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“The murderer as he talks” by Nasri Sayegh (Part 2, January 2, 2009)


Note:  The official title is “Thus Spoken a Killer“.  Since I stopped believing in prophets I decided to speak like commoners

There is no consensus of who and how the civil war was initiated in Lebanon. 

All that we know is that on April 13, 1975, a bus load of civilian Palestinians was ambushed and the passengers killed by the Christian Maronite Phalange militia. 

In the previous part we described “Black Saturday” where hundreds of Moslem workers and civilians were slaughtered in the area of Beirut maritime port. 

The Moslems reciprocated in West Beirut and set up barricades. The Christians driving through were summoned to step out of cars and a bullet lodged in their heads.  A Moslem youth of 16 had received the body of his older brother in a sac and his zeal at the barricades was indomitable.  He recounts that one driver begged him to spare his life on account that he has children; the youth spared the life of the driver; but then the driver started to run in a zig-zag fashion which upset the youth for the lack of faith and decided to shoot him.


The Phalangists decided to eradicate the area of Karantina, by the port, where the poorest of the poor (constituted of Kurds, Shiaa and many ethnic groups) lived precariously.  The phalanges shelled the location and then advanced behind bulldozers wearing huge crosses and the picture of the Virgin Marie. They massacred by the hundreds every inhabitant there.  And after the slaughter, Champagne was poured “a volonte” for celebration.


The Palestinians responded by invading the town of Damour in 1976, a coastal town, and exterminated 43 Christians and drank from the skulls of the vandalized cemetery.


In 1982, the Druze feudal lord, Kamal Jumblatt was assassinated. 

Within hours, the Druze “wolves” grabbed knives, axes, and any weapon they had and massacred over 300 Christians co-existing with them in the Chouf district. The Christians of all sects vacated that region. The motto was “Kamal Jumblatt death was worth that amount of sacrificial victims”


When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and entered the Capital Beirut, Israel allowed the Christian forces, lead by the infamous Samir Jagea, to return to Chouf.  Israel casually watched the counter-revenge of murders and humiliations inflicted on the Druze inhabitants. 

Then, Israel retreated from the Chouf within months and the Druze, lead by the son Walid Jumblatt, massacred the Christians regardless of political affiliations, gender or age. 

Since 1992, the Lebanese governments invested billions of dollars in an account called “The Relocation Box” and managed by the same monster of warlord Walid Jumblatt. 

Only 12% of the Christian refugees returned to Chouf and Walid Jumblatt has been using these funds as his private “War Chest” and strengthening his feudal base in Chouf and Aley.


When Bashir Gemayel, leader of the Maronite Lebanese Forces, was assassinated in September 1983, it was the turn of these Maronite Christians to raise the motto “Bashir death is worth over 2,000 Palestinian deaths in the camps of Sabra and Shatila” (managed, controlled, and facilitated by the Israeli forces of Sharon that totally encircled the camps). 

It would be great to read the book of Robert Fisk for details on this mass massacre that lasted two nights and three days and was covered up by the Israeli forces.

In 1986, the infamous and criminal Samir Jagea executed hundreds of Lebanese Forces prisoners who paid allegiance to another Lebanese Forces leader Elie Hobeika. (Hobeika is the same one who lead the massacre of Sabra and Shatila and who later negotiated with Syria to end the civil war, which Jagea didn’t appreciate at all; Hobeika is the same one who agreed to take the witness stand in Belgium which decided Sharon to assassinate Hobeika three years ago).

Regina Sneifer, a very remorseful leader, wrote a book about the atrocities committed by the Maronite Lebanese Forces. She said that she convinced many fighters of Elie Hobeika to surrender on account that she will intercede to Jagea; she was terribly mistaken and many of her dear friends were executed in prison. Jagea told her “If Hobeika won we would be prisoners and executed”.

(Why the 17-year civil war in Lebanon happened?

My contention is that President Sadat of Egypt was negotiating with Kissinger a peace treaty with Israel, which took effect in 1977, and Syria was against these unilateral negotiations. 

Since Lebanon was practically controlled by Hafez Assad of Syria, Lebanon had to be destabilized. 

The Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and many of the leaders of Fateh (PLO main faction) were relying mainly on the political and military support of Egypt. Actually, Arafat is known to have been an “agent” to Gamal Abul Nasser.  Arafat worked out the Lebanese civil war to weaken the Syrian influence because Arafat wanted a wider latitude of freedom in decisions.

Arafat was in visit to Egypt when the civil war broke. It was very easy to expand the civil war among 18 self-autonomous religious sects in Lebanon.  Later on, Arafat shamelessly declared from the Palestinian West Bank city of Ramallah that he used to be the “de-facto and omnipresent leader of all Lebanon”. 

As Sharon convinced Begin to invade Lebanon in order to weaken the Syrian military and political presence in Lebanon, he resumed the preemptive 1982 war to push forward and enter Beirut and the Palestinian “resistance forces” were expelled from Lebanon in 1982.

