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A common sense project taking a life of its own, (July 26, 2009)

 Hands off Lebanon.

“Lebanon is not a Nation: it is a message” (Pope Jean-Paul II).  Nice try Pope for your optimism! What message again? We never believed in any message in the first place, for us to transfer and disseminate our messengers.

“Lebanon is not a Nation: it is a Carrefour (cross-road) of civilizations” (Maurice Gemayel).  Nice try Maurice. What Carrefour again?  I see; a state of art infrastructure with a Space Center; a human potential incubator for foreign investors to select from, use, abuse, and milk dry.

 “Lebanon is not a Nation: it is a project of communication facilitator, an audio-visual platform” (Joanna Choukeir). More likely a project that could fly. Sort of a guinea pig laboratory of dysfunctional people, living in a dysfunctional barely “recognized” State to study the feasibility of a futuristic dysfunctional “Global Village”.

Lebanon is not a Nation, period.   The  “leaders” of Lebanon never believed this State as such; they tailored made their concept of a State recognized by the UN.  Lebanon’s sectarian leaders lived the good life of organized chaos within their castes; they forced Lebanon’s citizens out of its borders, in disgust; “citizens” with barely a passport seeking the bare minimum of dignity and potentials for survival among stable societies with sustainable institutions. 

Lebanon is a comprador Carrefour; governments systematically taxing the poor with modern high-tech taxing facilities, to aid the comparator noble caste to fructify their businesses out of Lebanon. We are fleeing for individual professional recognition; we may receive recognition for anything but the dignity of a worthy society that could generate worthy citizens.

 The cup of dignity always overflows of the spirit within. We have proven to be meant as plain catalysts for potentials of change, which could never materialize in a sustainable spiritual survival of any kind. Our thin and porous shell never protected; what was inside never germinated to full bloom; it disintegrated prematurely.

The only spiritual dignity left is growing in south Lebanon; the region least attended to by our successive governments, because they gave up on that land since independence in 1943.  The disinherited neglected “citizens” of the frequently bombed and displaced land are returning, holding on in observation posts, monitoring the pre-emptive war plans of the enemy of occupation (Israel), resisting in the name of the entire State in their trenches; never relinquishing their faith in a sovereign Nation, commensurate to their worthy dignity.

Lebanon’s national resistance is setting the right tone and basis to satisfying a meaning of “why Lebanon should exist among nations”.  Lebanon the message, the Carrefour of civilization, of communication among cultures, and of human potentials could still be feasible if our internal enemies plainly desist of continuously maligning our resistance of liberation, land, and spirit. 

Hands off Lebanon: comprador, religious caste clerics, feudal lords… Your foreign interests parties never had good intentions for Lebanon; save us your traveling officials. 

We are to suffer another injury: the head of our Parliament wants to save the Lebanese of the ignominy and the intricacies of forming a national unity government claiming that “total blackout on news” is the solution; as if our leaders are the one’s suffering from insomnia, misery, and a bleak future.




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