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Gratifying revenge; (June 31, 2009)


            The longer you live the longer the list of people that should incur your vengeance for deeds “totally uncalled for”.  The irony is that very few people reach the stage of acting on any kinds of revenge; time the wise tends to erase cluttered memories; away from sight far is the recollection of the offender; with rare exceptions.  The more enduring the desire for revenge the more irrelevant is the offense; they are offenses in the period of early ignorance.

            Why people who managed to get revenge spend a miserable life afterward? I am not referring to those pathetic comparses who harassed the avenger to going to the end of his frustration: they ejaculated their wretched anxieties and dispersed from the scene.  If the supposed offender has no recollection of the offense or is not willing to apologize because he still believes that he was in the “right” then the revenge has no value.  It is sweet to get financial remuneration for years of personal flagellation but it does not wash completely the lingering bitterness of having been “suckered” or abused of our foolishness.

            Revenge is not such a bad feeling if it becomes an incentive or a catalyst for individual improvement.  The worst part is that most of the offenders die without knowing that we have been feeling deeply miserable for so long because of a redundant word or an unconscious act they did to us; we like to believe that, most probably, the offenders died because of our evil eye or evil spirit chassed them relentlessly to their grave: ignorance has no limits within dark hearts.  Revenge is the bread of everyday but the victims of “honor avengers” for social behavior and close organizational customs and traditions are ultimately the excretion of the monsters of ignorance and ineptitude.


            There are efficient ways of taking revenge grandly. For example, if you are the owner of an enterprise and you need to punish recalcitrant employees then assign them to alveoli with very low ceilings; the lower the height of the ceiling, the darker the colors and the more detailed is the task.  The recalcitrant personnels are those educated hiremen who are timorous enough to look their higher echelon boss in the eyes and devulge inefficiencies, scoundrels, and obtuse routines.

            Abstract notions and imagination take wings in high ceiling environment and amid green wide fields.  If governments are serious about fiscal loopholes then they should assemble the fiscal agents in charge in very low ceiling rooms to iron out the details for well oiled bureaucratic systems.  My hypothesis is that all dictatorial western systems of control were planned, studied, and analyzed in ultra low ceiling caves; most probably, they got these ideas and techniques from reviewing Chinese master archives.

Nutty Monkey Business


1.   Some tribes catch monkeys

Using a nut business contraption.

Other tribes use a banana’s.

A sturdy box is firmly planted in the ground

With a nut or banana inside.

A hole is made large enough to let in the monkey hand 

And small enough for a clutched fist out on the goody.


2.   Survival is a chance happening

Favoring the cowards or close,

Until we learn a few dangers

By trial and error.

Apparently, greed is one danger

We are not fit to learn to relinquish,

Monkey or no monkey.

Heaven and Hell (April 12, 2009)

I was led to read with some attention detailed descriptions of heaven and hell; I was shocked with these infantile and crude stories that are carbon copies in all Books.

I had the impression that all these prophets had no imagination for even slight variations; actually the only tiny variations were in the sadistic punishment of those intended to be visiting hell.

I had another revelation: all those prophets started recounting scenes of heaven and hell after they received recognition and enjoyed the tendency to clinging to power. It was as if scaring people is the common technique to all who hold on to power.

All those prophets lived the masochist life till getting recognition and then let their imagination loose on the sadest sadistic punishments and undaunting lusty desires. It was like all those prophets are of a certain type of men that sustain only extreme binary attitudes although the messages are of learning to tend to the middle line in the spectrum of our passions.

I have something to say. But first let me refresh your memory.

On Heaven you have got four rivers. You select from the following items:

1. first, a river of pure running potable water;

2. second, a river of milk or yogurt with even taste (you might have to settle on your personal good taste; I am not sure if you might have to go through the hassle of tasting all possibilities: we have been fighting for choices and opportunities in our entire earthly life; I know that a few States have offered so many varieties of choices and opportunities that the citizens complained and finally revolted.

If you are allergic to milk then no problems, go on selecting other items);

3. third, a river of honey (I assume in those days only unadulterated bee’s honey was marketed; more Book’s research funding is required);

4.  fourth, a river of perfume (not specific, you would have tough choices if you failed to try all scents while alive);

5.  fifth, a river of wine that never gets you inebriated enough to utter foul sentences (I guess you should have choices of alcoholic beverages: you earned it. My hypothesis is that you can opt for the four rivers to be of the wine kinds: you earned it, mind you).

