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French women (January 19, 2009)

France is expected to become the most populous country in Europe within 50 years: 

1. France has currently the highest rate of procreation in Europe. 

2. The Sate is investing lavishly on “crèches” (kindergarten) so that 50% of mothers can work full-time. In fact, a mother of two can expect to earn $600 as family support;

3. Not a single political party even suggested that cuts on budget should affect family support.

Over 85% of French women in the age range of 50-59 have sexual intercourse compared to 65% of the Anglo counterparts (Brits and USA)

75% of the French women in the age range of 60-69 still indulge in intercourse; compared to the Anglo counterpart rate of 45%. 

In general, mature French women do not select men in order to have a lasting relationship. The motto is “It changes your life to be viewed as a woman”.   The corresponding Anglo-Saxon women have a description of a mature male “Try finding a woman over 50 on the internet.  They all want a retired gentleman worth over $100,000 per year, willing to tour the world, be athletic, a dance loving partner, loves crazily their pets, and has no one in charge of.

24 out of 30 school kids in Paris are of divorced couples. 

French actresses over 60 can expect to be offered a leading role, and not at all the roles of an old decrepit and complaining woman. 

Very matured public figure women flaunt their new acquired young beaux; they raise children without feeling the obligation to be officially wed.

Why French women consider elegance in attire, even at advanced age, as a national doctrine

The French/British actress Charlotte Rampling said it clearly

“It is the French men who render their French females beautiful and desirable”  There have been a lot more complicity between French males and females than in other cultures that set French women apart. 

Feminism in France raised the motto “Women want the power to seduce and be entitled to be seduced.  We are never going to have war of sexes in France.”




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