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Bi-weekly report (#6) on Lebanon (December 27, 2008)


The news are showing in direct the latest mass murder of the Zionist State; Israel bombed Gaza with 60 jet fighter planes and killed so far within 3 minutes 200 Palestinians and seriously injured 350; the news media showed in direct the body of forty Palestinian police officers who died in their headquarter while attending a graduation ceremony; one injured survivor was proclaiming “La illah ella lah” (God is one).  Israel intends to eliminate all police forces in Gaza hoping for total insecurity and chaos to set in.  The Zionist Foreign Affair Livny met yesterday with Moubarak, the President traitor of Egypt, and got the green light to behead the Hamas leaders; it seems the beheading of the police and the civilians too.  Read my article “Zionism: an ideology of apartheid, terror, and crimes against humanity”


I also followed the interview with Simon Hirsh that was conducted by Maggie Farah on OTV; the translator to Arabic was a pain in the neck and prevented me from enjoying the informative and wonderful replies of Hirsh. (I think instant written translation should be by far the most pleasant alternative).  Hirsh’s is convinced that if the decision to attack Iran was left to Bush Junior, Cheney, and Abrams they would have done it; (read my article “Will the US attack Iran? Yes, Bush and Cheney would).

Hirsh also had divulged that the US had been preparing since March 2006 for a large war on Hezbollah and it appears that Hezbollah pre-empted the timing by a couple of months; the Lebanese Seniora PM wholeheartedly encouraged the aggression on Hezbollah (read my article “Who won the war: Hezbollah or Israel” and at least half a dozen articles on the July War)

 Hirsh has written that Saudi Arabia (Prince Bandar bin Sultan being the master mind behind the all out funding of terrorist groupuscules that ultimately would turn against this theocratic and oligarchic regime) has been funding all sorts of Sunni salafist terrorists groups to counter-balance Hezbollah in Lebanon and to promote the Wahabi sect in the Arab World.

The US Administration hated the Dawha agreement among the confessional Lebanese leaders; if Cheney was not greatly diminished then the US would have vigorously disturbed that agreement. 

Hirsh consider the Bush Junior tenure as the worst history period that befell the interests of the US; Bush is a rigid dogmatic and is totally insensitive to the consequences of his decisions.  If the Viet Nam War was tactical in nature (which means once the war is over then it is over and diplomatic and economic relations resume) the war in Iraq is strategic and the consequences are long-term.

This massacre is Gaza is mainly a message to President Obama to come forward and state his position on the resolution to the Near-East problems; for the time being, Israel made sure that no further negotiations with Syria or Palestine would resume in the foreseeable future.  The Bush Junior Administration insanely refused to recognize a democratically elected Hamas; there is no possibility for a resolution to the Palestinian problems without the recognition and open diplomatic dialogue with legitimate Hamas.

President Michel Suleiman is visiting south Lebanon to check on the location of the seven unloaded missiles that were pointed toward Israel and will pass by Qana.  The Lebanese know that those missiles were planted by soldiers from the UN peace keeping force hired by the CIA in order to start a rift in Lebanon’s political conditions and also to give Ehud Barak (the Zionist Defense Minister) extra lousy excuses to bomb Gaza.  The UN Peace keeping force is the only contingent there and is the sole responsible for any military activities and for securing stability, safety, and peace

Suleiman Frangieh visited yesterday the Maronite Patriarch in company with President Suleiman and the chairman Tarabey of the Maronite civil council.

Deputy Michel Aoun is visiting the Patriarch today and had a large gathering in Betroun.  He said that Seniora PM used the money deposited by Saudi Arabia for the reconstruction after the July War of 2006 and borrowed on it to line his pockets and spend on the next election campaign in Mai 2009. Walid Jumblat said that he was not happy with the tortuous maneuvers of Seniora with the Saudi money.

