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After modelling: Music second career for Carla Bruni (current wife of French President Sarkozy)

At the age of 19, Carla Bruni’s career as a model took off.  At the age of 29, Carla quit modeling for other horizons.  She learned to play guitar at age 9 and her mother was a professional pianist.  Carla was a big fan of the Rolling Stones and was the main girl friend of Mick Jagger for 8 years.  Carla also was the girlfriend of Eric Clapton before Mick stole her from her Eric.

As usual, Carla did her due diligence in comprehending the music business, from the main professionals in the music industry by charming them and becoming their girl friend for a period.

In 2002, at the age of 35, Carla had a hit with “Quelqu’un m’a dit“, an album that sold 2 million copies in France and outside boundaries.  “Carla arrived very discreetly and in small steps: The universe of the music industry in France is hard and closed to newcomers. Many French models tried to transfer career to music and failed miserably” said the journalist reporter to L’Express Gilles Medioni.

Actually, Carla kept taking courses in vocalism twice a week, and doing it even today.

Carla had declared 16 years ago on TV: “I am an average singer and don’t intend of making it a career in music.” At the age of 18, Carla managed to find the address of French guitarist Louis Bertignac , of the group Telephone, and became his girlfriend for a year before she jumped ship with Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger.  Later, Bertignac did the arrangement for Clara’s first two albums.  The door to the other renowned musicians and singers was wide open.

There is this Goldman who is in charge of organizing the very restrictive musical evenings of the “Enfoires”, (the crazies), and Carla made sure that Goldman introduces her into this privileged club.  From 1995 to 1997, Carla participated and sang for the exclusive “Restos du coeur“, which opened the doors to show-biz and popular singers.

In 1999, Carla charmed Julien Clerc (Femmes, je vous aime…) who presented her to his agent Bertrand de Labbey. Carla, the song writer, sent Julien 5 anonymous songs by fax, among them “Si j’etais elle“.

Carla admitted that she got her inspiration when she was in love with philosopher Raphael Enthoven, ten years younger and for 10 years her boyfriend, and with whom she had a son Aurelien.  Enthoven introduced Carla to the circles of the French intellectuals and journalists who promoted Carla’s image extensively.

Music critics for the magazine “Les Inrockuptibles“, Pierre Siankowski reported:”Carla knew the right button to press in the music industry: She knew exactly who to seduce”

Carla opted for the independent music house Naive to produce her albums.  Naive was very honored and Carla was treated as Queen instead of another singer.  The third album “Comme si de rien...” was not a success, but receive worldwide coverage as current First Lady.  Jean-Louis Murat wrote a song for Carla and let her add her voice to three songs of his album “Mockba” in 2005.

In 2009, Carla wanted to try an actress career in movies, but this time around she was not as patient and thorough as in her two previous career.  She asked Woody Allen, as he was receiving la “Legion d’honneur” in the Elysee, that she wanted to be in his next movie.  In fact, Woody kept his word in 2010, but Carla had to re-shoot 35 times a scene that didn’t involve any talk:  She kept looking at the camera, as she learned to do in modeling, but acting is a different story and techniques.

Note: Article extracted from a chapter in the French book “Carla: A secret life” by Besmat Lahouri

“I’m King of baby-nose aesthetic surgery”: Baby-nose specie?

I am investigating the rumors that a French First Lady underwent aesthetic surgery and paid a visit to the most famous surgeon in Paris and that since the 80’s.

The aesthetic surgeon is in his sixties, and was a star in his profession. You had to get an appointment two weeks in advance, and bring a picture of your face, black in white, no smiling please and no cosmetics, from a designated photographer by the clinic.

The clinic floor is in marble and antique statues and Persian rugs give the tone of what to expect.

Piles for selected women magazines and published articles on the surgeon are displayed for your perusal. The surgeon finally receives me in his luxurious office.