6. Sixth, a river of oil (I am strongly inclined to believe that it is olive oil; tough luck if you hate olive oil; you can switch this river to scotch or vodka, I guess). How to drink is no problem in heaven: you can use crystal cups, jars, Jeri can of gold, silver, or titanium (that last metal is of my own invention) or just sit and lap straight from the source or I would suggest letting your sweetheard pour it from her fresh mouth.

Oh, on the subject of sweetheart you have to be patient a little: I just like suspence. If none of these rivers are to you liking then remember: the guiding light is not to worry about heaven: it is the other alternative that you should account for.

From what I read I came into understanding that we are all going to hell first; pretty much as immigration concentration camps. Then very few would be shown the exit door; and many less would be acrobatic and focused enough to cross the long thin bridge to heaven.

But that is bad composition: I should stick to heaven now.

You don’t have to worry at all. Just imagine the varieties of condiments! Do you like fresh, juicy, and ripe fruits? Do you love dates, grapes, or pomegranate? These are the fruits mentioned in the Books; remember, you better get a taste for Levantine assortment of fruits; but it is also said that you can have any kind of fruits and I suggest you don’t get frazzled that soon.

The beauty of it is that trees will deliver their fruits in any position you feel comfortable in such as standing, lying, stooping, or sitting. My impression is that you could order the branch to drop the fruit in your open mouth.

If I physically toiled hard in my life then that would be my ideal option of delivery. Hey man, wait. We have got the best news ever. It will blow your brain away. You will have all the women and adolescent men for any kind of intercourse you desire. You can carry on bachan parties any time you want and you will be perched on high wide beds, very cushy and comfortable.

Good tiding for the women kind. You are not in the picture of heaven and hell: the Jewish sect in Judea never endowed you with souls anyway. But don’t you worry as yet. God will re-create you to pleasure the select men.

Sorry, since very few men will be selected then don’t push it for all of you to be re-created. The good news is, if created, you will all have white skin, screwy eyes (hawal), long hair, and none of you would be over 33 of age. You will enjoy firm square tits; it is up to the select men to shape your tits to the fruit of their desire; that is how I figure it.

Certainly you will be wearing jewelry and silk dresses; I think that unlike men wearing only fine white robes, you might have a wide selection of fabrics and colors.

On Hell, this section would be brief: I know that you guys have suffered enough in this life that you don’t give much weight to the puny punishements that you might be alloted in hell. Hell is simply fire, a lot of it, and its temperature is sixty times the temperature of earth core. Hell is not upgraded with fire alarms. It was the result of lack of imagination: a million fire alarms going off and all the time would certainly scare the bejesus out of anyone, regardless if he is engulfed in fire and black smoke.

Thus, don’t fear that much, please. The mechanical instruments for conveying pain are archaic; they are mostly chains, gardening, and harvesting implements, and the sorts. There is no diabolic high tech suffering machines.

I failed to read that you might be half buried in sand to be nibbled at by ants in a scortching desert. Guantanamo Bay was, since time of creation, in the visual field of God but he refrained at the last second: God wanted to test the evil potentials of men.

I doubt that predicators go around describing in details the conditions in hell and heaven; they tend to just mention hell and heaven as if everybody was told once in his life the stories in these places, and once is enough to grab the attention of kids.

Most probably that hell was described to kids at untenable moments but I doubt heaven was ever a favorite topic to parents. My suggestion is if we feel ashamed to tell the minute details of hell and heaven as recounted in the Books, if these stories should be labeled X-rated for cruelty or sexuality and not suited for less than 18 years of age then the words hell and heaven should be scraped from theology teaching.

The level headed should desire to die. If hell, then it is a piece of cake compared to our hellish life on earth; ask any persecuted inhabitant and who was detained and tortured and humiliated. Definitely, hell has lost its power to scare.

If heaven, then hmm…it won’t be such a bad condition after all to live in. I might be slightly worried of boredom but I trust God would endow the “Houries” with enough playfulness to keep me interested for infinity. Heaven definitely can have my vote.

I sincerely hope that my readers are invested with strong sense of humor.

