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Ariel Sharon’s case that lasted a decade

Posted on January 27, 2009

The topic of relentless medical attempts to keep a dying person physically alive, though technically brain dead, was exposed by Bernard Debre in his French book “Amorous dictionary of medicine“. 

The term relentless therapeutic is not appropriate because a therapy means hope to a healthy survival state of a patient, and the relentless endeavors connote a feasible resolution within a short limited duration.

Keeping an individual artificially alive is generally for political reason. 

In 1970, the Spanish dictator Franco was kept alive for a month in order for the Spanish to resolve a peaceful transition of power. 

The case of Ariel Sharon, Israel ex-PM is past a political transition of power since he has been in coma for over three years; (I am under the impression that the Zionist State is expecting the emergence of another “Biblical Prophet” before they decide to put Sharon to rest). 

I don’t know what happens to a person artificially living; is he seeing nightmares of Hell? In that case Sharon has done his well deserved punishment. 

Is the person experiencing heavenly dreams?  In that case Sharon is not entitled to such recompense.  Either way, Ariel Sharon has to go morally and ethically.

There are many kinds of “relentless therapies”. For example:

Therapies for the conscious terminally ills are interesting in their problematic.  The excuses for alleviating sufferings in euthanasia requests should be non-issues anymore, given medicine has a wide gamut of pain killers for every kind of suffering. But getting addicted to a painkiller and knowing it is of No use for any quality of life should be a matter of law cases.

The choice for the conscious terminal patient is whether he prefers to abridge his life with massive doses of pain killers or lengthen life a while longer with suffering. 

Ultimately, it is a matter of dying in dignity; especially when excretions are no longer voluntary acts and the support system is totally lacking for caring to a person who is no longer functional. 

Patients on pain killers die suddenly and generally with high morale because, after a while, they forget that they are terminally ill and live a euphoric period.

The great breakthrough in these cases is that lines of communications are open among the family members, the patient, the physicians, and most importantly, the nurses who are in frequent touch with the patient.

Opinions are shared and the last decision is for the patient if he is still conscious.

What is most needed are specialized centers or “units for the terminally ills” where the patient can live in a “normal facility” and supported by skilled nurses and personnel.

What was not natural is a pretty common occurrence: Elderly children walking as slowly as their parents.

Yes, this is my case: I could be considered an elder person when my parents died in their 93 and they were bedridden at home for many years and I had to cater for their hygiene.

Brain Dead. Explain to me, in lay terms

As far as I know, the medical profession has reached this consensus: “When diagnosed as brain dead, you are dead and done with. Period”

And yet, many “patients” are diagnosed as brain dead, and forced to “live” under therapeutic interventions

What it means to be brain dead in lay terms?

I will not search googles for what being brain dead means. I’ll try to surmise from my accummulated readings what it means to be brain dead, and in return I am asking the readers to correct my ignorance.

What I suspect is that a brain dead casualty is someone that medical instruments failed to detect” electrical activities” in the brain.

What that means?

Is our patient unable to even dream at all?

And so, what’s going on in this body where the heart is still pumping blood to places except the brain parts?

Is blood still reaching the automatic portions of the brain that keep the heart functional?

Are the lymbic brain portions for reflexes and basic survival activities still receiving blood?

I conjecture that the brain parts for seeing, hearing, feeling…all the external senses are dead?

I conjecture this patient cannot feel pain at all, even “unconsciously”?

Now, if many parts of the brain are not receiving blood, and consequently, are not irrigated with sugar to function, then these cells must be decaying? (Brain lives on sugar)

Which means that worms are already eating and reproducing in these locations?

Does that means some kind of pheromone chemicals are injected in the skull to keep worms at bay?




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