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Whispered Tales landed in San Francisco...

Sabine Choucair and Chantal Mailhac, of the “Whispered tales from Lebanon” company, are touring many major cities in the US and disseminating 10 stories they captured from families in Lebanon. Here what happened in San Francisco.

“First trip within the Arabic diaspora

Loubna ( who actually put us in contact with Alif РAtlanta-  and CAC РBoston) was there to greet us and drive us around San Fransisco, to visit the space and the Arabic Cultural Center that was hosting us.

When we first discovered the space on the day of our arrival, we found it great and cosy, and we thought we’d have a very intimate moment during the performance.
And in fact, we were right.

The day of the performance, we’ve had an intimate event with an audience that was mainly of women. But not any women, those who are very engaged persons, and very active politically.

This actually might be the reason why the stories that touched them most were the ones related to the revolution and the fight against occupation, like the story of Hajj Abou Ali.

Now we are in Atlanta…
we performed last night and we are looking forward for our second performance tonight.

updates about the extremely exciting Atlanta experience will follow …
just after our second show.

stay tuned ūüôā

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Whispered tales from Lebanon? 

We are Sabine Choucair and Chantal Mailhac. We are two independent Lebanese artists, and this is our storytelling company “Whispered Tales“.

We are touring countries with a¬†show conceived with a compilation of 10 stories collected from every corner in Lebanon; ordinary people’s extraordinary stories…Whispered Tales has been performed in different Lebanese villages, Jordan and Portugal…

Our project is to include touring the USA with some whispered tales from Lebanon!

The tales were whispered to us during a one-month road trip through the villages of Lebanon… Actually, it all started when we heard the mother of our friend telling us:

Once upon a time, Wadih¬†and me met by the beach, fell in love and decided to get married. It was the 13th of April 1975 !”
That’s the date the Lebanese civil war started ‚Ķ¬†
But they did not lose hope … and their amazing story began:
And despite all hitches and obstacles, they kept on trying, every month to get married…until…

Looking back at that story (that was just the beginning…), that same evening, it occurred to us how¬†absurdly funny, yet¬†dramatic¬†it was, telling living stories.

Historical facts can always be found on the internet and in books.  But the people’s truth is the reality they have lived, experienced and remember, that’s what we wanted to hear…

And that evening, we felt we needed more stories!

We felt the need to know about real people’s stories, their personal, extraordinary stories. We wanted to understand our culture, to archive the memories, gather them in a collective memory and carry them around the world… 

So we went on a road trip across the villages and towns of Lebanon to meet people, collect stories that had happened over the last 50 years.

A month later, we had collected 150 stories, about¬†love, hate, community, life¬†and¬†death. We chose 10 amazing ones to be the ‚ÄúWhispered Tales‚ÄĚ of our show.
This August,¬†we will be in New York¬†to take part in the ‚ÄúBetween the Seas‚ÄĚ festival.
We also have invitations to perform in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco to tell everyone these amazing stories from Lebanon.

Performances are  in English.

We figured that this touring project will cost us $5,000. This money will cover our flights to and from the USA, and the production of our show ‚ÄúWhispered Tales‚ÄĚ in the different cities we will visit. It will pay for accommodation, food, props, etc.

Contributions are the only way this project can keep evolving.
We hope you can be part of this unique experience by pledging the amount of money that you think right for our endeavor.

Dates and venues:

New York:  Between The Seas festival
@ The wild project, August 25th & 26th
Chicago: Taxim restaurant; September 2nd
San Francisco: September 7th ( venue to be confirmed)
Atlanta: Alif Institute; September 14th & 15th @ 7pm (  Boston: CAC; Saturday 21st.

Sabine on the left and Chantal: Beauty is not that evident, need to meet them.




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