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Lebanese Anonymous bust electronic sites of public institutions

Karim Abu Mer3i, a correspondent to the Lebanese daily Al Nahar reported:

“Monday night, social platforms disseminated the news that Anonymous named “Raise your Voice” penetrated several government and public institution electronic sites, like the ministers of interior, energy, transportation, foreign affairs, the high council for privatization, the President spokesman office, interior security agency…” 

Raise your Voice” displayed this manifesto:

“Break this silence that is invading our spirit before we occupy the streets and the Internet…We are a hungry people feeding bloated public officials. We are simply an association of citizens that can no longer suffer silence and watch all these atrocities, ignorance, and indignities heaped upon us…

It is not possible to shut us down and brainwash us by your media and propaganda…We will not stop until the Lebanese people get on the move and persistently demand his rights and snatch them…

We will not desist until the standard of living is raised at the level it should be…

No way we will backtrack until the government desist from creating smokescreen problems, like the faked electricity shortages, potable water deficiency, cost of living, increased prices of basic foodstuff…

We are the group of “Raise your Voice”. Expect from us to break this silence, anyway feasible, in the streets, on the social platforms…”

This Lebanese Anonymous is resuming its activities and penetration and getting plenty of support…The people needed a shot of adrenalin to revive their lost optimism in feasible reform changes, secular rule of laws, no discrimination on genders rights, abolishing the sectarian political structure, pushing forward into instituting a central civil government that consider all citizens as equal in their basic human rights…

YouTube announced OpLebanon#, an organization within the global Anonymous organization.

Two days ago, the government set free two activists after mass rallies, gathered days and nights, in front of the successive prisons they were transferred to. The activists had painted graffiti denouncing the political position of the government not intervening (neutral) on the grave problems the Syrian people are facing…The demonstrators shouted: “The graffiti men are inside prisons while the spies and agents are free to roam…”, the “military is flexing its strong-arm on the free citizens…”, and “Shame, shame on the military…”

Khodr Salameh and Ali Fakhry were set free on Wednesday night after the judge received a call from the prime minister not to exacerbate the highly flammable situation. Salameh signs his posts “Hungry” (jou3an), and when the demonstrators sang “Ya Khodr, ya jou3an (hungry)“, the jailor wondered how the demonstrators knew that Khodr was not receiving any food…

A sample of graffiti you see on the walls: “Walls of fear”, “I want to express my ire (Badi fesh khel2i)”, “The city walls belong to the people”, “This is no longer a point of view…”, “Freedom of expression is drowning in Lebanon”  

Note: Lebanese activists have announced May 1st the “Day for defending freedom of expression, opinion, and against government censorship on creative work”. The gathering is to start in front of Beirut Theater in Hamra Street and people are to paint graffiti, dance, sing…and voice their pent-up frustration




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