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Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo:  No one is showing you

Sun Jan 11, 2015

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Below are cartoons drawn over the past several decades by Cabu, one of the most emblematic cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo (if not the most). Cabu was murdered along with his colleagues this past week. He was 75 years old.

Although no media outlet in the US will show you these images, they can all be found online with a simple Google search.

This cartoon by Cabu criticizes racial profiling, specifically discrimination by the French police against immigrants from North Africa and people of African descent.

The caption reads: “No to racist controls [identity checks].”

This cartoon by Cabu depicts and quotes the racist demagogue politician Jean-Marie Le Pen of the Front National party (with the eye patch).

The caption reads: “We want to be able to go out in the evening without being afraid.” The armed thugs in the background are racist skinheads and their ilk. The cartoon leaves little doubt as to who is afraid.

This cartoon by Cabu depicts young people of color looking at a Christmas display of a toy costume for a CRS, the riot control force of the French National police, which has long been accused of brutality and racism.

The critique here is about the normalization of police control and militarization and its negative impact specifically against young people of African descent.

This cartoon by Cabu meant to raise the alarm at the rise in popularity of far-right, anti-immigrant politician Marine Le Pen and her Front National party (founded by her father, the notorious right-wing racist and xenophobic politician Jean-Marie Le Pen).

The captions read on the left “Disappointed by Sarkozysm” [ie. disappointed by the policies of the Center Right politics of former French president Sarkozy] and on the right “Disappointed by Hollandism” [ie. disappointed by the policies of the Center Left politics of current French president Hollande.] Marine Le Pen is cast as the “hostess”.

A rough translation of her caption would be: “Move it you red, white & blue peckerheads!”

This cartoon by Cabu criticizes the size of the military budgets across Europe. The captions read at the top, “Those clowns that suck the blood of Europe,” and at bottom, “Let’s put the military budgets on a diet!”

This cartoon by Cabu ruthlessly criticizes the French military. The caption reads: “14 Juillet [France’s Independence Day], the killers’ holiday.”

This cartoon by Cabu does not require translation.

This cartoon by Cabu was published in 1979 in the antiwar journal of the Pacifist Union. While this specific image might not have been published in Charlie Hebdo (I don’t have access to their archives), it strikingly conveys Cabu’s lifelong antiwar and anticolonialist politics, which always fit right in at Charlie Hebdo (and were shared by the majority of the journalists and cartoonists there).

The caption reads: “France doesn’t have oil, but she has an army!”

1:53 PM PT: Much thanks to everyone who helped put this diary on the Rec List.

Mon Jan 12, 2015 at 6:07 PM PT: Charlie Hebdo just released the cover image for their next issue.  You can see it here:…

In many Islamic countries, massive demonstrations lambasted the Prophet cartoon on the cover. In Niger, 7 Christian churches were burned down

Tue Jan 13, 2015 at 8:21 AM PT: One last update from a message sent to me:

“Take it from a French person who verified : bleu-bites (in the cartoon with Marine Le Pen)  simply means rookies, newbies. Un bleu has been a rookie or a new recruit in the army since the 19th century.  Bite derives from a slang word   ‘bitau’ meaning a new student, the word comes from Switzerland (Genève)  ‘bisteau’ for young apprentice.”

Note: Charlie Hebdo had No business dealing with stupid religious icons that are based mostly on fiction and not well documented. Disseminating ignorance and falsehood is not the business of learned cartoonists.


Levine (USA) on Ehud Barak (Israel defense minister): “Good fences make good neighbors” on the newly erected borders with Egypt in Gaza.

Gado in the Daily Nation of Nairobi (Kenya) on Zimbabwe President of 86 years: “Say it louder: Happy birthday Mr. President…”

Arcadio of Costa Rica on Hugo Chavez (President of Venezuela): “Queen of England! Empires are over.  Return the Island of Malouines to Argentina”.  England is extracting oil on the shores of the Malouines.

Andy of South Africa on Recep Tayip Erdogan (PM of Turkey): “Arabs and Turks are fingers of one hand. Without the Arabs the world has no sense.”

Stavro of Lebanon on Muammar Qadhafi of Libya: “I demand the dissolution of Switzerland.  The Italian speaking part is to be handed over to Italy; the German parts to Germany, and the French region to France.”  The son of Qadhafi, Hannibal, was arrested in Switzerland.

Cajas of Equator on Felipe Calderon (President of Mexico): ” It is like your neighbor is the biggest drug addict in the planet”  reprimanding the US for not cracking down more seriously on US drug addicts.

From Lisbon on Antonio Gutierrez (UN commissioner on refugees): ” You lock the door a window is opened. You lock a window an underground tunnel is dug-open.”

Bado of Ottawa (Canada) on Fidel Castro: “The Cuban model is not working; it is not working even in Cuba.”

Gado of Kenya on Nelson Mandela: “I had serious trouble in prison with the outside false image that I was a saint.”

Koukso of Russia on Mikhail Khodorvski (Tax evader of Russia ex-Chairman of the giant oil producer Loukoil): “Naturally I don’t like being in prison: I am ready in the name of my convictions.”

Taylor Jones of the USA on Jacob Zuma (President of South Africa) visiting Cuba: “It is a wonderful mix that should be inspiring and which distinguishes Cuba community from the rest of the world.”

Kroll of Belgium on the monarch saying: “Ivory Coast, that’s a country.  For every election they celebrate two Presidents.  Belgium was unable to form a government in six months.”

Boligan of Mexico on Haiti, showing a giant statue in a state of crumbling.  The last earthquate killed 250,000 and the cholera epidemic killed 2,500.  The news media forget Haiti except for major cataclysms.  Who are remaining NGO?  Who is still supporting the people in Haiti?




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