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Should Palestinian Hamas Recognize Israel?  (March 12, 2009)


            Hamas and the Palestinian Resistance forces could recognize a secular, democratic, and liberal Israel. The major roadblock is that the UN Charters prohibit the Palestinians to recognize apartheid, racist, and theocratic State.  Either the UN changes it charters to appreciating apartheid, racist, and theocratic systems or it has to pressure the USA and Europe to consistently “encourage” Israel to change. When Israel is willing to pass a resolution by its Parliament that the Zionist State relinquishes its ideology of apartheid, racism, and theocratic Jewish States based on the Judaic religious laws then Israel has to courageously behave and act accordingly. The Palestinians want proof that Israel is behaving as a civil society in concordance with World expectation for modern States.

            The World Community wants Israel to tear down the “Wall of Shame”, to remove the hundreds of “roadblocks of humiliations”, to stop the implantations of colonies in illegal Palestinian lands, to abolish the colonial British laws of detention without legal proceedings, and to seriously crack down on the hooliganism of the colonists.

Obviously, the Palestinians would also relinquish a system based on theocratic Moslem State based on religious laws.  In this case, the Palestinian State would be joining Syria, Yemen, Algeria, and Tunisia as non theocratic States in the Arab World.  Iraq was non theocratic until Bush Junior decided otherwise without the UN consent.  Lebanon is by its Constitution a non theocratic State but is governed and structured as a multiple theocratic State with 19 recognized religious sects regulating the private lives of the Lebanese from birth to death.

            The Palestinians and their resistances have not been fighting for 70 years and sacrificing hundreds of thousands of martyrs, and suffering ignominy and unlimited forms of humiliations and hardship to just safeguard their rights of return to their usurped lands; the Palestinians have been steadfast to establish a State that would not be constantly threatened by an apartheid, racist, expansionist, and theocratic neighboring Jewish State.

            Arafat and his Fateh faction have offered Israel a fundamental freebee. They recognized a Sate that never relinquished its system of apartheid, racism, and theocratic fundamentals.  Fair negotiation is based on similar principles.  The Palestinians are not to be pressured to accept ideologies and practices that are contrary to their survival as a State while Israel can enjoy the vetoes and blessings of the USA and Europe for whatever it does of crimes against humanity.


The Palestinians and the free men around the world have already recognized Israel as the land of apartheid, racism, genocide, humiliation, and crimes committed against humanity.  If the USA and Europe want a different kind of recognition toward Israel then it is up to them to pressure this Zionist State to prove to the world and to itself that it had learned the lesson and would like the UN to recognize a new state according to its charters.




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