He is all smile and the skin of his face is smooth (must give an example of the value of plastic surgery?)  The surgeon is direct and says: “I am the king of the baby-face. Baby nose is my specialty. The secret of a perfect nose is the one of babies, tiny, straight, round...”  He went on: “Plato said the first in priority is health, the second is beauty. I wish you health.  As for beauty, I hope I earned your confidence…”

It cost 2,000 Euro for a nose job.

I asked the surgeon on the nose of Carla Bruni, current wife of French President Nicholas Sarkozy. He said: “She is a friend for more than 20 years”.

Before 1998, the French media never approached the topic of Carla plastic surgeries.  After her wedding with the French President, the Anglo-Saxon media covered it extensively.

In 2009, the German daily Bild asked the opinions of plastic surgeons who reported that “The high cheeks of Carla are not natural: She made use of Botox aplenty and had surely a lifting.

In March 2010, the British Daily Mail exposed an ancient picture of Carla for comparison sake: The nose, the cheeks, the upper lip the jaw have been transformed.  The strong and long nose of Carla’s sister Valeria is representative of the Bruni-Tedeschi family trademark

Photographer Thierry Le Goues recalls the strong and long nose of Carla when she was 16 years old:  He spent many week ends taking picture of Carla in 1983. He said: “Carla had a nose resembling the nose of Gisele Bundchen, the current top Brazilian model.  The previous boss of Vogue, Irene Silvagni, recalls that the most beautiful and exquisite Carla hated her nose. “She had her nose done when pretty young. And it was no secret in the modeling profession” said Irene.

Photographer Max Vadukul confirms that the face of Carla was changed.  Jean-Jacques Picart said: “When Carla had breast lifting in 1990, everyone talked about it: It was still not a common operation in France.  Carla was “avant-guard” in plastic surgery in the 80’s.”

At the beginning of her modeling career, the 20 year-old Carla  was upfront in telling jokes on how she performed plastic surgery “They roll-over your eyeballs before operating on your cheeks”. Carla revealed to a journalist: “When I was 13, I looked like a lobster (crevette).  I discovered that seduction is not related to beauty. All you had to do is work on your seduction techniques.

As Carla set her mind, at the age of 30, on her second career as a singer and in the music industry, she kept denying having any aesthetic surgeries.

To a Paris Match journalist she responded: “I had not changed anything in my facial look. Plastic surgery is not a taboo to me, but I am not that attracted to these kinds of operations.  You don’t see me throwing stones at women who opt of plastic transformations. I find that the end results are not conclusive and you don’t look any younger.  I don’t feel taking these risks…”

Note: I retrieved this article from a chapter in the French book “Carla: A secret life” by Besma Lahouri

“Mick Jagger and I”: Who is Carla Bruni?

Mick Jagger (lead singer of the Rolling Stones?)wanted a perfect woman, from head to toe and wearing Armany attire. Mick was the true power in 1966: At the snap of his fingers he could move mountains. Mick was recognized in the remotest regions of earth.

Carla Bruni, current wife of twice divorced French President Nicholas Sarkozy,  was a big fan of Jagger since she was 15 of age. She was a groupie who adored her idol. At 18 Carla declared: “I will ultimately date Mick”.   The band of groupie laughed at Carla lucubration.

In 1988, the band Dire Straits were having a concert in Paris.  Carla is 21 of age and made sure to reach front row and attract the attention of guitarist Mark Knopfler, who is a friend of the famous guitarist Eric Clapton of the piece “Layla” and on tour with Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler invites Carla to join him backstage.  Carla invites her groupie of three  girlfriends to join her such as Joanna, Rapha, Alexia.

Quickly, Carla is the girlfriend of Eric, 23 years older than she. Eric is a close friend of Mick Jagger who was married to Texan model Jerry Hall and have two kids.  Foolishly, Eric presents Carla to Mick who is immediately smitten by Carla.  Clapton is reduced to beg: “Mick, please, in the name of our friendship, leave Carla to me…”  Yes, right!

