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Political Islam: Any demonstration of democratic turn-over of power?

“After Tunisia revolution, I returned to my homeland.  I am moving from one group to another on Bourguiba Avenue, listening to heated conversations.  All political spectrum are concatenated here and have their speakers.

Secular tendencies are dominant. But, in every circle, there is someone defending an Islamic perspective for transforming democracy into an Islamic alternative democracy. The far more organized Islamic party of Nahda dispatch experienced members to calm down recalcitrant civic citizens, by claiming that the Islamists are for democracy, that they are ready to discuss all opinions, even Marxist and atheist positions.

Islamic party of Nahda monopolizes the passion and militant techniques among the youth who were the real power behind the Jasmin Revolution.  The middle class citizens who made the uprising a success claim to be basically apolitical, in the sense of caring that much of political issues and discussions…Middle class Tunisians think that they can resume their engagement through social platform means…

The Islamists Nahda keep announcing that they completely adhere to democratic principles, that they evolved, that they are emulating the Turkish AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdogan…  The question is: “How they comprehend democracy to mean, and how far are they willing to share power or turn over power if the votes are not to their favor?”

The Islamists in Turkey of Erdogan, ten years in power, have not yet demonstrated that they are willing to hand over power, in case they fail.  How can they fail in an Islamic country?  Ever since they got in power, they are in the ascendance after each election.  Secular forces managed to retain power under the guise of preserving the Republic.  All is right for preserving the Republic, even bashing and flaunting human rights, freedom of expressions and of gathering; such as in Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq…

So far, Turkish Islamists of the AKP have not demonstrated any application of democracy, but persevered with the former Republican concept that governed Turkey for over 50 Years.  The sticky issues of minorities in Turkey are there to find any agreeable resolution.  For example, the Kurds (20% of the population), the Alawit sect (15%), the Armenians (Turkey still refuses to apologize for the genocide committed in 1915-16)…

It would be hard to be convinced of the democratic evolution in Turkey Islamists until they recognize the identities of the Kurds, the Alawit, the diversity of languages and dialects, the anthropological particularities.  The experiment of Turkey is not achieved, and it cannot be reclaimed as a successful alternative for Tunisia democratic principle and style.”

It is my contention that the best test for democracy in Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria to eek its head and have a chance to start its journey is that the clause “Islamic chari3a is the foundation of judicial system” be entirely dropped from Constitutions.  A referendum of such as draft constitution should be tested right away, before parliamentary and presidential election.  The people in the Middle East want to know this simple pre-requisite: “Do we have a chance for a democracy of the people, from the people, to the people?”

Syria of Bashar al Assad can turn the table around in order to complete his term by putting to referendum a draft constitution that eliminates the “Chari3a clause” and the clause that the Baath Party is the leading political party.

Note:  Article inspired by the French book “Tunisia Spring revolution: Metamorphosis of history” by Abdelwahab Meddeb




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