We have the problem of the formation of the “Constitution Council” that is responsible for validating election results.  Five members are to be elected in the Parliament and 5 to be selected by the council of ministers. It appears that the leaders had agreed on five names to be elected in the Parliament but Seniora PM, backed by Saad Hariri, elected one judge out of the consensus.  Now the opposition in the government demands the re-establishment of a “balanced” Constitution Council.


Note: Within 24 hours the number of Palestinian victims in Gaza climbed to 310 martyrs and over 1400 injured, most of them seriously dying.  The Israeli war of crimes against humanity is still raging on; the infamous Bush and Condo are blaming Hamas for “committing genocide against themselves”.  Every hour these numbers climb ominously amid the silence of al world leaders; only the populace is on the street and I wish violence on the US, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia Embassies all round the world.

Is Democracy a panacea for every social ills and for change? (December 9, 2008)

 Bush Junior and his Administration claimed vociferously that all their pre-emptive wars were meant to enforce democracy in world political systems.

Democracy was understood as a social method of governance to permit the citizens selecting representatives to the legislative body; this is a huge step forward since enacting laws confer power to the State to regulate life and think up ways to maintain order.

Many political orders do not require democratic elections to reaching the same objective of accumulating power and regulating lives.  When democracy is extended to selecting representatives to the executive and legal institutions, regulated chaos is consequently officially admitted.

How could you hire people to run your future and economic stability if the voting electorates are not versed or interested in the multitude of problems that do not concern their immediate and restricted wants and desires? How could we have separation of the branches of the legislative, executive, legal, and control institutions if they emanate from the same voting electorates?

Let us take cases of a few social institutions.  Suppose that you have a political party with strict structure, tight dogma and hierarchy, and coupled with symbolism, sort of Church-like ideology for homogenizing the people: How could democracy be capable of venting stagnation in this civil caste and transforming it into a reflective body of individuals?

Isn’t democracy then meant to psychologically satisfy the members of the caste, a reminder that they are still considered valuable entities, but not necessarily eligible to think freely outside the premises and restrictive laws of the caste?

How many political parties, regardless of their principles (socialism, communism, capitalism, racism and so on), that satisfy the criteria of caste system, have managed to elect a representative body who was not tightly linked to historical lineage of accumulated myths and aberrations?

Even the political parties in the developed States, with loose conditions to registering and no ex-communication orders for the members who jumps ranks to other parties, election results favor historical lineage.  The rare times, when the voters select an “outsider” to the recognized class of preferred representatives, are periods of utter disgust of performances or unusual catastrophes.

The voters are fundamentally aided by rich oligarchy to smoke screen the basic failure of the system:  The voters and oligarchic class select an “outsider” because they need a scapegoat to their frustrations and not because they do not like the known figures.

President Obama must have realized that fact: he is enlarging his popular base to include the factions that voted for the other candidates by including them in his administration team.  No, it is not because of the alternative candidates’ expertise or experiences that Obama selected them, but because they are still liked by many voters, who might be feeling sorry for their rash, uncalled for decisions of the moment.

The power of the US system is not in its brand of democracy, which is terribly flawed, but because the magnitude of loss in dignity, well-being, arrogance, and illusory dreams is too irritating for the common people to voting for the same class of representatives, even within the same party.  The US could have had any alternative democratic model and the result would not have changed this time around.

The alternative variations on the democratic methods are not fundamentally that serious: any democratic system is as good as any other.  What count is the level of education of the voters (in politics, economy, finance, geopolitics, and internal affairs).   What counts is the free-minded level of the voters, especially the lower middle class representing 50% of the population, as a society and as philosophical tendencies that encourage individual reflections.

What counts are climate of free opinions that are not punished once expressed, open discussions, and open communication among the groups and associations.  What count is to instituting independent governing bodies for check and balance among the powers of the legislative, executive, legal, and control branches. Then, and only then, do alternative models of democracy become viable to match the demand of the people, for more control over their destiny.

