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Selling nuts to squirrels: What can we sell for the highest in the food chain?

Squirrels eat nuts: All kinds of nuts? Would they eat anything else if offered other food alternative not found in their environment?

What can we sell for the highest in the food chain?

Mankind kill anything alive, even if he is not hungry and feeling sick.

Mankind bought pieces of Real Estates in the moon.  Mankind bought a Star in the sky and gave it his name.

Mankind eat anything:  Rich people in the desert eat caviar, while they should be serving refreshing condiments.  But, how can we change world-view on human rights issues?

Seth Godin wrote:

“In All Marketers Tell Stories, I argued that most organizations shouldn’t try to change the worldview of the audience they’re marketing to.

Worldview is a term popularized by George Lakoff. It’s the set of expectations and biases that color the way each of us see the world (before the marketer ever arrives on the scene).

The worldview of a 45 year old wine-loving investment banker is very different from that of a fraternity brother. One might see a $100 bottle of burgundy as both a bargain and a must-have, while the other might see the very same bottle of wine as an insane waste of money.

Worldview changes three things: attention, bias and vernacular. Attention, because we choose to pay attention to those things that we’ve decided do matter. Bias, because our worldview alters the way we filter and interpret what we hear. And vernacular, because words and images resonate with people differently based on their worldview.

It’s extremely expensive, time consuming and difficult to change someone’s worldview. The guys at Opus One shouldn’t spend a lot of time marketing expensive wine to fraternities because it’s not efficient. Sell nuts to squirrels, don’t try to persuade dolphins that nuts are delicious.

There’s an exception to this rule, and that’s the necessity of changing worldviews if you want to become a giant brand, a world changer, a marketer for the ages. Starbucks changed the way a significant part of the world thought about spending $4 for a cup of coffee.

Or consider Facebook. It started by selling nuts to squirrels. At first, Facebook was social crack for lonely (all college students are lonely) college students. Over time, the social pressure it created snuck up on and surrounded those with a different inclination, those that would never have signed up on their own.

These folks had a worldview that privacy was valuable and that time was better spent elsewhere.

But once a sufficient number of their friends and colleagues were online, they felt they had little choice. Converting those people (often against their short term wishes) is where Facebook’s most recent 300 million users came from.

The interesting truth in both the Starbucks and Facebook example is that a different worldview was at work. The latecomers to each company were sold a very different story–the story of, “you need to be here because all your friends are.” That worked because it matched the latecomers’ worldview, the one that includes an imperative, “don’t be left out.” Different nut, same squirrel.” (End of quote)

Squirrels eat nuts: All kinds of nuts?  What can we sell for the highest in the food chain? Selling nuts to squirrels is a pretty candid catchy title, but not on target and misrepresenting what mankind want.

Attention, bias and vernacular are certainly good factors in enticing man to buying particular products and services.  Mankind is ready to buy when prompted with either attention, bias or vernacular:  Mankind might not be satisfied with all the above incentives, including the “don’t be left out”.

Common people have to do with what their environment offers:  Most of us survive on a few condiments:  the varieties and nutritional qualities of the few daily staples are even worse than many animal species eat.  The rich classes are not satisfied with anything, but nothing stop them from envying everything and everybody.

Do you know that multinational financial institutions are already exploiting Earth potable water?  Every cup of water you drink, you are paying for it and revenues are reverting to the coffers of the multinational financial investors. 

Do you know that multinational financial investors are lobbying to exploit the air you breath?  They want to have the right to selling you the air you breath:  Yes, the are running out of venues for fresh exploitation of mankind!

Selling nuts to squirrels; but, how can we change world-view on human rights issues, on giving priority to people survival, on eliminating enfantile mortality, on focusing on the human development indicators, on a sustainable environment, on clear water and clean air?

Can mankind wishes and wants for a cleaner and sustainable future be marketed as products and services are marketed?  If yes, lets get on with it:  Almost every specialty and job are related to marketing.  The expertise in marketing is abundant:  Let us work on the most important check list of human conditions, wants, wishes, and dreams.




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