Carla keeps recounting her affairs of week-ends with Mick to her entourage of models and professionals in the business.  Jagger has a castle in the Val de Loire called “Fourchette” and is sending his limousine to wait for Carla after her modeling show. Chantal Thomass recalls that Carla would say: “He may wait. I am not over yet. I am young and beautiful and Mick can patient outside.”

In 1994, photographer Max Vadukul was waiting with Carla in the airport.  A Concorde landed and Carla said: “It is mick coming to pick me up.  He keeps calling me from New York desiring to see me…” The stylists and personnel would often hear this request from Mick on the phone: “Hello, It’s Mick, may I speak to Carla?” Every half an hour, Mick would call back and get the same message “Carla is busy and didn’t finish her work”  Carla would never return the call when at work.

Photographer Jean-Marie Perier said: “Mick was crazily in love with Carla and was ready to divorce from Jerry Hall.  Carla would not marry Mick. And Jerry was constantly trying to locate the whereabouts of her husband…”

Carla is a possessive character: She rented a house in Moustique Island where Jagger spent his vacation with his wife Jerry and his three kids by now.  Jerry Hall is the last to get wind of her husband’s affair with Carla and calls Carla who coolly denies the rumors and detaches the phone away from her ear to minimize the rage in Jerry’s voice and hangs up.

During Carla’s 8 years affair with Jagger, not a single paparazzi published a picture of this couple who toured every capital in the world.  Once, Carla retorted to her husband President Sarkozy: “In matter of public discretion you are an amateur”.  You may read of Carla’s 8 years career as a famous model in link provided in note #2.

The funny part is that Carla was searching for a luxury apartment in Paris to meet with her new boyfriend Sarkozy.  It turned out that Mick Jagger had a flat there too.  Mick barely used his flat in Paris, but Sarkozy didn’t appreciate this choice and declined.

Carla had also a singing career in the last 6 years. This is another story, to be continued.

Note 1: Article is extracted from the French book “Carla: A secret life” by Besma Lahouri

Note 2:  You may read of Carla’s career as model in this link

Carla Bruni? Current wife of President Sarkozy? Who’s that?

I am reading the French book  “Carla: A secret life” by Besma Lahouri.  This article is focused on a single chapter: a biography of Carla before she married the French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

Carla Bruni is 176 cm tall and spent 10 years as model.  She was born with a silver spoon: The family live in a castle in the cap Negre, and the Paris apartment is vast of 2,000 sq. meter, a famous paint hanging in every room. Carla’s mother, Marisa, is a professional piano player; she accompanied young Carla for a session of photos shoot and waited patiently:  It is good to have passions! Once, Carla earned her first check for a fashion show in New York and misplaced the check.

“I think Carla was  not into fashion:  She preferred to wear jeans, though she could afford the latest dress mode. Carla was fascinated by the cruel and glamor environment of fashion and modeling business.  The top models were earning a living, Carla loved her job” recalls the stylist Chantal Thomas who knew Carla at age 17.

A previous head editor to Vogue said: “I was the only working mother for the bunch of young girls squatting in my apartment in Paris.  They drank beer, smoked joints, and always emptied the fridge.  As I step in, Carla was bombarding me with questions on fashion:  She wanted to know it all on that profession.”

Photographer Thierry Le Goues was an assistant when Carla showed at at age 16 at the Pin Up studio.  On week-ends, Thierry was free of using the photo equipment and Carla was volunteer. Thierry said: “Carla studied during the week and posed for me on week-ends. These week-ends were sort of vacation period for me: Carla posted for hours on without any complaint.  Everything seemed easy to her”  Four years later, Thierry is shooting at the Island Saint-Barth in the Caribbean and meet Carla who had dropped architecture studies and working as model.  He shoot Carla nude, jogging on the beach of white sand, totally at ease. On the way to dropping Carla at the hotel, they saw a car burning. Carla jump out and demand to have a photo taken on the top of the burning car.  Morgan clothing company hires Carla two weeks later”.  Carla is one of the hardest working models:  It is 5 am at the Touquet, it is raining and the temperature is minus 3 degrees, but Carla never emitted a complaint.  Once, during a shoot at he Ritz kitchen, Carla was drenched with buckets after buckets of water, and she never batted an eye-lid.