Note: After the Arab/Islamic mass upheavals, we are witnessing successions of Islamist parties, elected “democratically”  Does any sane person believe that once elected democratically, any Islamist political party will ever lose another election?  What democracy will change if the elected representatives carry the heavy burden of myths and religious biases toward the minorities?

Note: I am aware that I am translating an angry voice in my mind.  I am very worried. President Bush is leaving an economy in shamble and potentially detonating foreign policies.  The world economy is going into recession while President Obama will have to cater for the USA internal financial and economic stability before his foreign policies are taken seriously.  In the meantime, the world political and economic difficulties cannot wait that long.  Dispatching special envoys to States in crisis for the duration of the crisis will not exacerbate the US Administration problems because it should neutralize the powder kegs and stabilize the climate of disarray.

Outlandish expectations on Obama: ignorance or midget impetus to press on for reforms? (November 18, 2008)


Beside instituting general health coverage and minding the recession inside the USA, President Obama and his team need to take their time to analyze the devastating policies of the eight-year tenure of George W. Bush. The pre-emptive wars around the globe have left a bitter taste that only consistent, long term policies of equitability and fairness can make a dent in toning down the suspicions that the World Communities have on the intentions of the successive US Administrations. 

How can we interpret President Obama stand for the rights of the American people to carry fire arms?  Does that mean that the US is not yet a safe place to live in?  Does that mean that the US common people are not educated and cultured enough for clemency and have no tendency to abiding by the legal system?

How can we interpret President Obama concurring to the same financial strategy as the Bush Administration?  Are Wall Street practices just a fluke of a market gone wild that was expected every 30 years?  Why the hurry in pouring billions from the tax payers’ money before taking into account the recommendations of the other rich States? 

Violence is said to be the last refuge of incompetence, but if it was always the first choice then how incompetent was the Bush Administration?  May be incompetence is not the correct term; let us say it bluntly: it was pure racist and bigot inclinations and the US citizens let it pass for so long.  An apology is required by Obama to the World Community for the decisions and actions perpetrated by Bush that ruined the character of the US citizens for seven years.  If violence benefits the “terrorists” then what quality of terrorism can be generated if a superpower selects violence as first choice in dealing with under-developed States?

If President Obama believes that the miseries suffered by millions of people would be forgotten just because he was voted in, then he is overextending the magnitude of his charisma.

Gandhi said it best “Whatever good violence might offer it is at best transitory while the hate generated is permanent”. Toppling the regime of  Saddam Hussein by an all out war of invasion and destruction that left more than a million casualties is not good enough an achievement; the Iraqis cannot help but resent the inefficiency and brutal ignorant behavior of the military on the field and the successive more than ignorant administrators. The Iraqis would retain a long term hatred and antagonism for the USA. 

Over sixty years of total one-sided support for Israel’s pre-emptive wars and encouraging Israel’s apartheid system will not be forgotten even if a separate Palestinian State is finally installed and recognized by the UN.  The establishment of Israel that was forced on the Palestinians would not be forgotten by good intentions or one shot good gesture.  Millions of Palestinians have been living in refugee’s camps since 1948; the UN resolution 193 for their right of return has not be activated and even forgotten by the World Community.

Humiliating thousands of resident Arabs and Moslems in the US and reducing them in home confinement as terrorist potential suspects for over 7 years is not going to be erased from the psychic of these residents just because Obama wants to withdraw the troops from Iraq quicker than Bush.

There are hot spots of crisis in foreign lands.  President Obama would do the right thing by quickly sending special envoys to every hot spot. The envoys should stay there for the duration of the crisis; they should communicate with all parties on the field and exert initiatives whenever a climate of convergence is feasible.  Under-developed States are unable to deliver on super imposed ideal wishes that suit the interests of the rich States.

I recall a statement by Jean Rostand “Science created Gods in us before we merited the status of human” It is terrible that politics and mismanagement are exacerbating this gap!