“Le sabotage amoureux” by Amelie Nothomb ((book review, December 10, 2008)

I have read 6 out of 16 books that Amelie Nothomb has published since 1992.

After I finished reading a book I exclaimed: “This is the most hilarious, most intelligent, and the most instructive book that I read”.  It never fails:  “Le sabotage amoureux” is the one and the best.

Every paragraph generates a laugh, a tragic-comic laugh. Any one with a humor spirit and who laughs easily might find himself incarcerated in an asylum by the end of the book.

Except for “Sulfuric Acid” that I have harshly critiqued, and I am still convinced that it was not written by the same Nothomb: I felt it was Not her style at all.

The “Amorous sabotage” is the story of a 7-year old girl falling totally and unconditionally in love of another 6-year old girl named Elena.

Amelie finds Elena the most beautiful girl in the whole world and Elena is the most conscious girl of her beauty and power to subjugate anyone

Elena’s lonely behavior of staying above the fray, walking very slowly and looking straight ahead was hiding a most dangerous inner power that did not encourage her to fall in love.  She still demanded that people look fixedly at her beauty and forcing deference to her presence.

The story is located in Peking during the monstrous “Gang of Four” rules that decimated China by famine and hurt in its spirit by destroying its past culture and manuscripts.

It is the years between 1972 and 75 and in the “ghetto” where the foreign diplomats were forced not to cross or mingle with the Chinese population.

The Chinese cook used to frequently recall the good old-time “dans l’autrefoid” (which he pronounced “dans l’eau tres froide”); a habit that cost him to disappear in thin air and be replaced by a lady cook who was convinced that there was no past to China.

Little Amelie defined communist States as series of City of Fans (ventilators).  The kids of the foreign diplomats in the ghetto had great times: they had their own war to fight and to torture the kidnapped enemy.

They started by the “Allied” kids against the East German until the leader of the East German kids suffered chronic bronchitis from frequent immersion in urine and forgotten over night to be released.

Amelie was the center of the universe, as she remembers, until she saw the new comer Elena.  The center was transferred to Elena by Amelie who could not stop looking at her and falling helplessly in love with Elena.

Amelie quickly realized that she does not exist to Elena but she had “to do something” to attract Elena’s attention.  Amelie was ready to obey any order from Elena and ran the school court 80 times, at Elena’s wishes, who didn’t even notice that the asthmatic Amelie was running.

The French Fabrice, a boy of 6, made Elena look at him and even he managed to produce a smile from her.

Amelie had categorized society into three classes: the adult girls (including mothers), the little girls, and the ridicule (all the rest of human kinds, especially those with ridiculous penis).  Fabrice was definitely in the group “ridiculous” and Amelie could not comprehend how Elena could stoop so low.

Amelie got seriously love-sick and her mother gave her the consignment to act as cool and as distant like Elena if she wanted Elena to love her.  Amelie obeyed and stuck to the consignment and Elena noticed her very much.  Elena started to invite Amelie to her house to play with her but Amelie consistently refused.

One day, the miracle happened. Elena cried saying “Amelie, you don’t love me”.

Amelie did the capital error of telling Elena that she was lying all the time, that it was all a role play, and that she never stopped loving her.  The table was turned over and Elena replied “That is all that I wanted to know” and resumed her older distant behavior toward Amelie.  It was about time to leave China to New York.

Twenty years later, Amelie overheard her father saying that Elena is gaining fast the title of “femme fatal” in Rome; many sweet hearts have committed suicides.  Amelie was overjoyed because Elena stayed loyal to her legend.

This book is packed with political acumen and sharp criticism of the ridiculous life and world of the grown ups, told from a kid’s perspective.

Humor has three pre-requisites: clear purpose, clear plan, and clear ideas; no wonder humor is a rare commodity.

Iskandar’s young and fresh army on the move


Cyrus was bewildered when two thousands of new Macedonian recruits arrived from Greece to join his army.  What happened?  H-2 Alexander had sent messengers to Greece before he was selected to lead the “adventure” and then his death was kept secret for some time before news of his untimely death reached Greece.  In between these two events Greece was in limbo; a few knew of Alexander death but were never believed; in fact they were treated as traitors sent by Persia to spread calumnies and weaken the morale of the Greeks.  

