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The most ancient and intrepid mariners: The Chaldean of the Near East

The Chaldeans are the people who inhabited the Near East region of current Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine.

Their civilization is traced for 6,000 years as people who first settled in City-States and roamed the rivers and seas.

They are mostly known as establishing several empires in Iraq such as Ur, Akkad, and Babylon… and establishing trade outposts (turned City-States) along the coast of the Arabic/Persia Gulf, Persia, India, and the Far East.

The Delta of Basra, where the mighty two rivers of Tigres and Euphrates meet, was their starting adventure in trading with neighboring countries

Several renowned archeologists confirm that the Chaldean mariners reached America (North and South) from two main directions.

1. The first route was along the Pacific Polynesian Islands and New Zealand all the way to Peru… (Prof. A.H. Keane)

2. The second route was through the Bering Strait at a point between Alaska and Kamchatka Peninsulas (Archeologist Hume Bolden)

The descendents of the Chaldeans on the western sea shores are the Phoenicians, extending their streak of City-States from Acre, Tyr, Sidon, Byblos,  Tripoli, Arwad, Ugarit, Izmir… all the way along the Turkish sea-shore and on to the Black Sea.

The Phoenicians were the master of all the Mediterranean Sea for 12 centuries and built 70 trading outposts or cities along the shores and traded in the Black Sea.

1, In Tripoli they had Sabratha and Lepis Magna

2. In Tunisia: Utica (Old city), Carthage (Kart Hadasht or New City), and Hadrumete

3. In Algeria: Rachgoun, Circa, Hippone

4. In Morocco: Lixus, and Mogador

5. In Spain: Cadiz (tin mine city) Cerrodel del Villar, Toscano, Charreras, Malaga and Adra

6. In France: Massalia (Marseille)

7. In Sardegna: Tharros, Sulcis and Nora

8. In Sicily: Motye

9. In Crete: Tarsus and Tekke

10. Cyprus

11. Malta…

The French President Georges Bidault delivered this keynote address to the UNESCO General Assembly”

“The Phoenicians have set the example and given a valuable lesson on how to go beyond the Mediterranean Sea basin… Thanks to them, the sea has ceased to be the abyss and was rendered a roadway…

Thanks to the Phoenicians, inquiry, discovery, industry, and progress have become accessible and feasible…”

Short description of the maritime periplus of the mariners Hanno (around Africa), Ophir, Himilco (Amber of the Baltic), and Necho (Cape of Good Hope)… will be posted in a follow-up article.

It is to be noted that the other branch of the Chaldeans were the Canaanites who settled inland and built the city-states of Askelon, Jerusalem, Damascus, Hama ,Mari, and Aleppo… along with many cities on the Euphrates and Al Assy Orontes Rivers.

As the Chaldean reached the Americas from the East (through the Pacific Ocean), the Phoenician landed in South and North America westward through the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of years before the European colonialists. Read part 2

Note 1:  One of the sources  “6,000 years of peaceful contributions to mankind” by Charles Corm

Note 2: Zenon or Zeno, founder of the Stoic philosophy




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