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Let me tell you this story.  In around 1887, the monarch of Belgium, Leopold, convinced the western European colonial powers to get all the Congo as his “private property”.  The colonial powers believed that Leopold will exhaust all his wealth in no time running 20 million African natives.  Leopold put together an army of 90,000 soldiers to exploit the Congo, mainly rubber and wood.

In a single day, 3,000 natives, including underaged boys, had their right hand chopped off.  Why?  They failed to bring in the allocated quota of rubber to the exploiting power.

Within two decades, 10 out of 20 million African natives died.  One year before Leopold is to die, the State of Belgium declared that the Congo is no longer a private property.  The state of Belgium claimed that it was not aware of the horrors and atrocities committed there during the last 20 years!  The horrors continued with less killing and cutting of hands:  Manpower was diminishing horribly.

Let me ask you a question.  Suppose the cable channels ran live the two horror events; the Twin Tower crumbling and trapping 3,000 employees and the story of 3,000 African natives hoarded in Indian file to have their right hand cut off.  Which scene is more revolting?  Which scene will make you scream hysterically: “Why mankind has to be saved?!”

Nineteen extremist Moslems (17 out of 19 are Wahhabi from Saudi Arabia) committed suicide:  They smashed commercial airliners with the passengers in the Towers and the pentagon.  What was the reaction of Bush Jr. and company?  “If you are not with us then, you are evils”  Who were against Bush Jr. and company? Al Qaeda members? The Afghan people? All the Moslems?  The over one million Iraqis dead who had nothing to do with this incident? The French people?  The German people?  All people in this “Old decrepit” western Europe?

The Us government (including Congress and Senate members) were supposed to uphold the US Constitution.  Then, why the American people sided with this nihilist ideology?

Misery is not vanquished by war but is multiplied.  Resentments are not resolved by bombs; they are multiplied.  Bush Jr. and company emulated the terrorist ideology of Al Qaeda and surpassed it a thousand folds.  Is that called “democratic culture”?

If the leading state of liberty, freedom of belief, and human rights forgets in a second three centuries of Constitutional rights and application then, what the world should expect of dictatorial and obscurantist States running the developing nations?  Since when a terrorist act must lead to “war of civilization”?  Since when acts of terrorisms demand “religious wars” in this 21th century?

Don’t you realize that the latest uproars in 9/11 were out of subject matter?




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