Those truth speakers were quickly put to death by the sword and the women stoned to death.  As a national reaction, all these youths who longed to join Alexander during his first incursion into the Old World were recruited and shipped by Persian connections, the real spies.  The Persian Empire needed these fresh Macedonian recruits because the Persians were satisfied with their conditions and didn’t seek loots at such a high risk into the unknown.  Within two years, as new Macedonians arrived regularly and in groups every three months, Cyrus “Alexander” enjoyed a large and young and efficient army of over 75,000 soldiers.  This is the kind of number that encourages qualitative reflections into gaining self-autonomy from central government.

The young fresh army was mostly constituted with Macedonians and Afghanistanis who had the looting spirit as chief motivator. The Unicorn Cyrus “Alexander” was replaced by the more common name of Al Iskandar, or Iskandar for short.  That new name was agreeable to the new army and to Cyrus. This tendency that the army was motivated by loot suited well Iskandar, other wise how could he lead this army to unknown lands?

In order to secure self-autonomy from the Son God Incarnate Iskandar resorted to three main schemes: first, he delayed as long as he could recognition of receipt of Imperial messengers.  Most of these messengers had a way of disappearing mysteriously on their way back. Second, Iskandar sent regular reports of achievement and occasionally a portion of the treasures that he might or might not have gotten hold of.  Iskandar messengers were selected from units far away from headquarter to minimize chances of the messengers learning of the rumors being circulated. Thirdly, Iskandar never rejected a petition from the Persian soldiers to return definitely home; that included the soldiers from the western provinces:  it was necessary to eliminate potential spies and the faint hearted soldiers who didn’t join for the loot but because of an Imperial order. In fact, Iskandar made it laudable and excellent traditional behavior to visit families or start a family.  Forth, Iskandar decided to keep advancing as far as he could from the Persian borders so that communication become very difficult and confrontation with an Imperial army more remote.

The major problem was that Iskandar and his army was not to expect support or assistance from central government, especially the crucial financial aspect in the organization.  Consequently, Iskandar was to focus on loots regardless of casualties since he could always recruit fresh souls with money.

Years later, it was rumored that Al Iskandar was worshipped and his face and Two-Horned hat sculpted on mountains in scales befitting the grandeur of a God.  Eleven centuries later, it is rumored that the Moslems destroyed these pagan figures because Alexander was never mentioned in the Old Testament as a legitimate prophet. (A plausible story since Taliban detonated two majestic and mountain sized Buda.  The “prophet” Abraham for example, who is recognized as the father of the three monotheist religions, is a very lucky man; he could get away with everything; he abandoned his Egyptian wife Hagar and his son Ishmael to die of thirst in the Arabian Desert. Many CEO’s are very lucky men; their golden parachutes open on ridiculously lavish bonuses even when their companies go bankrupt).

A very normal accident


The Imperial caravan has been four months on the road without any significant obstacles.  In fact, it was a road strewn with flowers and roses that the Persian little people hurried to have a glimpse of a God Incarnate.  The instructions forbade Alex to engage in any battle; his job was to negotiate and transmit the kind of troubles and the danger level; for example red, orange or yellow; red meant that Cyrus had to advance two divisions to link up with the retreating regiment; Cyrus was to dispatch a messenger for Artax to dispatch a division to fill up the space/time gap in Cyrus camp.

On a bright spring morning, Alex was having his regular morning fast paced walking exercises when he tripped and fell.  His three body guards dusted him off and casually lifted him off the ground.  Alex’ broken right hip condition was worsened by these inconsiderate rough guards.  The previous Two–Horned King was screaming in pain and could not breathe to ingurgitate any Babylonian beer.  The Macedonian physician resorted to the very old fashion technique to calm down Alex’ humiliating screaming; the brave physician clubbed gently Alex head.  Alex went into sleep.  In fact, Alex suffered a serious concussion in the head and the two combined injuries lead to the real Alexander untimely death. All the fantastic stories about Alexander’ death are the legendary Greek style for recording “historical” events in hyperbolic and imaginative mythical Homeric epics.

Alex corps was burned and his ashes kept in a gold urn.  According to Alex wishes his ashes were buried in Babylon in the garden of the Imperial Palace.  The caravan momentarily halted its victorious advances and the Imperial Monarch, not reluctantly, returned with his consorts and concubines.  The funeral was conducted as secretly as feasible and in the privacy of the Imperial Palace in Babylon but with great pomp as befitting a worthy King and adversary.  It happened that Roxanne, one of the Monarch’s wives, died in the return journey and Babylon observed the ritual of one week of mourning.

