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A 25-point ceasefire/agreement deal in Syria?

Brokered by Turkey, Iran, UN…

Important: The anti-Assad rebel coalition of Jaish al-Fateh has reached an agreement with Iran for de-escalation, followed by a six-month agreement.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra is involved in the agreement, not only Ahrar al-Sham this time.

The 25-point ceasefire/agreement is to be overseen by the UN.

The ceasefire will take place in the southern towns of Zabadani; Madhaya; Baqeen; Sarghaya and nearby regime bases.

In the north, the ceasefire will apply to Foua; Kafraya; Binnish; Taftanaz; Taoum; Maarat Misrin; the city of Idlib; Ram Hamdan; Zardana; Shelikh.

The strict destination of those leaving Zabadani (fighters, families and wounded individuals) must be to Idlib.

The agreement states that the ”government of Iran” will work with the Lebanese government to bring back families that fled “illegally” to Lebanon, but they must be no more than 50 families.

Women and children under 18 or men above 50 can leave Foua and Kafraya but they should not be more than 10,000.

Regime will release 500 prisoners

More remarkably, the agreement stipulates that the regime will not fly helicopters or planes in those areas including to drop aid. A no-fly zone of sorts.

Agreement also includes:

  1. no arms depots on frontlines;
  2. no humanitarian blockade on Foua and Kafraya or blockade on Madhaya, Baqeen, Serghaya.
  3. No additional military defensive lines
  4. No military jets and helicopters flying over these cities




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