Easy Going: There is no Palestinian baby

(written in 1998)

Part I:

There is no Palestinian baby, no Palestinian child.

There is no Palestinian youth.

They are Arabs. Bad Arabs.

Indonesia is mostly Muslims.  They invaded Timor, East and West.

Indonesia is not on the Black List.  It is a big nation.  Huge interests, stupid.

Bosnia has suffered immensely.  Peace missions finally in place.

War criminals?  La Hague tribunal is ready and waiting.

We don’t meddle.  They are no Arabs.

Somalia is mostly Muslims.  At long last, compassion landed.

Starvation ended.  Can’t talk bad: they are blacks.

Farrakhan is black and a Muslim.  He is no Arab, yet.

Bandustans in South Africa are no more “A la mode”.

Freedom, Liberty, Equality, Human rights, please.

Bandustans in Palestine are essential, and created for all the above values.

Security and Safety of the Jews in Israel are at stake.

The Chosen people, remember?  Surrounded by Arabs, mind you!

The harem of the Sultan of Brunei is, technically, not one.

The girls are, mostly, professional consultants for tourism.

The bad harems are purely Arabs.  The Sultan of Brunei is no Arab.

The original American Indians were bad.

Wish they were Arabs.  No clear conscience.

The Mexicans in Texas were bad too.

Wish they were Arabs.  Conscience a tad clearer.

The Iraqi people are bad:  they call themselves Arabs, not our media.

The Iranians are not really that bad:

They are too proud and Muslims all right, but no Arabs.

The Turks are a little better now:  Certainly not Europeans.

Not as much as the Israelite.  Definitely no Arabs.

Part II:

We are a compassionate people.  We adopt babies from all over the World.

From Latvia, Estonia, Romania, even from Africa and Asia.

Arab babies are off limit; off the media.

There is no Arab baby.  No Arab child.

No Arab youth.  Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.

The Jewish American rapist is socially dysfunctional.

The genuine rapist is Arab.

The Jewish American Baruch, of the Hebron massacre, is a madman.

A nerve snapped.

Arabs nerves can’t snap: made of stainless steel, tightly wired,

For mischief.

The Maryland Jewish murderer chopped a man’s head.

He is a juvenile delinquent and a psychotic.

Arabs are born, adult criminals.

The peace makers with Israel are Egyptians, Jordanians, or Moroccans.

Their leaders are. Who cares if they are dictators or absolute monarchs…

Who cares for the opinions of masses?

One of their leaders, the Egyptian dictator Sadat, was awarded

A joint Nobel peace laureate with the famous assassin Begin.

Menahim Begin, this prime minister and a staunch Jewish Jihadist, the precursor of Bin Laden.

That is beside the point.

The enemies of Israel are Arabs, not their leaders.

We have high hope in the people.

The criminals of the Oklahoma City bombing

Should have been Arabs.

Exceptions do occur.  Human nature you know.

Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Robert Kennedy.  He is a Palestinian of dual citizenship.

No motives:  Just bad Arabs attitude.

If push comes to shove, if a motive is needed,

Why, Sirhan is a hatemonger of the defenders of Civil Rights!

The most famous heart surgeon, Michael Debaky,

The poet of “The Prophet” and much more, Gebran Khalil Gebran,

The founder of St. Jude hospital for children with cancer, Danny Thomas,

Said they are Arabs from Lebanon.  The media beg to differ:

They are all, at best, of Lebanese descendants.

The bombers of the World Trade Tower are the Arabs.

The perpetrators of the Achilles Loro are the Arabs.

Literature Nobel prize winner, Nagib Mahfouz,

Says he is Arab.  Ask him.

The media insist that he is just Egyptian.

Those who shoot down commercial airplanes are Arabs.

Israel strikes Arab refugee camps.

Israel retaliates for Arab suicide bombings.

Israel lodges a cannon shell, inadvertently, on a UN compound in Qana of South Lebanon.

About three hundred Arabs died.  Give or take fifty Arabs.

Apology to the UN.

Arabs were massacred in the camps of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut.

Arabs killing Arabs.  Israel could care less.

How dare you blame Israel Defense Force!

They just happened to be there;

Completely cordoning off the Palestinian camps of civilians.

Freeing Lebanon by devastation, crimes against humanity and highway robberies.

There are no Arab babies.  There are no Arab youths.

Just Arabs.  Bad.  Arabs.

Definitely there are no Palestinians to bad mouth the people of Palestine.

Note:  Since I wrote this poem in 1998, many atrocities came alive.  The attack on the Twin Towers, the preemptive wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, the Israeli genocide in the Palestinian camp of Jenine, the barbaric preemptive war on Lebanon in 2006 that lasted 33 days, the genocide war on Gaza, the embargo on Gaza, the building of the Wall of Shame in Israel…




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