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8 Year-Old Yemeni Child Bride Dies of Internal Injuries

An 8 year-old Yemeni child bride, recently died on her wedding night from internal hemorrhaging.

She was married to a man 5 times her age. As disgusting as the tradition of marrying off children to much older men is, it is common practice in Yemen. More than a quarter of the female population are married before the age of 15.

In 2010, a 12 year-old girl passed away after struggling for 3 days in labor, attempting to give birth to a baby.

Countless other children have been subjected to similar atrocities.

Groups all over the world are working to snuff out this archaic and disgusting practice, but its proving difficult.

The impoverished country is gripped by the practice of selling off children to be married; poor families find themselves unable to say no to “bride-prices” that can be hundreds of dollars for their daughters.

More people need to know this is happening.

I read an auto- biographical book, long time ago, of a child bride who married to an older man and secluded in a remote inaccessible mountain region. there were no roads or cars to reach the location…The husband would go work in Saudi Arabia, returns once a year or two, conceives a baby and returns to Saudi Arabia. The girl is left alone to fend for herself, with the help of the women of the extended family of the husband. The girl managed to flee, and that’s how her story was out.

This 8 Year Old Bride Died on her Wedding Night. When You See Why, You’ll Be Sick.

Note 1: In many countries, one-hour sigheh or pleasure marriage is pretty common. Sort of regulated and religiously legal prostitution. The 0ne-hour sigheh is done on slave girl, purchased initially, and wrapped under a religious marriage contract. The husband formally divorce her and the child girl finds herself  used and abused as slave at the former husband house or merchant shop…

Note 2: More on this calamity in Yemen




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