“Carla is beautiful in movement. She has this feline atypical gait, but on the podium she moved perfectly. Her face was never judged to be front page, and Carla never got front page on the US Vogue. Consequently, it was very hard to incite top photographers to shoot her for front page. The best I could do is using Carla for swimming trunk season collection or for nude picture” would say Odile Sarron.  Famous fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier said: “Carla is a professional great model, but not a top one.  She is not a classical beauty; was rather a personality.”

For example, the beauty of Carla did not strike a chord to Christian Lacroix and Jean-Jacques Picart, but an assistant suggested the name of Carla.  They invited professional Carla for a session of “go and see”, meaning to come with her book.  Carla is on time, but waited for an hour to be presented.  As she stepped in the office she said: “Buon giorno. sono Carla. Finally, it was time” Picart replied “You are manifesting inflated impatience”, and Carla to retort: “At every single show of yours, I would call my agent and ask her whether Mr. Lacroix contacted me. This time around you are meeting me.  You’ll see.  Your robes on me will appear far more beautiful”.  Carla made her charm and seduction number and she walked the podium for Lacroix for many years.

Carla confided: “I was not the type of attracting model hunters.  No one stopped me on the street to take a photo of me.  I made all the necessary steps to coming forward…”  Picart said: “Carla never exhibited the image of a victim: She was always under control.  She viewed herself as the most beautiful and most talented and worked the hardest on this image.”

In 1996, Jean Paul Gaultier was in full preparation of his fashion show and he needed to screen dozens of models to be the head-leader.  He demanded to bring in red-headed models.  Carla showed up in a red wig and winked to Gaultier. “Carla is not my type of beauty, but I could not refuse: she was a true kitten.” said Gaultier who is currently dressing up Carla as First Lady.

Carla is refined, a classy woman, who would never get drunk or behave wrongly at working sessions or on the job.  She is constantly focused and ready to jump at occasions. Carla is simply hard working, a perfectionist, and good at detailed.  Carla knew how to surround the support of all the backstage personnel.  The personnel would give Carla priority over other models if not ordered to taking care of particular models. Journalists claim that Carla was their best client: She befriended them and knew by instinct the location of the cameras.

Photographer Marc Hispard recounts: “I had Carla painted all over with letters for a shoot.  I received an urgent message to visit my wife at the hospital. The head editor summoned me not to leave before I finish the job. Carla stepped in and said: “I am ready to wait until Marc returns.  Six hours later, Carla was waiting still, as I left her”

Carla was lucid of the venomous comments circulating in the fashion industry.Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge adored the top model Laetitia Casta. They referred to Carla as the air hostess. Carla used to hide under a table and read and eat her sandwich in peace. Always with a nice comforting word for the personnel. Carla is always clean, not any body odor, fingers manicured: An impeccable model. She folded meticulously the robes she tried on a chair.

Carla had a bunch of star boyfriends such as Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger (on and off for 8 years)…who aided in her notoriety. She used to tell her bosses: “When light stops loving me, do warn me.”  At the age of 29, she decided to retire from modeling: She was too proud, ambitious, and aware of what it takes not to be relegated to second grade model. She took into singing and luring famous men as boyfriends for short duration, not exceeding three years.

Carla frequently told friends: “I will be a famous person.”  At the age of 40, Cecilia divorced the French president Sarkozy after he was elected. Carla jumped to the occasion. She called her best girlfriend and said: “Guess who is my new boyfriend?”

How Carla managed to hook the president? How she is performing as First Lady? It is another job, and she intend to learn it to perfection.  This is another story, to be continued.

Note: At a private diner that Carla arranged to meet with the president, she came wearing ballerina, for the shorter president.

Note 2:  You may read Carla’s 8-year love affair with Mick Jagger




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