Artax mourned Alexander for two weeks in an isolated tent and forbade any contacts with him.    Alexander could no longer be his catalyst to changing the world and Artax went through a period of deep depression. Artax emerged from his seclusion a changed man with a definite purpose.

Artax’ secret project taking flesh


            The whole Persian Empire, from the confines of Africa to Afghanistan and Kazakhstan got words of a most serious and grandiose project perpetrated in the Capital.  The whole preparation was conducted in absolute secrecy!   The Imperial palanquins were being refurbished, the Imperial tents were dusted off and repainted and the Imperial guards re-clothed and re-armed.  The whole Persian Capital was feverish and excited with the grand scale remodeling and re-painting of monuments and carriages.

            These preparations were undertaken six months after Alex’ reversal to Babylonian beer and one year after Alex near death imprisonment.  During the last four months Artax and Alex had frequent meetings under the patronage of Scheherazade as a cover up gimmick since pleasure associations were excluded from formal requisites.  Alex was to subscribe to Artax secret project of moving forward eastward to the most exotic lands. Most importantly, Artax assimilated the goals and urges of the hot headed Alexander. Instead of resuming his plan to launch a counter offensive on Greece he decided to explore the confines of his Empire that his predecessors declined to do.

Alex was to lead the whole caravan with a regiment of one thousand men of war and Artax was to lead the slow moving and substantial reserve.  Cyrus “Alexander” was to lead the fresh three divisions at a day distance from the leading regiment of Alex.  Alex had thus earned the honor of discovering first hand the magic, the beautiful, the amazing, the scariest and the deadliest of surprises.  Alex had reservations as to the loyalty of Cyrus when the tough gets going and the God Incarnate revised his orders:  when in war, Alex will lead the three divisions and Cyrus “Alexander” would be the Chief military counselor to the God Incarnate, if and when rescue missions and support are needed.

            In the meantime, a second higher education center for research was to be established in Asfahan City; this center would be at the cross roads of the famous learning centers in Afghanistan, India, and Central Asia Estates.  Alex had the authority to hire the most learned scientists and philosophers in Greece, Albania, and Romania. Basically, Alex relied on Athens and its environs for his vast recruiting endeavors. On purpose Alex reduced to the bare minimum messengers to Macedonia:  Alex didn’t miss his mothers or her frequent letters of lamentations and remonstrance. Olympia was devastated and highly frustrated that her beloved Alexander put a brake on his beliefs on a Divine Star leading his steps. 

            Alex expressed a desire to visit the World City of Babylon, the most famous City in the Old World for three millennia.  Alex has heard of the suspended gardens wonder and the gigantesque Victor Arch and the fortified inner City of Nabukodnosor, one of the late founders of the Babylonian Empire before Persia entered the City.  The Son God Incarnate gave in to the puppet eyes of Alex on condition that his visit is a private matter and not as a guest of the Persian Monarch.  Thus, Alex will live in moderate size palaces and traveling in ordinary attires.

Alex was overjoyed and Babylon exceeded all his expectations in grandeur, richness and variety of nationals and languages.  Almost all caravans wanted to schedule a stop in Babylon and do profitable commerce.  Babylon was the nerve center for gathering intelligence and negotiating deals (political as well as business) and enjoying a most liberal climate and fun exotic places for late night orgies.  Alex forgot his stature and re-converted to an adolescent seeking freedom of attachments and responsibilities.  Within three days and nights Alex was sick and feverish; he kept pleading to be buried in Babylon.   The Imperial guards were ordered to dispatch Alex in shackles.  The return to Persepolis was most humiliating and degrading to a sobered proud soul.  Alex was confined into a much smaller apartment and put on diet of goat milk, yogurt and fruits. It was a hellish life without booz and beautiful girls, especially the abstinence of alcoholic beverages. 

