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Tits sucking: Global brotherhood Fatwa

There is this Imam in Saudi Arabia called sheikh Al Obeikan; he is not a non entity:  He is a member of the Council of Great Imams and a counselor to the Monarch Abdullah, mind you.

Al Obeikan has recently vomited a fatwa: “Women can give their tits to be sucked by their chauffeurs and thus, permit their favorite chauffeur to mingle with the family as part of the extended brothers and sisters and sons”

That women desire to have their tits sucked, now and then, for whatever reason is not the problem. That a fatwa is needed, I start seeing red.

This fatwa might have been an alternative to the growing pressures of women for rights to drive.  Al Obeikan must have received many queries and detailed clarifications in order not to infringe on any “religious” rules and regulations of the Wahhabi sect obscurantist doctrine.

For example:

“Can women offer their tits in the presence of husbands and brothers?”;

“If I had no milk to even feed my own kids, would that count if the chauffeur sucks on air?”;

“Will all females employees where my husband work and my husband tasted their milk become my sisters?”

Al Obeikan was overwhelmed and revisited his fatwa:

“The fatwa stands as is, with this minor correction due to misinterpretations… women should press in a cup their milk for the chauffeur to drink.

Sucking directly from tits of strangers to the family might be tantamount to pornography and you might be beheaded publicly, I think.

If people could be sure of anything in this lousy hell hole of a Kingdom then, tourism of “tits tasting” could generate far more wealth than oil pretty soon, and for much longer duration.

I would suggest that shapes of tits be publicized as well as the quality of milk produced.

Note 1:  The Saudi monarch met with Barack Obama yesterday.  Obama must have asked  for clarification about this landmark fatwa that promotes global brotherhood better that the billions of dollars spent to iron out the lousy image of the USA in the Middle East.

Note 2: Wahhabi terrorists playing soccer with heads they chopped

نعتذرعلى نشر الصورة بس لازم يشوفوها طلاب الفورة والحرية الملعونة
هذه هي الحرية على طريقة أبو جهل وأحفاد الجهل والجاهلية الوهابية من حيوانات آل سعوود وأسيادهم . شاهد ايها المطالب بالحرية والدمقراطية الى اين وصلنا بمنجزات ثورتكم المباركة ! هزلت هزلت 
مقاتلى "جبهة الصرماية و داعش" يرفهون عن انفسهم بلعب الكرة 
ولكن برؤوس السوريين... لننعم بالحرية المنشودة !؟




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