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Has Erdogan of Turkey lost it? Ill-health, internal troubles, increased external alienation…

Erdogan is ruling Turkey since 2002, backed by his Moslem Brotherhood “Justice and development” Party.  Any ruler in power for 10 years is bound to become a de facto dictator, no longer in touch with the needs of his people, the little people who want earthly kinds of happiness: Food, health, security, equality in entitled rights and responsiblities…

All the “democratic” gimmicks of fair elections cannot obscure the smokescreen tactics: Erdogan has been trying to convince the world community that Turkey is on the proper path to peaceful democratic transition of power…

Erdogan has lost it:

1. He is in terrible ill-health. He refrained from appearing in public for over 6 months and the very few new pictures of him are devoid of good health…

2. Instead of focusing his attention at resolving the Kurdish problem, integrating the kurds are equal citizens with fair treatment…Erdogan is boasting of having killed 500 Kurdish insurgents this month alone…and vowing to eradicate thousands of them by military operations…

3. The Kurds counter-reactions are as violent…cars have been exploding in large cities in Turkey and in the Capital Istanbul…and the military operations are increasing and the insurgents are learning to cope and return to the offensive…

Mind you that the internal instabilities in Turkey are much prior to the Syrian uprising. Most probably, Erdogan figured out that turning against the Syrian regime might unite the Turkish “Nation” against a fictional enemy…and relieve him from his internal pressures and delaying their resolutions…

Syria has turned down the proposal of Erdogan to help him militarily to crush the Kurdish unrest on the borders…

4. Turkey has antagonized many surrounding States, such as Iran, Iraq, and the States around the Black Sea. The previous strategy of making peace with all the surrounding States has gone to pieces. Why? The Turkish regime is turning authoritarian and nationalist chauvinist, and adopting the Attaturk slogan “Turkey is for the Turks”

5. Erdogan foreign minister convinced him to “get engaged in Syria and reflect later…”. Wrong and deadly judgment: Syria and Turkey have thousands of years of emmeshed history and common communities…(See note). The Western nations refrained from taking seriously Turkey’s direct and vast strategic plans on the Syrian problems…

6. So far, there are over 80,000 Syrian refugees in Turkey, and preparations are suggesting that Turkey is expecting the number to increase to 130,000 very shortly. The political immersion in Syria’s affairs has dwindled the support for the Turkish Moslem Brotherhood Party: The Turkish citizens are very apprehensive of the massive infiltration of foreign militias and radical Islamists entering Turkey, supposedly to fight in Syria, but most of them trying to find refuge in Turkey.

The Arab States are refusing to let the former jihadists return home, and prefer to dispatch them to Hot Spots, regions specifically created to keep the jihadists on the move and away from their home States…

7. Erdogan and the President Abdullah Gul are in the process of a long internal infighting: Erdogan dismissed and retired many high officers in the army who were counted on the President and taking political engagements not to the satisfaction of Gul…

8. There is this trend of transforming Turkey into another Pakistan, very unstable, fragile, and radical, and the reactions of Erdogan are encouraging this political instability…The consequences of the long difficulties and instability in Afghanistan has affected the political/social structure in Pakistan. 

The Syrian instability is affecting the Turkish political/social structure and radicalizing the ‘minorities” in Turkey, especially the Kurds and the Alawits, both them forming at least 45% of the total population.

The Alawit Moslem sect, forming 15% of Syria population and about 20% in Turkey, is a mixture of Shia and Sufi interpretation of Islam. This sect were persecuted for a thousand years by the dominant Sunni Caliphat and they took refuge in high mountain chains. The Ottoman military formation the Inkishariyat was suppressed by the Sultan in 1826 and the disbanded soldiers assembled in secret sects, associating with the Alawit secret organizations and spreading in the Balkan region…

Note 1: Post partially inspired from an article by Jihad Zein in the daily Al Nahar.

Note 2: The “Turks” are nomadic tribes from current Turkmenistan and neighboring central Asia States who united and defeated the Byzantium army around 1080 and established the Seljuk dynasty.

A Turkish cultural movement: Fathallah Gulan?

There is this educational movement initiated by a former Turkish official preacher or Moslem cleric, called Fathallah Gulan, who currently resides in Pennsylvania since 1999, for supposedly health reason.

The movement has established over 1,000 schools in over 100 States.  The schools are gender separated and offering a mixed education of Western scientific reasoning, latest technology know how, and Islamic value system.  The schools teach in local language, English, and Turkish.

Turkey and the Capital Istanbul are to be the Grail for must visit to graduates as was Paris, as is New York, as will be Shanghai.

The primary target States were the Central Asia States under the former Soviet Union such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan

The Turkish graduate teachers were “voluntarily” sent to remote towns in Central Asia States since 1992 to open schools, teach, and set up businesses.  The ideological undertone was that the roots of the Turkish race are from this regions and the citizens in these States have to regain pride and dignity in their Turkish origins.

Initially, poor students were encouraged to attend these schools for free education and board until this schooling system prospered and rich people patronized it.

Currently, fees are around $5,000 in Kazakhstan because 30,000 applied for 1,400 vacant places.  Schools in a particular State are totally independent from even the nearby State and teachers are not to visit schools in other States.  Management and administration of Schools in one State have a branch office in Istanbul.

Teachers wear black suits and black ties and they do not grow beard.  Higher level students play religious advisors or chaperon in Islamic value systems and ethics.

Women are not permitted to accede to the higher administrative and decision spheres in this multi billion enterprise.

The initial teachers were principally educated in Catholic schools and propagated the same teaching programs. For example, these schools teaches both the creationist and evolutionary theory of mankind.  Graduates from these schools contribute heavily and generously to this organization once they establish their own businesses.

This organization is not formally registered as a political party or as an official movement: it has no formal constitution or program; its finances are not transparent.  Its members are not asked to formally register in the organization.

It is a “secret” organization except for its educational purposes.  A former Interior Turkish minister estimates that 70% of the police force are members in that organization.

This “organization” claims not to have any theocratic ideology.  Anyway, Islam is one of the rare religions where knowledge and sciences were encouraged to acquire, practice, and disseminate everywhere, even when its political systems where fundamentally theocratic.

Thus, teaching Western sciences and reasoning are no foundation to believing that in due time this organization will NOT establish a theocratic system in Turkey.

Note 1:  Current events are demonstrating that this movement was the precursor or the catalyst of the Turkish Moslem Brotherhood in power under Erdogan PM.

Note 2: This December 2013,  Erdogan sacked the ministers of the Interior, Finance and Justice on ground of frauds committed by their sons. Erdogan has decided that this powerful cultist movement is getting out of hand and its tentacles are reaching way deep in the social and political fabrics of Turkey.




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