Note: I am aware that I am translating an angry voice in my mind.  I am very worried. President Bush is leaving an economy in shamble and potentially detonating foreign policies.  The world economy is going into recession while President Obama will have to cater for the USA internal financial and economic stability before his foreign policies are taken seriously.  In the meantime, the world political and economic difficulties cannot wait that long.  Dispatching special envoys to States in crisis for the duration of the crisis will not exacerbate the US Administration problems because it should neutralize the powder kegs and stabilize the climate of disarray.

The State of Palesrael: a future plausible resolution (November 13, 2008)


There are reams and reams of plans and counter plans and resolution suggested to containing this everlasting unjust and uncalled for reality of the 20th century monstrosity that permitted the establishment of the State of Israel by displacing its original inhabitants (the Palestinians), as so many monstrosities in this century. There are two viable solutions for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, short of exterminating one party or the other or most probably both, that has been spreading death, disabilities, miseries, indignities and humiliation since 1920.

The Israeli Olmert PM has lately declared that the time to facing truth has come.  Since the Madrid convention in 1990 among the Arab and Israeli delegations and mediated by the US Administration, during the Bush Father tenure as President, for a resolution of this conflict, it was becoming evident that the “Biblical” strategy of Israel, for further expansion and pre-emptive wars, is no longer tenable.  A resolution was contemplated but the US had an old battle plan to invading Iraq before resolving this conflict.  The Bush “Son” administration dusted off this war plan and invaded Iraq. This invasion has failed miserably but Israel is no longer necessary for the strategic interest of the US in the Middle East:  The US has military bases in the Arab Gulf, it has many heavy weight allies among the Arabic States, and the price of oil on the market is far cheaper than physically securing its exploitation and distribution in Iraq or elsewhere or even resuming plans to intimidating China and blackmailing her by outdated military presence in Iraq.  The return of the heavy investments of the US in Israel has been reflecting sharp negative rates for decades, politically, economically, and socially within the US society and foreign policies.

My plan is of two phases: the first phase is recognizing the State of Palestine by the United Nation, a State self-autonomous, independent and all.  It is of primordial interest by the world community and the Jewish State that the Palestinian people recover their dignity and rights as a full fledge State and be permitted to exercise the complex task of administering and governing a State.  At least from a psychological necessity, the Palestinian people should feel that persistent resistance and countless “martyrs” for re-establishing their rights as legitimate and independent people have brought fruits, as any genuine national resistance ultimately should.

The second phase is the merging of the two States of Palestine and Israel into a confederate State with a central government and several self-autonomous “cantons”.  I can envisage the following cantons: West Bank, Gaza (including Escalon), Galilee (including Haifa and Akka), Judea (around Jerusalem and Bethlehem), the “East Shore” (Tel Aviv, Yafa), and the Negev (including Akaba).  I have this impression that the tight religious extremists on both sides would opt to move to Gaza and Judea, the very secular citizens would move to the East Shore or Galilee and the economically minded people might reside in the Negev backed by strong financial incentives.  The second phase will witness the return of the Palestinian refugees as ordered by the UN resolution of 193 in 1948 and the refugees would have the right to select the canton of their preferences.

I can foresee that the key offices in the central government would be equally, including gender, shared by the Palestinians and Israelis and a rotation imposed.  The representation in the cantons would be proportional to the general census of the period (at 5 years intervals).  The representation among sects, factions, or other types of social divisions within each “people” would also follow the proportions in the census.

I suggest to the interest of the future “Palesrael” State that Israel let Lebanon experience without foreign interventions the full extent of its caste structure so that the State of Palesrael might study the pitfalls and strength of such a system of co-existence and avoid the unnecessary miseries of minor civil wars and countless frustrations in its future unfolding.

It would be inevitable that the State of “Palesreal” be guaranteed a neutrality status (no pre-emptive wars within and outside its borders) by the world community and the regional, powers.  Then, it is hoped and strongly desired that the State of Lebanon would secure this neutraly status.  Amen.




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