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World Blood Donor Day!

Note: My adventure securing 3 units of rare B negative blood in Lebanon for a surgery of my 90 year-old mother

Happy World Blood Donor Day!
Countries around the world celebrate, on the 14th of June of every year, the World Blood Donor Day (WBDD).

This occasion, initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2002, aims to thank all blood donors for their selfless heroic acts.

Particularly in Lebanon, our organization been celebrating the WBDD since 2010, organizing big events to honor our donors. No matter how much we do so, we will thank blood donors enough!

The reality in Lebanon
The blood transfusion system in our country counts on patients and their families to secure the needed blood donors/units for any type of surgeries or treatments…

So, almost all blood donors are donating blood for targeted patients (family replacement donations).

In much rarer cases, blood donors voluntarily choose to donate at a random place and time, for no specific patient (voluntary donations).

However, the voluntary donors are still not accepted at most blood banks – for many reasons.  Thus, such potential donors are frustrated when they are told that “there is no more need” for their donations!

This year’s campaign 

In line with the daily obstacles faced by blood donors, we decided this year not only to thank those who are giving blood, but also those who have tried and did not succeed!Those people leave all work and studies behind, benefit from the little time off they have and head to blood banks to try and save people…

Even though you get frustrated when you are rejected, we want to say THANK YOU, and keep on trying to donate blood! 

Happy World Blood Donor Day 2018

Join us to donate blood!
To all who wish to join us and donate blood, here is where we will be waiting for you:

– Wednesday 13: Librairie Antoine (Beirut Souks) from 5pm to 8pm
– Wednesday 13: Sassine Square (Achrafieh) from 5pm to 9pm
– Thursday 14: Hotel Dieu de France (Achrafieh) from 9am to 3pm
– Thursday 14: Mike Sport (Zalka) from 7:30am to 12pm
– Sunday 17: Bnachii Lake (Zgharta) from 5pm to 9pm


Our Address
Mount Lebanon, Dekwaneh, Nehme Center, 3rd floor
Need Help?
Send us an email  to and we will get in touch with you shortly!

Virgin wilderness, Pablo Neruda, blood, wind, libertad, Americana; (July 23, 2009)

Two huasos (Argentine cow-boys gauchos), ride with fury; they rear up in front of the garden.  With one hand, one of the uncles carries little Pablo Neruda behind him on the rump of the horse (ride pillion); the other uncle is carrying a tied up sheep.

They gallop full wind to the sun set, to the shadow of a large tree with a crackling bonfire.  The muchachos fire their guns in the air; an uncle slid the sheep’s throat; the creamy blood is collected; Pablo drinks a cup full.  Songs on love, corazon, and guitar strumming fill the air.

I saw shadows, faces sprouting

Like plants around our roots, parents

Singing romance in the shadow of a tree

Running among the wet horses.

Women hidden in the shadow

Of masculine towers,

Galops whipping the light,

Rare nights of anger, dogs barking.

Chili is a continent in longitude, spanning a length as vast as from Norway to Senegal in Africa. Chili extends from the tropics all the way down to Antarctica and squeezed naturally between the Andes mountain chains to the Pacific.

All kinds of climates can be experienced when riding the rail from north to south.  Chili was never subjugated by any king or a colonial power.

Whitman, Thoreau, and Melville chanted the wilderness of North America: the background of these chants was a world already made, in a state of exploitation for profit.

Neruda is chanting a wilderness with peasants and workers toiling on a savage world to be made. White, black, and Indian, in utter poverty, have no time to compare the color of their skins; they want to get out of the same life of misery.

The South Americans chant liberty and freedom in every moment and at every occasion. Neruda is the son of “a silent, mother of clay“:

What I saw first were the trees,

Ravines adorned in flowers, wild beauty,

Humid territory, forest ablaze,

And winter behind the world, overflowed.

My childhood, those wet shoes,

Tree trunks broken,

Fallen in the jungle, devoured by lichen.

Pablo was born in 1904 as Ricardo Neftali Reyes Morales; he used his pen name (pseudo name) Pablo Neruda because of the Check poet Jan Neruda.

His mother died of tuberculosis shortly after he was given birth.  Pablo’s dad Jose remarried Rosa Opazo who took care of Pablo as his real mother.  Jose Reyes constructed railways:

My dad sneaks out in the obscure dawn.

Toward what lost archipelagos these trains are howling?

Later, I liked the smell of coal in the fume;

The burned oil, and the precise frozen axes.

Suddenly, the doors rattled. It is my dad.

The centurions of the railway surround him:

Their wet coats inundate the house with steam.

Reports invade the dining room; wine bottles are emptied.

I capture the suffering, the crying, the dark scars, men with no money,

The mineral claws of poverty.

This part is a short biography for anyone interested.

Pablo moved to Santiago in 1921 and studied French literature. Since 1927 he was successively appointed consul in Rangoon, in Sirilanka, then Batavia (Java) where he married the first time with Marie-Antoinette Vogelzanz (Maruca; a Dutch).

Pablo was then consul in Singapore, Barcelona in 1934. His daughter Malva Marina was born in Madrid. Pablo is consul in Madrid in 1935.

The Spanish civil started and Garcia Lorca is assassinated. Neruda writes his first political poem “Chant to mothers of assassinated militiamen” and was relieved of his official functions.




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