Micro designs fever


            It was decided that wine is toxic for Alex’ constitution; a substitute for wine was to be offered.  While the Persian Monarch’s chemists set to work, on a liquid that looked and tasted like wine without the uncomfortable side effects, a convincing story was to be fed to Alex.  The genius of Scheherazade was unfailing; there is this tradition for the God Incarnate to honor the “national” beverages of his vassal Estates; this week was Babylonian beer.  Alex was to honor this tradition from now on until a magic much less toxic substitute for wine was invented.  Alex endured the first cups of Babylonian beer but alcohol was his remedy for “normal” behavior and it was as good as wine though he had to re-design his dress for frequent visits to the toilets.  That is how toilet designs and accommodations got a boost in the whole Persian Kingdom.  Alex genius for architecture started on the micro level but bathroom concepts got a life of their own and superceded the design of the other quarters in habitats.  It was winter season and Persepolis felt cold.  The invention of Jacuzzi-like wood barrel, quickly replaced by marbled tiled bathrooms in palaces, was the rage.  Sure, Alex supervised the planning of Alexandria in Egypt but that is called urban planning and it was the trade mark civilization of Syrian wine products; more accurately, grape and fruit based fermentation condiments, except dates I think.

Artax’ dust off his dreams


            Night after night the God Incarnate recalled his early dreams that the comfort of life has blunted; He made Alex dreams and hallucinations His own, save diving into the ultimate void.  One night, the Persian Monarch could not sleep of excitement and He summoned his ministers and Grand Vizier on the spot.  Artax spoke in unambiguous terms; the largest of his palaces in Persepolis would be refurbished as the highest education center of the Empire and all the scholars in the confines of his Empire should be invited to reside in the center as his hosts.   Artax went a step further; he ordered Cyrus (not the founder of the Persian Empire) to quicken the performance of the three new divisions trained by the Macedonians.

            Cyrus was appointed General in Chief of the new divisions three months ago; he was one of the closest companions of the Persian Monarch and the most devoted.  Cyrus was a true man of war and very cultured and of the highest noble ranks; he even assimilated the Macedonian slang to perfection, specifically, only the cursing vocabulary; in return he earned the sensible appreciation of the Macedonian sergeants and corporals.  Thus, since Cyrus was a hard drinker and wore a one horned helmet he was given the pet name of “Unicorn Alexander”.  The real Two-Horned Alexander was very amused at first when the gentle information was passed on to him.  The same night, the real Alexander had a bowl too many of wine and suddenly he went livid and then his face turned scarlet.  The entourage of H-2 Alexander heard his roar “Unicorn Alexander!”, “Why, giving the name Alexander to their Chief enemy; this is not a trifling betrayal by my compatriots!  I know now that those hard minded Macedonians, barely literate, never believed my mother’s prophesies.  They don’t take seriously my Devine ascendancy!  They quickly accepted my current status as simply one of the honored guests of the Persian Monarch.  I was never mistaken; all they wanted was the loots and they are getting plenty of money as it is to satisfy their drinking binges”

 Alex rambled on and his eyes were playing flippers. The head physicians hurried when they got news of the recurring symptoms:  the God Incarnate was too smitten by Scheherazade stories to lose Alex.  A few drops of somniferous liquid were added to Alex wine who spelt with no further additions to his adventure story.  Scheherazade would have to take the relay and insert many female adventure dreams; this time pretty genies in colorful dresses were to be avoided in those forsaken lands and midget elephant-like animals had different skills and used for different domestic tasks.

Hallucinations of Alexander


During his more than occasional bouts of comatose states, Alexander’s memories underwent ravaging re-structuring.  Alex woke up one morning with a focused objective: going to China.  Alex’ irascible and blunt character made room to a thoughtful and diplomatically minded personality.  He recognized two noble nurses to be the closest concubines to the Persian Monarch and started to fake feverish nightmares and recounting his projects for far away adventures.  The concubines did not fail Alex and relayed these nightmares with details to please both parties.  The favorite concubine Scheherazade was a fine story teller and embellished details with her soaring imagination and frustrated dreams for adventure.  The Persian Monarch was made to believe that Alex is contemplating very risky adventures across desert and year-long snow covered chain of mountains.  Scheherazade recounted that Alex wanted to discover rich new connections with unknown civilizations, the multitude of problems to ponder on, and the creative solutions that would provoke him. Scheherazade went on, to the bewilderment of the God Incarnate, that Alex is excited to meet the mythic dragons and to reach that scary sharp cliff where the surface of earth ends, and to dive into the unknown of the other world for his ultimate curiosity.  Alex was to take with him scores of scholars and scribes and painters to record everything on their passage.




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