Burkina Faso. Currently, Burkina Faso is prime State for the US multinational Monsato, growing genetically altered grains (mainly tomatoes and cotton)

Note 1: Robin Shuffied directed the movie “Thomas Sankara: The honest man”

Note 2: Bruno Jaffre wrote “Biography of Thomas Sankara, 2007”

Note 3: I visited Burkina Faso in 1981 and lived there for over a month; I visited the cities of Banfora, Bobo, and the capital Ouagadougou.  During that period, French companies were supplying almost everything. The brief skirmish with giant neighbor Mali prompted Haute Volta (at the time) to purchasing arms from France in cash and at premium price.




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